Daily Twi-Holiday Wallpaper (Water For Elephants)

I made you another Holiday wallpaper tonight and it’s not exactly a Twilight one, but it’s Robert Pattinson as Jacob in his new film ‘Water For Elephants.’ Enjoy! Also, send me your Twi-Holiday wallpapers to post at XO

Grab the full-size version by clicking the image below:

Edit: I just found these gorgeous Holiday graphics in my email from Jess’ aka @twihardparamore on Twitter. Thank you so much for sharing Jess’.



Rob and Kristen spotted in Englad!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had their photos taken with a fan in the UK outside of a grocery store in England! Good to see that Rob and Kristen made some time for each other during the holidays.

Thanks to ZandriaKeen & lunanuevameyer