New Stills of Robert Pattinson in ‘Water For Elephants’

Here are two new stills of Robert Pattinson as Jacob Jankowski in his film, ‘Water For Elephants.’


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New ‘New Moon’ Stills!

Here are some new stills from the New Moon Movie!

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Twi-Talent: Awesome New Moon Wallpapers!!

I adore these New Moon Movie wallpapers done by the talented Juantelos! So happy to see a Volturi one!

Get the Volturi one in FULL size: CLICK HERE

Get the Edward, Bella & Jacob one in FULL size: CLICK HERE



Daily Twi-Talent! What if…(Jakeward)?

"Edward Cullen and Jacob Black kissing"

Okay, so this is definitely something I haven’t thought about, lol. Team Switzerland anyone? The artist actually said he just made it for fun – and to be honest, it IS entertaining, no? He’s actually an incredible artist. Check out all of his work here!

The artist who drew the above picture also did these two amazingly well done drawings:

These blow me away! Wow!



2010 New Moon Calendar Scans!

"New Moon Calendar photo of Robert Pattinson" "2010 New Moon Calendar photo of Bella Swan" "2010 New Moon Calendar photo of Bella Swan and Charlie Swan" "2010 New Moon Movie calendar photo of Jacob Black" "Laurent from New Moon Movie" "Angela Weber, Jessican Stanley" "Bella Swan and Jacob black about to kiss" "Aro form the Volturi" "Alice Cullen driving to Volterra"

Scans from the 2010 New Moon Calendar!

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Edward, Bella & Jacob. Amazing Fan Made New Moon Video…

obibz88 on YouTube made this amazing video using the song “Shattered” by Trading Yesterday. This video is great because it’s full of energy and emotion. Enjoy.