(Jacob’s Diary) School Daze
Dear Diary,

Yesterday was our first day of school here in England. Just let me tell you, these people are just…too polite. I can’t even burp without getting glared at by the “Professor.”

Not teacher; professor.

The chicks are digging me too, not that I really notice. I only have eyes for my wife. She had to switch her wedding ring to her other hand though, and so did I, just in case somebody noticed. It’s really hard because guys think she’s available and try making moves on her.

Let’s just say after today, people will know that we’re together, and that Ness is off limits to them. Ness also gave a few death glares of her own. That never gets old. Who would’ve thought British people were so horny?

I mean, I do understand our whole family is undeniably attractive especially me. Nessie too, but I’m talking guy–wise here. I win in that department.

They obviously don’t know boundaries. We all make it clear that we’re dating and I mean, I had my arm around Nessie every chance I got.

I got seriously pissed when some idiot decided to try to smack Ness’s butt.

Hell no.

I remember darting my eyes to him, making almost visible daggers. His smirk disappeared, and he shrunk under my gaze. He was sitting at lunch with the rest of the lacrosse team, and I guess he was trying to impress them. I was only aware of him getting ready to do it because of my acute hearing.

“Hey, watch this! I bet I can smack that new girls bum…and she’ll like it!” he said, and the rest of the team was watching. His hand was two inches away from it before I stomped right in front of him.

Nessie was oblivious, walking to the lunch table that the Cullens had claimed. I flexed my arm muscles subconsciously and  bared my teeth. Once he had fell out of his chair, I sauntered off with a final possessive glare.


The majority of the cafeteria watched in amusement and I was proud of causing him embarrassment.

Edward gave me a high five, and the rest of us started talking about how many times they were approached today. Which was a lot.

Each of us got an abundance of phone numbers and propositions.

Other than that, it wasn’t a very eventful first day. Classes were boring, and way harder than ones back in America. The professors were a pain in the ass, and my grammar got corrected more times than I could count and not just by the teachers, but also by students.

Stupid proper languages and fancy accents.

I made sure to use the word “ain’t” every chance I got. As for the rest of the gang, this wasn’t anything new. Well besides Nessie, of course. For her and I, this was a brand new experience.

I didn’t have to do my homework either; one of the Cullens would. I told them I would go to school as long as I didn’t have to do the homework. Surprisingly, they didn’t mind. Homework never takes any time for them to do, and since being a werewolf doesn’t include becoming a super genius, doing homework would suck. I didn’t graduate high school to do it all again, especially without a brain that could put Stephen Hawking to shame.

So, I have to endure tests, and lectures, but it isn’t that hard. It also gives me something interesting and new to do during the day, plus it gives me a chance to meet new people. That’s what Carlisle said. Even though I only talk to the Cullens, though. Everyone else acts like we’re gods and the plague, all at the same time.

Did I mention this school also has uniforms? Well it does, and it sucks. I have to wear dress pants, and a “jumper” – everyday. It has it’s benefits though. Nessie looks hot in a plaid skirt and knee highs. We use the uniforms at night, too.

School doesn’t start until nine-thirty, though. Compared to it starting at seven-fifty on the rez. That’s an improvement. Speaking of the rez, Emily is pregnant. Sam had stopped phasing when they moved back –wanting to age with Emily– and he also became part of the tribe’s council, along with my dad and Sue. Seth has imprinted and is getting married. From now on, I’ll being hearing about these things while I’m across the world. I guess that’s how it’s meant to be.

I patrol every now and then and I haven’t come across any fresh scents. The vampire activity here is seriously lacking. It’s nice. Not near as many worries, and a lot more free time at night.

I’ve video–called my dad a few times and it wasn’t that difficult. It was actually really cool and it made me feel a little closer to home. Moving to New Hampshire was hard, but this is a different story. Nessie’s gotten over it, and I’m now starting to feel a tinge of homesickness. I don’t show it though – I don’t want Ness getting upset over it again when she has calmed down and stopped going HGTV on our house. Which looks right fantastic if you ask me.


