Kristen Stewart Reads Mean Tweet About Herself On Jimmy Kimmel!

Jimmy Kimmel Live just released this video of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves and responding. This is actually so funny. I’d watch them all, but if you want to just skip to Kristen Stewart‘s part then go to 1:27!




The Hunger Games Trailer Ruined by Rob Pattinson (PARODY)

Here’s a funny ‘The Hunger Games‘ parody Robert Pattinson ruins the trailer! [Language warning]

Via DiarioTwilight



Kellan Lutz Tweets New Funny Pic of Himself!

Kellan Lutz tweeted this new pic of himself using a squat toilet and captioned it: “Hmmm… never used a toilet like this before…wipe with the left hand or my messed up right hand? decisions…decisions? Great day on set!”

Think you have to remove the boxers first Kellan! ;)



100 Monkeys Answer Questions From Fans!

100 Monkeys answer questions from fans via their fanclub twitter. 100 Monkeys recorded this video backstage at The Roxy on Feb 19 2011. This is incredible… Jackson is hilarious here! Loved it.

Official100monkeysfanclub Via TodoTwilightSaga



Peter Facinelli Tweets a New Pic Of Himself!

Peter Facinelli Tweeted a new pic of himself doing some shopping for a new pair of sunglasses. :) He captioned the pic: “Doing a little Saturday shopping. Do u think these sunglasses are too big for my face?”

Maybe try a size or two up… these are kinda on the small side. ;)



Shhh… Don’t Tell Edward!

Here are the guys from The Vampire Diaries on their Hot Topic tour holding a ‘Team Damon’ sign which I thought was so cute because of the ‘Shh, don’t tell Edward.’ Cats out of the bag now… ;)

P.S. I kinda just wanted an excuse to post a picture of Ian Somerhalder’s dreamy face!

[TwilightFever Via ToDoTwilightSaga]



Familiar Movie Posters Redone ‘Twilight’ Style!

Here are some familiar movie posters that have been remade: Twilight Style. The Lady & The Vamp one is incredible!

[Thank you to HotTwilight]



Breaking Dawn “scene” with Peter Facinelli !

This is sooo funny. “I don’t understand, it doesn’t look like me.” Oh Peter, love you more now.



Funny Photo Of Rob….

This off-guard photo of Rob on the red carpet in Madrid is hilarious! I wont even get into all the things that are funny, but hopefully it makes you laugh as much as it made me laugh!

Photo: source



Gorgeous Un-Tagged Robert Pattinson outtakes!

Check out the above gorgeous un-tagged pics of Robert Pattinson. I know you’re thinking to yourself “Krystal is crazy, that’s not Rob”… but it is. Really. Okay, it’s not. But did it make you laugh? A little? If it did then head over to Twitarded to see many more! These pics pretty much made my entire day!

Thanks to RobPattzNews also!

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