Taylor Lautner Covers GQ Australia (Pics & Interview)!

Here’s the cover and some pics of Taylor Lautner’s new spread with GQ Australia!

There’s Something Taylor Lautner doesn’t want to talk about. He’s biting his nails. He’s having trouble making eye contact. He’s looking down at the table. And then there’s the nervous laughter, the kind that betrays a young man ill at ease.

“Oh boy,” he says.

Lautner is dressed in skinny dark jeans and lived-in black boots. His check flannel shirt is spread wide, revealing what appears to be the 19-year-old actor’s very first crop of chest hair. His smile is Cruise-like, packed with the kind of porcelain that has never been stained by a lick of red wine. Lautner is flashing those teeth, shifting in his chair, because he’s uncomfortable.

We’re sitting down to lunch at L’Ermitage, a swank hotel in Beverly Hills that Lautner likes for its privacy. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows your name, but pretends they’ve never seen your face. He needs that, these days, that kind of protection. Because Twilight’s Jacob Black — the teen wolf — is mobbed wherever he goes.

“It comes down to what kind of mood you’re in,” he says. “You have to make a decision before you go out: are you willing to sign autographs and take pictures, say hello and meet new people?”

Is it upsetting?

“I wouldn’t say I get upset about it. I asked for this,” he says. “It gets frustrating. But during that frustration you say, ‘OK. Why am I frustrated? I’m doing what I love.’ But sometimes you really just want to go do whatever you want to do.”

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Kellan Lutz: GQ Style Australia (Behind the Scenes Video)

Oh lala, check out this behind-the-scenes video of Kellan Lutz for his GQ Australia photoshoot!



Kellan Lutz In More GQ Style Australia Pics Plus Interview!

Here are some smoldering new pics of Kellan Lutz from his new GQ Australia photoshoot (September issue). *Drool.Wipe.Repeat*

The Twilight juggernaut might be reaching its epic climax but the gazillion dollar-grossing film franchise’s other sexy vampire, Kellan Lutz, isn’t about to slow the pace for anyone. And conquering Hollywood is just the start of this ripped Renaissance man’s ambitions…

Someone obviously missed a few classes at celebrity training school. Famous people are supposed to show up 10, 15, even 45 minutes late for a meeting of this sort, but Kellan Lutz is waiting around outside when I arrive 10 minutes early. His two hapless-looking dogs, Kola and Kevin (“I got Kola at the pound when I broke up with my first girlfriend, and Kevin we found on the street.”) are sniffing at their master’s ankles. Oh, and we’re at his house. The famous never let you come to their house.

Lutz, 26, gives the first impression not so much of a movie star or A-list model, even though he appears as the god Poseidon in the sabre-clanking 3-D epic Immortals, and on billboards as big as your apartment building for Calvin Klein’s X underwear line (he also plays a vampire in the moderately successful Twilight film franchise, the final installment of which opens in November).

Rather, at 6’1” and resplendently rippled, Lutz looks like a guy sent from some super-race of humanity to kick your arse. Well, mine specifically. He’s quite affable but his black sleeveless tank top fits so tightly against his sculpted torso, it’s a wonder the material holds. He’s wearing fingerless black lifting gloves. His black mesh shorts flex around thighs that bulge like rotisserie chickens. His calves, under black knee-high tube socks, are bowling pins stuffed into size-12 Nikes.

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Sneak Preview Of Kellan Lutz in GQ Australia!

GQ Australia posted a tiny sneak preview of Kellan Lutz from their newest upcoming issue!

Oh boy! Can’t wait until we can feast our eyes on the rest of this glorious-looking shoot!

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