Robert Pattinson’s Entire New Ellen Interview!

Here is Robert Pattinson‘s brand new interview with Ellen!

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Preview of Robert Pattinson’s New Interview With Ellen!

It’s always a good interview when Robert Pattinson sits down with Ellen! Here’s a preview of his brand new interview with her, as well as the first still!

What we wouldn’t give to have been on set THAT day!

Robert Pattinson continues his press tour for Water for Elephants by stopping by The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Wednesday, to discuss his, um, unmentionables.

The Twilight star revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he had a wardrobe malfunction — in a pair of Ellen-branded undies! RPattz explained he was down to his last pair of underwear, and chose to wear a pair Ellen had recently given him on set.

He told the talk show host, “I only had one pair left and they were those ones (“Ellen” underwear). We were doing this big fight screen and for some reason I think the shape of my body, my back is too long or something. So my a** is constantly hanging out!”

He added, “Every single shot we were doing this big fight and every shot has these Ellen underpants. It came to a point where producers are calling up my agent going, ‘I don’t know what he is up to but I don’t like it!’”

Ellen rewarded him with a gift of (what else?) a basket full of Ellen underwear! The full episode airs Wednesday, April 20th.

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Two NEW Pics of Robert Pattinson on Ellen!

Robert Pattinson get felt up by a fan ( a LUCKY fan) on the Ellen show which airs today (May 19th). Below are two new pics from the show, and then the one I posted earlier, but now un-tagged:

And the un-tagged version of this one (below)

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First Clip of Robert Pattinson on Ellen!

Here is a preview of Robert Pattinson‘s Ellen appearance, which will air today (May 19th).

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HQ pic of Nikki Reed on the Ellen show!

Here is a HQ pc of Nikki Reed on the Ellen show! We showed you video of her appearance earlier here in case you missed it. Click c pia couple of times for HQ.

Nikki Reed on Ellen

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Robert Pattinson Set for Second “Ellen” Appearance

Get ready Rob fans! Ellen is having Mr. RPattz as a guest on her show again on May 19th!!

From Gossip Cop:

Robert Pattinson is set to take another bite out of daytime.

The Eclipse vampire will join Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in an episode airing Wednesday, May 19, Gossip Cop can confirm. It will be taped the previous day.

It isn’t the first “Ellen” engagement for Pattinson. The star appeared on the program back in November while promoting New Moon. That was the interview in which he described a woman in a public crowd getting naked to get his attention.



Kellan Lutz Surprises Ellen’s Audience!!

This is awesome. I love Ellen & I love Kellan (they rhyme.. lol). I wish we all got that free gift!



Anna Kendrick talks about the friendly battle between Rob & George Clooney!

Sneak Peek: Anna Kendrick talks to Ellen about the battle between George Clooney & Robert Pattinson. This is so cute!

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Ashley Greene on Ellen!!!

Once again, Ellen does a great interview, this time with New Moon star Ashley Greene! I love how she comes right out and asks if Ashley gets a big portion of the movies earnings, lol. Only Ellen :)



Taylor Swift blushes when talking about kissing Taylor Lautner on Ellen!

Aww, this is pretty cute. I love how Ellen DeGeneres throws it out there like that! She’s incredible!

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