New Moon Trailer Stills…

Jacob & Bella almost Kiss (above)

Jane From the Volturi (above)

Bella In The Water After Jumping (above)

So, as you all probably know by now – the French version of the official New Moon trailer that will be released before the movie Bandslam was all over the internet. However, out of respect for Summit Entertainment (who brings us these movies that we love so much), I wont be posting it here. To be honest, it was blurry and hard to see anyway – not to mention in French so a lot of people wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway. You’re really better off not spoiling it for yourself, and seeing it in the theater before Bandslam!

Link: Buy tickets to Bandslam and get a sneak peek of an exclusive new trailer for New Moon, which can only be seen in theaters.

However, what I will post are two pretty cool stills (above) taken from the blurry trailer – just to whet your appetite! Enjoy!