Create Your Own Perfect ‘Twilight’ Valentine’s Day

♥ The folks over at Next Movie compiled a checklist of things to do to create your very own perfect Twilight-themed Valentine’s Day! See below for an excerpt:


According to Stephenie Meyer, she isn’t sure why a ruffled tulip appears on the cover of “New Moon” because she wasn’t involved with the cover design. We can guess it stems from the idea that the ruffled tulip symbolizes perfect love. Buying a bouquet of those would be a nice gesture for even non-fans. Put the ruffled tulips in a black vase for fans, though.

If you’d like to forego the traditional flower gift, send your lover a fruit basket instead, filled only with red apples. If you have a dramatic bent, perhaps present one apple first in your hands like on the “Twilight” cover. If you’re a bit on the crazy side, you can take a bite from each one beforehand to symbolize your desire to eat the “forbidden fruit.”


Obviously vampires wouldn’t eat candy, unless you count a chubby child with high glucose in his blood. Yet, you’re still human and should enjoy some tasty sweets. Necco started producing “Twilight-themed” conversation hearts after the first film. The flavors come in Passion Fruit, Tempting Apple, Orange Obsession and Secret Strawberry. I recommend eating one of each at the same and creating a candy fruit salad in your mouth.

The messages are inspired by the characters and actual dialogue: “Lamb,” “I EC,” “I Trust You,” “Trust Me” and “Live 4 Ever.” They’re fun to quote as melodramatically to your mate as possible. Or play a game where you both have to quote as much as you can remember from the scene it references.

Find these hearts at Wal-Mart and trendy stores like Hot Topic, as well as on

View the entire list over at Next Movie HERE!

Edward & Bella graphic designed by Bella’s Diary.



Awesome Edward & Bella Fan Video!

Here is a great new Edward and Bella fan video done to AFI’s Prelude 12/21. LOVE THIS… lots of smooching.

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Beautiful Edward and Bella Fan Video!

Here is a beautifully made Edward and Bella fan video by ViviBellaHella put to Muse’s ‘Redemption.’ Love this sooooooo much! XO



Rob & Kristen Film ‘Breaking Dawn’ Smooch Scene!

Well if this isn’t torture that we have to wait a year to see Breaking Dawn Part 1, then I don’t know what is. Check out Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filming kissy scenes for the Breaking Dawn movie! Even more here—>

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Breaking Dawn: First Night At Isle Esme (Fan Made Brilliance)

Here is an amazing fan made Breaking Dawn video that shows Edward and Bella’s first night at Isle Esme! Amazing…

oAnnaBellao deserves some YouTube subscribers for this one!



Screen Captions of Twilight’s Deleted Scene!

Here are some great screen captions of the Twilight deleted scene Between Edward and Bella.

[Thanks Source via TheVampireClub]



Happy Birthday Bella!

Happy Birthday to Bella Cullen – and a huge thank you to Stephenie Meyer for creating some of the best fictional characters in the world! Happy Birthday Bella!  :) I’m kinda late with this because I was making the manip (below) lol. Enjoy!



‘Eclipse’ Meadow Scene Clip!

Here is the beautiful Eclipse movie meadow scene for you all to watch on a lazy Sunday :) LOVE this scene so much *melts every time I see it*




‘Eclipse’ Leg Hitch Scene!!

Here is the famous Eclipse movie leg hitch scene! I can’t wait to see more (MUCH more) of this in Breaking Dawn!

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New video of the kiss between Rob & Kristen in Montepulciano for New Moon

Here is a new video of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart doing their kiss scene in Montepulciano for New Moon!

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