These redcoats are rubbing their sayings off on me. Thank god for cable television and redneck shows to give me some balance.

Nessie likes school though, she’s made a few friends and she loves her music class. She’s always liked piano, but she’s never really pursued playing it unless she was hanging out with Edward. Apparently, this course is enlightening.

Bells and I hang out a lot because we have three classes together; three I don’t have with Ness. She’s a major help as a lab partner, and sits in front of me to help in the other two classes. I’m not stupid or anything, academics just aren’t my strong point, especially since it’s been a while since I’ve been in school.

It’s nice talking to her though. We don’t really get to have best friend time anymore because we’re always with the rest of the family or Edward’s lurking around.

I’ve missed Bella.

We talk a lot about Ness and music –and anything else that comes to mind. Easy conversations that best friends have.

Gym was fun. All of these guys are really lanky and used to light exercises. I’m extremely buff compared to them – and even everyone on their little lacrosse and “football” team. Ha, football! Football is definitely not using your feet to kick around a black and white ball that’s soccer. Duh. Whatever.

I walked into the gym and their little knobby knees were quivering. Well, one pair of knees in particular…the one who thought that Ness would enjoy him smacking her bum. He saw me and his already- pale skin turned white.

So, yeah – I showed off in gym. I practically clapped between my push-ups. That’s right, jackass. His face was priceless.

Once school was over, Ness and I drove home in my new black Camaro. I traded in my old car because the new model Camaro was just…amazing. Great horsepower and beautiful engineering inside. I got it with blacked out rims and black leather interior. Tinted windows, too.

It’s kickass.

I got envious looks from everyone.  I noticed Nessie got some glares from girls. She didn’t care, she thought it was funny that girls were so jealous of her and her “boyfriend.” I don’t very much like that word. I prefer husband. Or even when she calls me her “hubby.” I’ll just have to get used to it, I guess.

After we got back from school, the guys and I played paintball in the woods, which I surprisingly did pretty good in considering my lack of super speed and extremely acute senses – since I can’t play paintball as a werewolf. I fared well, though, because my senses are heightened regardless and I have a knack for COD.

Nessie went shopping again. Apparently, there’s a mall with the best stores, and like, so many designers to be a mall.

It’s a shame I can’t wear any of the clothes Ness has bought for me though, unless it’s a weekend, but whatever. This town does have a movie theater and a Walmart. A few restaurants too.

School has been kinda plain, but different at the same time. This is high school though, so I’m sure drama and cat-fights and stuff will happen. It’ll be a little more entertaining. Until then, it’s time to go. Ness is waiting in the car and I have school soon.

- Jacob

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(Jacob’s Diary) Facing the Truth

Dear Diary,

Yesterday we called off patrols because Carlisle called a family meeting, and he wanted the pack to join.

“As you know, we’ve lived here for several years and – though I’m sad to say it – people are starting to talk, with their good small town gossip.” As soon as Carlisle said this, everyone knew what he was saying, where the conversation was headed.

“Yeah, the pack and I were meaning to talk to you about this,” Sam said, glancing at Emily and the rest of the pack.

I didn’t know anything about this.

“We were wanting to move back to La Push…all of us miss the Rez.” The pack all nodded in agreement. I sat still. I obviously wouldn’t go with them…because it would be too soon for the Cullens’ to go back, and that’s who I had to stay with.

“Yeah, Colin and Brady are holding up, but we just need to go home,” Jared said, and Embry and Paul nodded, followed by the others.

I sighed. Saying bye to them would be hard.

“Well…at least I don’t have to patrol anymore,” I stated, trying to lighten the mood.

“Only if there ain’t no bad leeches wherever you guys move,” Embry pointed out. I rolled my eyes.

“Because we’ve ran into so many here!” I replied, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“That reminds me, we have to decide where to relocate to,” Carlisle interrupted, and we all returned our attention back to him. “We have properties all over the world, we just have to make sure it’s somewhere we haven’t moved less than a couple of decades ago…otherwise that would cause a few problems, suspicions.”

Edward looked up. “What about that house in the District of Eden?” he asked, and Alice pointed her finger up.

