Noot Seear (who plays Heidi ‘the bait’) In Vanity Fair Italy!

Noot Seear, who plays Heidi – the bait, in New Moon, looks fabulous in Vanity Fair Italy! I want to see how she looks in the movie sooooo badly, but we haven’t seen one shot with her. At the same time, it will be a nice surprise!




Noot Seear in the November Harper’s Bizaar!

New Moon’s Heidi (The Bait), Noot Seear, is in the November issue of Harper’s Bizaar! For her shoot, they did a Law And Order: Crimes Of Fashion theme! Noot looks great and I’m still soo curious about how she will look as Heidi. Check out more photos from this shoot at Harper’s here!



Noot Seer (Heidi in New Moon) covers FASHION Magazine!

"New Moon's Noot Seer" "Fashion Magazine"


"New Moon's Noot Seer" "Fashion Magazine" "New Moon's Noot Seer" "Fashion Magazine"

Noot Seer, who plays Heidi (the bait) in New Moon, covers the November issue of  FASHION Magazine! She looks absolutely stunning in this shoot! I was really wishing we could have seen her in costume in one of the New moon trailers, but nothing yet. At least it will be a surprise in November! For more on Noot, pick up the November issue of FASHION Mag’!

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Happy Birthday To Noot Sear!

Today is Noot Seear’s Birthday! Noot plays Heidi, the bait, in the New Moon Movie. Happy Birthday Noot- From BellasDiary.Com!