New Picture of Robert Pattinson from Saturday at Norman’s Rare Guitars in LA

Last year we showed you a pic of Robert Pattinson at Norman’s Rare Guitar shop in LA here, and now almost a year later, he’s stopped in again for a new guitar and we have a new pic! Funny how he’s wearing the exact hat he wore in the store last year, lol. That’s the thing I love most about Rob – he’s solid, unchangeable.

From Norma’s Rare Guitars:

“Thanks Robert Pattinson for stopping by Norman’s Rare Guitars on Saturday. Robert bought a Fender Stratocaster John English Master Built Zebrawood Guitar! Enjoy that amazing guitar!

[Source | Via PattinsonLife]



Robert Pattinson at Norman’s Rare Guitars

Here is a photo of Robert Pattinson posing with the guitar that is being auctioned off for charity here. He is posing to prove authentication of his signature on the guitar. So if you’re looking for a nice guitar and love RPattz plus want to help charity – then bid on the one in Rob’s hands in the above photo here.

source via lion-lamb