“The one in the UK, right?” she asked, and Edward nodded. Carlisle looked around questionably, but I didn’t have a chance to react. Ness started channeling visions and feelings to me by the hand she was holding. She was scared. She’d never lived anywhere but here. It was especially scary for her since this place would be in a different country.

“That would probably be the best. Jacob doesn’t know any foreign languages yet and the British don’t speak much differently than us. This would probably be the best choice; it would be too soon to go to most of the safer places in America we’ve lived in before,” Carlisle said, and I groaned.

Great. I get to learn different languages.

“So is that where we’re moving?” I asked. Everyone was just quiet, their eyes careful not to betray their thoughts.

“Sounds good to me,” Emmett said, and the rest nodded in agreement. They didn’t exactly look happy to move. I guess moving is a pain in the ass to them, and since they’re immortal it makes it seem like only a small amount of time for them to live in one place. I was a bit nostalgic about it too. Moving away from La Push was worse, but I had just gotten used to living here, so it’d still be hard. Especially since I have to leave the pack.

I was going to miss them. Since we’re a pack, we’re closer than real brothers would be. We know each other’s secrets, and everything else. We’ll be on opposite sides of the Earth when we move, so I’m not sure if our little telepathy thing will work. I hope it does. I’ll still phase, to make sure I don’t age, and in case there’s some bad vamps in the area.

After the meeting was over, Nessie and I walked back to our house.

“It’s weird that we’re packing up what we just unpacked,” she said putting her head down. I nodded, a silent agreeance. I was holding her hand, and swinging it between us.

“We’ll have to get used to it, I guess. I mean, we have to face the truth sooner or later. You know how small towns are. They’ll all be talking before we know it,” I said, and she bit the inside of her cheek. Renesmee’s had that habit, almost like the way Bella bites her lip, but cuter.

They decided in the meeting that we’d move in about two months, giving us enough time to pack and enough time for Esme to go and arrange for a house to be built for Ness and I. Their property there has a main house, along with smaller houses around it for Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett and Edward and Bella. They haven’t lived there in about forty years and they just used the property occasionally for vacations and stuff. The property is private, so nobody saw them the few times they were there, preventing any gossip that would probably happen.

I planned on spending the night with Nessie, but first I wanted to do something else. At around six, I called Sam. I wanted to run with the pack tonight. Not really patrolling. I just wanted to run with them a little more. I’m going to miss them… a lot.

When I got back from my run, I walked home from about a mile away.

I gave Ness a long kiss goodnight, before heading out the door.


We all talked the whole run and Leah even came out to run with us. She normally stays home with Louis, but today was different. I guess me moving away from them was like taking a infant from their mother. We’re so close that it’ll be one of the hardest things I have to do. Then again, they understand that Nessie is my imprint, and I can’t leave her. That’s just not even remotely an option.

Since they have imprints, they know that.

Nessie could tell how I was feeling. Lately we’ve been going at it like it was nothing, but last night we just laid together. She snuggled up close to me and we slept like that the entire night.

As sad as I am to be leaving the pack, as long as I have her, I think I’ll be okay.

This morning I have patrols, and Nessie said she was going to order some stuff from this new décor designer, insisting our new house should look amazing.

She also said it called for a new wardrobe.

That’s her ‘comfort food’ I guess you could say. Some women eat fried chicken and ice cream when they’re upset. Well, Renesmee likes to shop. You name it, she’s buying it.

Well, I have to go patrol. For once, I’m excited. I won’t be doing this for much longer, so I want to make the best of it while I can. I’ll be packing for a while, but I’ll write in here as soon as I get a chance.

- Jacob

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(Jacob’s Diary) Lucy
Dear Diary,

This past week we’ve stayed at the Cullens’, and we’ll probably end up staying even longer. I’ve been running doubles, which I don’t feel too uncomfortable with as long as Nessie’s cocooned safely in the Cullen house with Edward and Bella, or the others while Edward and Bella are hunting.

