New Outtakes of Kristen Stewart in GQ Magazine (UK)

Well they’re tagged, but Kristen Stewart definitely looks gorgeous in these new outtakes from her GQ UK magazine photo shoot!

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Olivia Wilde Talks Robert Pattinson in latest issue of GQ!

Olivia Wilde in GQ, Olivia Wilde in bikini

In GQ’s latest issue, Olivia Wilde dishes on Robert Pattinson‘s level of fame:

“I fetch Wilde another glass of Austrian white from the bar. When I sit down, she talks about seeing Robert Pattinson, the raffish Twilight phenom, being mobbed at this year’s Comic-Con. “I did not envy him. I think it’s the frog-in-boiling-water concept,” she says, referring to the fable about the amphibian that is slowly cooked to death without realizing it. “Robert Pattinson jumped in boiling water and has stayed in it, and hopefully will survive. Whereas I entered the water when it was cold, and it’s been slowly heating up—a slooooow boil.” Wilde pauses. “Maybe I won’t realize when it’s getting dangerous.”