Imogen Poots Mentions Rob and Kristen

Imogen Poots is filming a remake of Fright Night and naturally, because the film is about vampire, she was asked some questions about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart:

As the earlier version did, the film celebrates the vampire’s origins as a primeval predator — something sure to please fans discouraged after years of Twilight-inspired dreaminess, in which the blood-suckers are more inspired by James Dean than Bram Stoker.

Poots, though, believes there’s room for both kinds of coffin-dwellers: those who sparkle in the sunshine and those who burst into flame. “I’ve seen (the Twilight movies). I think (Kristen Stewart) and (Robert) Pattinson are awesome. I haven’t read the books, but it’s a franchise that’s really relevant to my generation. You’ve got to embrace it.”

Fright Night, she adds, goes “back to the original form of what it means to people. It’s a malleable form. You can adjust the form of the vampire to suit your type of film.

Twilight has a different vampire than we have.”
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Fright Night Clip With ‘Twilight’ Mention!

Here’s a clip from the film ‘Fright Night’ with a Twilight mention. The movie is about a teenage boy who thinks his neighbor is a vampire and responsible for a string of recent deaths.

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Peter Facinelli & Fan at Utica NY Fright Night

Here is a fan pic of Peter Facinelli last night (October 23rd) at Utica Fright Night at City Hall!

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