Ness doesn’t really need blood anymore – not like she used to – so she doesn’t have to go to the woods – which is unsafe for her – and I won’t allow it anyway. If she does need blood, Carlisle brings some home from the hospital.

I wish I could stay with Ness the whole time, but we’ve bumped up patrols since that parasite escaped. When I found out that the idiot’s being controlled by some little mastermind who’s trying to screw with me, we decided that patrolling three times a day around the New Hampshire perimeter would suffice.

I miss seeing Ness alone and having the privacy of our own place, but I’m thankful to be able to stay with the Cullens. I mean, who doesn’t want eight kick–ass vampires, plus a pack of werewolves watching your imprint? It’s scary to know someone’s out to get Ness and I – or any of our family for that matter. We’re watching closely though, and I hope that soon this will all be settled.

Rosalie and Esme ended up packing the rest of Nessie’s stuff and putting it in our house. They even decorated it more in their free time. We’ve gone over there during the day when I’m not patrolling, but I feel safer at the Cullens’ at night because I don’t want to fall asleep and then get caught off guard by somebody.

Obviously the thought of us being left alone after the Volturi incident was just a fantasy…we’re pretty much perfect targets: A coven of vegetarian vampires, a pack of werewolves and a half vampire/half human who’s married to a werewolf, all together, as a family. Which is probably why the supernatural world likes to mess with us…assholes.

We didn’t know a lot at first. Alice hadn’t seen anything either because nothing had really happened. We were patrolling, keeping watch the best we could. There’d been several murders and we knew the culprit wasn’t a “serial killer” like the news tended to claim. We’d caught scent of The Frizz a couple of times, but not the person behind this whole thing…until today.

I was out patrolling with Sam, the guys were coming in about twenty minutes to take over when we caught an unknown scent in the woods, nine miles away from the house.

Sam and I followed it, our paws bounding against soggy leaves as we sprinted towards the leech in a blur. It wasn’t in sight yet, but we chased it for about twenty minutes.

Sam and I were closing in; we were gonna get it from both sides, but we broke into the Cullens’ back yard.

Sam’s thoughts were as scattered as mine. The vampire whipped her head around right when Carlisle and Edward came outside. Embry and Jared were on their way and Paul was just now making it into the Cullens’ field, that they referred to as a backyard.

I growled, trying to decide on charging, or staying where I was.

“Can we help you, Miss?” I heard Carlisle say. The vampire’s bright red eyes flickered to him and she furrowed her eyebrows. She had light blond hair, a slight frame and was dressed in mismatched, worn clothes. She looked almost scared, but she was covering her expression by baring her teeth.

“Which one of you killed my brother?” Her voice was high and light, but she said the sentence with force.

“Pardon me?” Carlisle voice was still calm; his expression confused, but focused.

“I said, which one of you killed my brother?” She was annoyed and Edward rolled his eyes. He whispered something to Carlisle, and the girl – who was still in her late teens – hissed, her lips pulled over her teeth.

Carlisle kept calm as he spoke. “Lucy, I think you might be confused. Your brother James was hostile towards a family member, who at the time was human, and we had to protect them because James wouldn’t stop trying to…kill them.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. And how do you know my name?” she questioned, her voice low and confused.

I rumbled a threatening sound in my throat.

So, she wasn’t after Ness and I. Apparently she was after Edward, but she didn’t know so. When Carlisle didn’t answer, she continued.

“He had problems,” she said, looking from Carlisle to Edward. “But you didn’t have to kill him! He was all I had left!” She was screeching now and I knew if she could cry there would be tears there.

James was a sick guy, but she obviously loved him.

“Did he…change you?” Carlisle asked with slight hesitation. He felt rude prying.

“Yes. We were both in a foster home and I was beaten…so bad. James disappeared and I thought he had left me. He came back for me though. He killed the sick bastard that molested and beat me every day. I begged him to change me, so he did. We were best friends…but then he started chasing people, and killing them. So when I met Zander, I left with him…but Zander left me after two years.” She paused briefly and looked to the side, trying to control her emotions. “I tried finding James, but I couldn’t. I was all alone. In Texas, I heard from a friend that some vegetarian coven up North killed him. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t there for him…so I had to find you.” Her face contorted, she looked malicious, her teeth baring again.

