Twi-Holiday Wallpapers! (Fan Submitted)

Today we have a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Twi-Holiday wallpaper that was submitted by Emy! I actually set this as my desktop wallpaper because it’s so gorgeous. She even got Bella’s truck in it!! I know I forgot to add a wallpaper yesterday, so I’m adding two for you today!

Here’s the second one, which was made by 2a2una. Sooo pretty!

And click the pics below to grab them in full size:

If you make high quality wallpapers like these, please feel free to send in some Twi-Holiday ones and we’ll post ‘em up for the readers! Thanks so much again to Emy and 2atuna! You can email wallpapers to: :)



Reader Submitted ‘Twilight’ Holiday Wallpapers!

Here are two fan made Twilight Holiday wallpapers that the very, very talented Julia, nickname Mango84, sent into us. She also asked me to let you know about her DeviantArt page so you can check out all of her creations here–>

Full Size Versions (click to enlarge):



Reader Submitted Holiday Pics: Charlie Swan

Well, I took to the blog yesterday and whined about wanting to see some Charlie Swan Holiday graphics/wallpapers and I got two lovely ones sent in. The first one was made by Anne and the second one was made by Lauren. Thank you both so so so so much for taking the time to make these and send them in! We’re extremely festive here at, and appreciate it more than you know! XO

Full size below (click to enlarge)



Carlisle & Esme Holiday Wallpaper!

For every day until Christmas I’ll be posting Holiday Twilight wallpapers. If you make HQ wallpapers and want to contribute, send them in to: (only Twilight-themed ones please, no tags) and I’ll post them! I want to see a Charlie Swan Holiday wallpaper… anyone? I might make some, too. ;) The one posted below was made by the talented Deliradubbiosa!

Full Size (click image below to enlarge):



Jamie Campbell Bower Holiday Wallpaper!

Was just looking for a new holiday wallpaper for my desktop and found one of Jamie Campbell Bower. Talk about best of both worlds! Just posting it for my fellow Jamie lovers. Yes, Bella’s Diary is #Team Caius. ;) (We’re on a lot of teams, lol). The amazing artist who created this is: Gallifreyy

♥Click image below to get full size wallpaper

P.S. I want to add a NEW Twilight (any character) wallpaper everyday until Christmas, so if you make awesome high quality wallpapers, please fell free to send in your Christmas-themed Twilight ones to: with your name, screen name or link (so I can credit you). I’m adding one everyday until Christmas, then if I get New Years ones, I’ll add them until New Years day. Lets see a Charlie Holiday wallpaper! :)

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