Jamie Campbell Bower’s ‘Camelot’ Co–Star Calls Jamie “Naughty”

Actress Eva Green plays Morgan in the TV series Camelot (premiering on April 1st) as Arthur’s (played by the Twilight Saga’s Jamie Campbell Bower) half–sister. In this new interview with Collider, she talks about what it was like working with Jamie and even refers to him as “naughty.”

Question: What is it like to work with both Joseph Fiennes and Jamie Campbell Bower? What is the difference in dynamic between the two actors and how did they enrich your performance?

GREEN: I’ve always wanted to work with Joe. He’s a very charismatic, powerful actor. He has a very strong presence. Even if he doesn’t talk, he’s extremely powerful. He’s done so much stage work, and I love the fact that he’s a very different Merlin. He’s also quite damaged. He’s not the Merlin with the pointy hat and the white beard. He’s a sexy Merlin. It’s interesting. And, I see Jamie more like my little brother. He’s so much fun. He’s very naughty. He’s wonderful. He’s nice to be around, and he’s very rock ‘n’ roll. He doesn’t take himself seriously and he’s very humble. I think he will go very far.

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