“I understand where you’re coming from, but you have to understand that we had to do it because he was after one of us. We protect our family,” Carlisle replied matter-of-factly.

She shook her head. “You took him from me!” She yelled as her eyes swept between all of us.

Emmett and Jasper were now there, along with the rest of the pack.

She was shaking, and I growled a deep growl of warning.

“I understand you were close but we don’t like hurting people, or our own kind. We do protect our family though. We are deeply sorry we did it, but please understand it was for the good of others. We didn’t have a choice.”

Damn, Carlisle was good. He was a master at keeping his composure.

She put her head down submissively. “I didn’t mean to cause trouble, honest. I just…miss him,” she wept.

Edward stepped forward. “If you would like to consider becoming ‘vegetarian’, there are many covens that would love for you to join them. You’re welcome here if you like, but you’d have to learn to change your diet.”

She looked at Edward, and shook her head. “I like being alone…I’m really sorry… I’m still mad that you destroyed him, but I don’t want to cause trouble for you or your coven.” She looked at all of us, and nodded awkwardly.

She was genuinely sad and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She spent so much time finding us… only to realize that she didn’t need to get revenge; there was no point in trying. There were too many of us, anyway.

She walked further and looked over at me.“Eliza won’t be a problem to you anymore. I’ll take care of her.”

I snorted at her, cocking my head to the side.

Frizz is gone for good.


Once she left, I looked at the pack with relief and Sam suggested we all phase back so we could discuss everything that just happened. I agreed since Ness was safely inside with the girls. I walked inside with Sam when we phased back.

Everyone was in the living room, so I sat down beside Ness.

“So, what the hell just happened?” I said.

Edward laughed. “Some girl wanting revenge, though what we did was purely justified,” he answered.

“Well, is she really going to leave us alone?” I asked skeptically.

Edward nodded. “Yes. This all happened because she was stupid and confused. When her boyfriend left her and then she found out James was dead–  from one of Victoria’s friends in the South – she didn’t even think that his destruction could’ve been because he was malicious. ”

I frowned. “Well…is she going to be okay? I mean…she was pissed and then she just walked away.”

“She knows how he was. She just didn’t really consider it at the time. She realized that trying to avenge his death wasn’t right  because he got what he deserved.”

Carlisle shook his head. “It’s a shame she doesn’t want to change her lifestyle…in fact, I feel sorry for her minion,” he said.

“Is she going to kill Frizz off?” I asked.

Edward nodded. “That’s what she was thinking about before she left. Eliza’s a newborn though, so I don’t know who will come out alive if she approaches her,” he said.

I groaned. “Damn it. We’ll just keep doing doubles then, I guess,” I told the pack, and they nodded in agreement.

Once everyone left, I had my arm over Ness’s shoulder and I felt content for the first time in a while.

“I just realized something,” she said. I looked at her. “It’s hard being supernatural.”


Ness and I packed our stuff from the Cullen house and finally, went home. I breathed a sigh of relief when we were laying in our bed, safe and sound. She’s been asleep a good hour and I’m patrolling tomorrow…so it’s time to put this thing down.

Drama will never subside in our world, but thankfully I have a way to express my feelings now. Who knew a guy like me would ever have a diary.

- Jacob

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(Jacob’s Diary) Surprise Visit

Dear Diary,

I ended my last entry when Ness and I were still on our honeymoon, but I decided I wanted to enjoy every second of it so I didn’t write until now. Our honeymoon lasted two weeks and as strange as it sounds, we got homesick.

Now that we’re married, we realize we will be living together, for one, and we are free to …be together, whenever we want. We know Edward will be bitter about it, but we we’re married, so it’s not like he can ban me from seeing her. She’s my wife, duh.

Esme said we could use her cabin as long as we wanted, so we stayed two weeks before booking the tickets for the flight home.

When we got home, everyone welcomed us back with a little get-together.

