Twilight Holiday Wallpaper! (Robert Pattinson + Bonus)

Here is a beautiful Robert Pattinson Holiday wallpaper! This has to be the most beautiful wallpaper I’ve seen. I also added a non-holiday one below it because I thought it was incredibly gorgeous! Love how they added the roses and the text.

Grab the full size versions by clicking the images below:




Twilight Holiday Wallpapers! (Rob & Kristen)

Here are two more Twilight Holiday Wallpapers for you!!! These are gorgeous. I love how in both Kristen is looking at the camera, while Rob is consumed by her. Cute! ;)

Grab them in full size by clicking the thumbs below to enlarge:

Thanks to Julie for directing me to the source of these!



Twi-Holiday Wallpapers (The Cullens + Rob & Kristen+ Ashley & Jackson)

Hey hey Twilighters! Here are three amazing Twilight Holiday wallpapers. You can check out even more at foreverm’s livejournal page here. She is the amazing artist of these wallpapers!

Grab the full–sized version by clicking the thumbs below:



Daily Twi-Holiday Wallpapers (Rob & Kristen)

Here are your daily Twi-Holiday wallpapers! These were all made by the amazing and talented irishka-kitisss! I added the Breaking Dawn wallpaper as a bonus since I’m posting this so late.

Grab them in full–size by clicking the thumbs below:



Daily Twi-Holiday Wallpaper (Taylor Lautner)

Today’s Holiday wallpaper is of Taylor Lautner and was made by the talented PoeticBeauty81

Also, here is a bonus non-holiday wallpaper of Robert Pattinson I found whilst on my quest for the Taylor Lautner wallpaper. This wallpaper was made by the very talented time–lights. Although it’s not holiday related, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I had to post it!

Click the thumbs (below) to enlarge and grab the full–sized versions of these:

Send in your wallpapers to: and I’ll post them!! Please make sure they are one of the follow resolutions: 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 or 1600×1200.

Check out all of the Twi-Holiday wallpapers we’ve posted so far here—>



Daily Twi-Holiday Wallpaper (Robert Pattinson)

Thank you so much to Julia, aka Mango84, for sending us in her newest Twi-Holiday wallpaper to share with you all. This is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much Julia!!

Grab full–size version by clicking the thumb below:

♥If you make High Quality Twi-Holiday wallpapers please share them by sending them to and I’ll post them for everyone! :) Please make sure they are one of the follow resolutions: 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 or 1600×1200.



Daily Twi-Holiday Wallpaper (Water For Elephants)

I made you another Holiday wallpaper tonight and it’s not exactly a Twilight one, but it’s Robert Pattinson as Jacob in his new film ‘Water For Elephants.’ Enjoy! Also, send me your Twi-Holiday wallpapers to post at XO

Grab the full-size version by clicking the image below:

Edit: I just found these gorgeous Holiday graphics in my email from Jess’ aka @twihardparamore on Twitter. Thank you so much for sharing Jess’.



Daily Twi-Holiday Wallpaper (Jacob & Renesmee)

Today your daily Twi-Holiday wallpaper was made by…. ME! I decided to go ahead and make a wallpaper for you all using Jacob and Renesmee! Nessie is too cute. Enjoy Twilighters. :)

And click the thumb below to get the wallpaper in full-size.

Feel free to make a Holiday Twi-wallpaper for me to post and send it to



Daily Twilight Holiday Wallpaper!

Goodness. That’s pretty much all I can say about this ––– it took my breath away. ;)

And the full sized version for you to snatch:

And this pic below isn’t a wallpaper but I’m posting it anyway because the very sweet Meagan from South Africa made this for everyone and sent it in. It’s beautiful Megan. Thank you so much! ♥

P.S. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, so I apologize for the graphics that specifically say ‘Christmas.’ It’s not meant to leave anyone out –– we ♥ you not matter what you celebrate! Unfortunately I can’t make the artists put ‘Happy Holidays’ on their work… sorry lovlies. :/

[Wallpaper Source]



Holiday Twilight Wallpaper Of The Day!

Here is a Holiday wallpaper of Robert Patinson and Kristen Stewart sent in by Julia, aka Mango84. So cute! Thank you so so much for sending this in Julia, it’s adorable!!! ♥

Grab the full size version. Just click the thumb below to enlarge:

Send your Holiday wallpapers to: and I’ll post them.

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