Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin BBC Interview!
Here is a great interview that Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin did at the London Remember Me premiere! Rob, it was VERY ‘un-filmy.’
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Robert Pattinson on his way to The View

And here’s one of Emilie de Ravin because she looks so pretty:

Robert Pattinson & his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin did The View today and above are some photos of them on their way to the interview! Enjoy.




Screen Captions of the new “Remember Me” Trailer! (Just the *new* scenes)

Ahem…. I’d be smiling too :D

Here are some screen captions of the new scenes from the Russian Remember Me trailer I made for you! There’s no point in doing all the scenes, since you’ve seen ‘em a lot already. :) Enjoy




Exclusive Chicago introduction for ‘Remember Me’ with Robert Pattinson, Pierce Brosnan

For those of you from Chicago, here is your own special introduction of Remember me by Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin!





Transcript of Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin’s Vogue Article

Here is the transcript of  the article that appears in the March 2010 issue of Vogue featuring Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin:

Ask Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin about shooting their new movie, Remember Me, and they instantly start talking about the throngs of Twilight fans and pushy paparazzi who swarmed around them as they filmed on the streets of New York.

“It was the most ridiculous experience,” says Pattinson, flashing the sweet, shy smile those crowds hoped to see. “You’re trying to stay in character and you’re trying to walk down the street, but all those people keep reminding you that you’re not this character, you’re—”

“A show pony,” cracks de Ravin, and the two burst into laughter.

Although this duo could hardly be more different—de Ravin, 28, boasts the easy physical confidence of a onetime ballerina, while the slouchy 23-year-old Pattinson is all self-effacing bemusement—their effortless rapport is the emotional anchor of Remember Me. Pattinson stars as Tyler Hawkins, an alienated and confused young man from a wealthy family—”It’s not too Rebel Without a Cause,” he jokes—who gets involved with Ally (de Ravin), the daughter of a cop who arrested him after a street fight. Where Twilight treats him as the object of desire, a role that requires as much posing as acting, this character-driven drama brings out his most emotionally complex performance so far. Whether Tyler’s raging at his distant father, Charles (played by Pierce Brosnan), or charming Ally, he has a surprisingly deft comic touch; Pattinson is now the one doing the chasing.

“Rob and Emilie are gifted actors who really like each other,” says Remember Me‘s director, Allen Coulter. “And the movie reveals them in a whole new way.”

Which is precisely what both of them wanted—to show what they can do outside the juggernauts of Twilight and Lost.

Remember Me may well prove the big-screen breakthrough for de Ravin, an Australian still best known as the new mother, Claire, on Lost, a role that was often undemanding. “I was always holding the baby in every scene,” she says, “while everybody else was going off shooting people.” Here, she throws herself into the conflicted passions of Ally, a young woman who, eager to escape an adoring but overprotective father, struggles to break through her own veneer of toughness.

For his part, RPattz (as he’s known to his teen worshippers) is eager to start playing complicated human beings and not just heartthrobby vampires. Not that he doesn’t relish being Edward Cullen or feel loyal to his fans, but he still hasn’t figured out how to cope with being an international icon in an era when it seems impossible to escape the public eye.

“Everybody knows where everybody is,” he says. “The Twitter thing is unbelievable. I went out a couple of times with Pierce. He’s totally recognizable, and he makes no effort to tone it down. Some people were glancing over at us in the restaurant, and he just went over and introduced himself. And it does work. It dissipates all the attention.”

So, does Pattinson use this trick?

“Me?” he says, shaking those famously tousled locks, “I just crawl under the table.”




“Remember Me” Family TV Spot Screen Captions!

Here are screen captions of the new scenes in the “Family” Remember Me TV Spot! I try to just screen caption the new stuff because it’s kinda pointless to get all the scenes we’ve seen already. Enjoy everyone :)




Screen Captions Of The “Remember Me” Shower Scene!!

I made you some screen captions of the Remember Me shower scene! You know you want to see them all – so check them out  under here!




Screen Captions of the new “Remember Me” TV Spot!

I made some screen captions of the parts of the TV spot for Remember Me that we haven’t seen! Enjoy




Emilie de Ravin talks about Rob Pattinson & Twilight Fans

E! Online chatted with Emilie de Ravin about Robert Pattinson & Twilight fans! Enjoy ;)

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YouTube Version of new “Remember Me” TV Spot!

Here is the YouTube version of the new Remember Me TV Spot! Emilie, you’re lucky! :D

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