The whole pack was there, along with my Dad, and there was so much food. It surprised us momentarily because we had only called the day before to let them know we were on our way back, yet Esme had managed to cook and organize a little party for us already. But then again…it was Esme.

Anyways, earlier today me and Ness were moving all of her stuff into my newly remodeled house. Esme had added two bedrooms, re-sized the kitchen, the master bedroom and there was new furniture replacing my old worn furniture I bought when they had a deal at Costco, right before I moved to New Hampshire.

The rest of the pack took advantage of the deal also when they moved to New Hampshire with me. They miss La Push, but Brady and Collin are still training the younger ones that phased recently, their kids, and nephews. They’re protecting the Rez for us now. My pack couldn’t live without me. I’m the highlight of their day, by far.

The whole day me and Ness sat on her floor talking and packing at the same time, ‘cause we’re multitasking pros like that.

I never knew she had so much stuff though. She had about thirty boxes to pack stuff in, in all different sizes and when we were about two-thirds packed, we ran out of boxes.

So, me being the perfect gentleman, I went out to the hardware store, because they sold the boxes that their inventory came in for real cheap, in real big amounts. I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway and then down the curvy road that came out to the main highway.

I had the windows rolled down, the warm air felt so refreshing. I made it to the hardware store and briskly walked in, already ready to get back to Ness. I thought it was odd I was the only car parked in the lot and shrugged, figuring they were probably closing any minute.

There wasn’t anybody in line at the checkout so I walked up to ask for the boxes. I saw a head of black hair that was frizzy but at the same time, it somehow didn’t look bad. Then I smelled it.


The girl looked up and her eyes were a strange color, like a purplish blue.


Her pale skin like marble and her high arched eyebrows, pointing menacingly.

“Hi, can I help you?” She spoke the same phrase she did the last time I saw her. The cashier girl from the apple cider store in Aspen…but how? How is she a vampire now? And why is she here? In the same exact small town I live in?

“Um…what’s going on?” I asked, feeling strangely uneasy.

She grinned innocently.

“What do you mean?” she asked, her voice high pitched and smooth like one of Edward’s piano compositions…way different from the old nasally voice she had as a human.

“Well,” I said, looking around making sure nobody could overhear. The store was empty. “Where to begin? How in hell are you a vampire and why are you here?” I asked, and she rolled her eyes, which were turning a darkish purple now. The contacts were dissolving quickly.

“Mr. Black,” she stretched out the name, running her hard finger over my chest. I flinched away. “I happened to have been…jumped that night after I met you, while I was walking home from work. Ugh, I hated that job. I made no money and it was freaking Aspen, so I had to walk home in ten degree weather.”

She laughed to herself, an eerie, emotionless laugh, then continued. “Anyhoo, I was changed. The person who changed me said it was for my own good, that I can get anything I wanted. I think she wanted me to come and see you. She kept hinting at it. She left me then; she knew I could fend for myself. She knew I could find you. So, I decided to come for what I really wanted,” she moaned, her mouth curling up and her eyes bored into mine.

She’s was so stupid…who trades enemy secrets like that?

“Who changed you?” I asked, my mind racing.

“Well, I don’t know. She was pretty-ish, not as pretty as me though,” she said, winking at me. I laughed; she still wasn’t attractive, even as an immortal.

The girl continued. “She was quite as malicious looking, though. She had darkish blonde hair and red eyes. Like mine now,” she answered, looking up at me, her contacts completely dissolved, leaving her eyes red and disturbing.

“Leave me the hell alone you damned leech. Do you think I care if somebody told you to come for me? Or if you’re just that delusional? I don’t give a shit. Leave me the alone,” I growled through clenched teeth then stormed out the door and to my car.

She stood there stunned, staring out of the hardware store’s window. I revved the engine and burned out of the parking lot, not before flipping her the bird.

She would follow me. That’s their nature. I just had to get away before her slow brain realized I left. She might be stupid now, but she’d realize soon that she wanted to get me, whether it was the easy way, or the hard way.

I sped at one-fifty all the way home but I still had a creepy crawly feeling of being followed. I slammed the brakes when I sped up the driveway of the Cullen house. Ness came outside… I guess from hearing the car.

