Pics & Video Of Jackson Rathbone at After Screening Q&A For “Girlfriend’

Here are some pics and videos of Jackson Rathbone during the ‘Girlfriend’ movie Q&A July 18th! I adore Evan! #TeamEvan

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Jackson Rathbone & Evan Sneider to do Q&A For ‘Girlfriend’ Movie July 16th-18th in NYC!

New Yorkers, listen up: Jackson Rathbone & Evan Sneider’s ‘Girlfriend’ movie will be shown from July 15th-21st at the Quad Cinema in New York City and they just added a couple of Q&As! Thanks so much to my pal Debbie for sending me the following info:

“Lead actor Evan Sneider will be at the Quad Cinema in NYC to do a Q&A after the 7:30pm screenings of ‘Girlfriend’ on Saturday July 16th, Sunday July 17th, and on Monday July 18th. He will be there with actor Jackson Rathbone.”

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Also Note: ‘Girlfriend’ is showing in ETUBAL, PORTUGAL, GALWAY, IRELAND, MOSCOW, RUSSIA & WOODS HOLE, MASSACHUSETTS. For dates & tickets CLICK HERE!



Jackson Rathbone & Evan Sneider Meeting For The First Time!

The very first time Jackson Rathbone and his Girlfriend movie co-star met, it was captured on film. Evan was so excited to meet Jackson, and Jackson definitely seemed pumped to meet Evan! I love this. Head to the link HERE to see how you can sponsor Girlfriend and receive awesome perks in return!



New Tribute Interview With Jackson Rathbone & Evan Sneider!

‘Girlfriend’ stars Jackson Rathbone & Evan Sneider sat down with Tribute while in Toronto to chat about working on the ‘Girlfriend’ movie and Jackson even chatted briefly about Breaking Dawn. I can’t embedd the video, so just click the image below to be taken to the interview:



Candids of Jackson Rathbone Posing in Toronto with Evan Sneider!

Here are some cute candids of Jackson Rathbone posing outside of a hotel in Toronto on Sept’ 13th with his ‘Girlfriend’ movie co-star Evan Sneider. Both of them looked very sharp!

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Jackson Rathbone on stage With His ‘Girlfriend’ Cast During a Screening

Here is a great video of Jackson Rathbone on stage at the premiere of ‘Girlfriend’ with his co-stars. Evan is incredible – I love him!!

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Jackson Rathbone’s ‘Girlfriend’ Portraits From TIFF!

Here are some gorgeous new portraits of Jackson Rathbone along with his ‘Girlfriend’ movie cast members at the Toronto International Film Festival!

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Evan Sneider Talks ‘Girlfriend,’ Jackson Rathbone & More!

In this brand new interview from The Star, one of the stars in the film ‘Girlfriend,’ Evan Sneider, chats about his role in the movie, Jackson Rathbone and more:

Q: I understand you were part of the Bell Lightbox festivities Sunday for the opening.

A: Yes. I introduced Jackson Rathbone’s band, The 100 Monkeys. They played wonderful music.

Q: Did you enjoy making Girlfriend?

A: Well, working on the movie was a wonderful experience. I am so glad to be working with Amanda Plummer and Jackson Rathbone and Shannon Woodward.

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