“Hey, Jake! Did you get the box–”

“Get in the house. Now,” I shouted pulling my lips back over my teeth, my eyes roaming the surrounding trees while softly pushing her through the door – that was thankfully open. Her face was worried, confused.

I slammed the door behind us.

“Carlisle!” I yelled.

“What is it Jacob?” Carlisle appeared at the bottom of the stairs, his face confused.

By that time, almost everyone was crowded in the living room. I was calling Sam, so I told them all to hold on.

“You need to patrol the whole perimeter around the hardware store, now!” I demanded before he could greet me.

Overreacting my ass, nobody’s touching my wife. I caught a whiff of something on my way out of the hardware store parking lot, but I was too determined to get the hell out of there, I didn’t think too much about it. I did now.

It was blood.

That confirmed my suspicion. No wonder there were no customers in the store. I had no doubt they were piled in the dumpster out back.

“Who’s this vampire Jacob?” Edward asked when Sam hung up. Of course he would try to decipher the situation before I could even get a word out.

Once I had finished explaining that is was some stalker freak that obviously didn’t have good intentions for Ness and I, everyone was confused.

“So she was waiting for you at the hardware store? How could I have not seen that?” Alice asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t know…but like I said: she has some delusional thing for me and I will not let anything happen to Renesmee,” I shouted, unable to control my anger.

Rosalie spoke up. “So the person that wanted her to get you, or whatever, who do you think she was? Why would she have something against you? Against us?” she questioned.

Ness was holding my hand, rubbing circles in my palm. She was worried to death and I knew it, but she wanted to comfort me instead.

“I don’t know. She said the woman was evil looking. Hell, there’s a lot of evil looking blonde vampires,” I coughed and darted my eyes at Rosalie.

She rolled her eyes. “Well, obviously it wasn’t me. Emmett and I have our own…alibi,” Rosalie retorted, smiling at Emmett.

Emmett grinned back at Rose. “Hell, yeah. That’s what I call an alibi!” he yelled, and Carlisle gave him a stiff look.

“Emmett, this is serious,” Carlisle said.

Emmett rolled his eyes then brought his laughter to a halt. “Dammit, I thought we were through this when we killed that redheaded bitch and changed Bella. When are people going to finally leave us the hell alone?” Emmett whined. Hell, I whine the same shit. It’s true. Is is ever going to end?

“Well, obviously we’re easy targets,” Rose added with a sigh.

I looked at the rest of them. Bella was sitting on the other side of Ness, rubbing her shoulder.

“Well, the pack’s going to patrol doubles probably and we’ll just have to keep a lookout. I don’t think it’s the Volturi… I think they figured out that they can’t get rid of us. It must be somebody working alone – obviously a coward – trying to get an obsessed girl to do it’s dirty work. We’ll just have to be careful,” I warned.

Esme cut in, worry dominating her expression.“Well, at least promise you and Ness will stay in the guest room until this blows over,” she offered, her heart shaped face worried.

“Of course Esme. I’d never miss a chance to eat your cooking for every meal,” I told her and she smiled.

Once we all dispersed, Ness and I had the living room to ourselves and I noticed she looked sad.

“Is she prettier than me?” she asked.

I gave her a look.

“Stop asking stupid questions, Ness. She was just as unattractive as last time, except she’s too pale now,” I answered, pulling her on my lap. “I love you,” I added, and she kissed my nose. “This isn’t that big of a deal, we’ll get her soon. We’ll just have to be careful until we get whoever’s behind this whole mess. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

I meant it; I would protect Renesmee no matter what.

“I love you too…and I’m only worried she’ll charm you into eloping with her. Maybe I should get you a leash?” Ness joked, her grin growing. I started tickling her under her chin – where she was most ticklish – and she shot back with grabbing my foot and wiggling her fingers on the arch at the bottom of my foot.

“Oh, now it’s on!” I challenged, picking Renesmee up and running her up to the guest room, a floor below Edward and Bella’s … thankfully, but with supersonic hearing, it’ll be an awkward stay here regardless. Oh well.


Right now I’m watching my angel sleep and it’s a good thing that this guest room doesn’t have a window. We’re perfectly cocooned in four walls with kick-ass vampires, so the worries are lifted.

Now, I feel quite sleepy… and I want to snuggle with my wife. So, I’ll keep you updated.

- Jacob

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(Jacob’s Diary) The Honeymoon Part II

NOTE: If you think sex is ‘icky,’ DON’T READ THIS ENTRY! You’ve been fully warned.

Dear Diary,

As I said in my last entry, my honeymoon has been pretty awesome. Even though there was no planning involved, everything fell into place perfectly.

Today, I woke up with Ness cradled in my arms and tangled sheets around the both of us.

I wrote my last entry real quick then decided to go make my wife breakfast.

I decided that, regardless of how alone and isolated it is out here, it would still be a good idea to not walk around naked, so I pulled some pajama pants on before softly padding to the kitchen.

When Rosalie was here to prepare the cabin, she put non-perishable foods in the cabinets, but the cleaning crew that came once every two weeks would stock the fridge with eggs, milk and other stuff that had a ridiculously short life span in the expiration date world.

I grabbed the carton of eggs and cracked twelve on the side of a big bowl I found in one of the numerous cabinets. I got a whisk and started stirring them, adding a bit a milk to make ’em nice and fluffy. I got some pre-cooked bacon, stuck it in a pan and then put the eggs on – considering the bacon wouldn’t take too long and Ness doesn’t like bacon crispy.

It took about ten minutes before I was walking into the bedroom with a tray of breakfast for Ness and I. I placed two plates on the tray: one with a portion of eggs and a portion of bacon, the other had about six portions of each. It’s obvious which plate was mine.

I carried it in and placed it on my side of the king sized bed carefully then went to sit her glass of orange juice on the nightstand. I know she would’ve preferred blood, but the cabin doesn’t exactly keep that around.

Ness would probably go hunting later, in the evening. For the day we’d planned to go skiing and then Ness wanted to go to this place that would let you make your own apple cider that she’d read about online.

When I sat the glass of orange juice down lightly, Renesmee’s eyelids fluttered open.

“Good morning,” she said, smiling sleepily at me. I smiled back at her and she yawned.

“You made breakfast,” she said, looking at me through groggy eyes.

“Yeah, not that extravagant…I’m not the best chef,” I told her, shrugging. She rolled her eyes.

Ness kissed my cheek and sat up, wrapping the sheets around her body. “It’s perfect, Jacob.”

We ate and talked then when we finished, I put all of our dishes and trash on the tray. I took it back into the kitchen and when I got back, Ness was standing beside the bed stretching, her bare body glowing from the sun peeking in the windows. I gulped and averted my gaze to the floor. Which, I know sounds stupid, but I didn’t want her to feel like I was just watching her, gawking.

“Do you want to take a shower?” she asked, and I looked up at her.

She was grinning mischievously and I grinned back, matching the mischievousness of her grin.

“Hell yeah,” I said and she giggled, walking over to me.

“I mean if you wa–want to take one by yourself that’s fine too,” I said, while  nervousness boiled in my blood.

“Um, well considering that last night was great and the fact that we’re married, yes, I want to take a shower with you Jake.” She ran a hand through my hair, and kissed me as light as she possibly could before running away to the bathroom.

I stood there for a minute before it got through my thick head to follow her.

When I did, she was already in the shower, so I took off my pajama pants and boxers then opened the glass door of the shower.

Ness was smiling at me while the water steamed around her and obviously that was a good sight to see. A beautiful sight.

By the time I stepped in, I had a sensory overload and Ness’s smooth skin was pressed against me, her wet soft hair dripping water droplets on the hand I had on her lower back.

There was one of those expensive shower heads in the shower and it was spraying really smooth water, so it was like kissing under a small, warm waterfall.

Ness was ran her hands up and down my back like she was trying to memorize every inch of me.

“I love you,” I whispered into her neck while I caressed her waist and hips. She pushed her self on me slowly and we both took in the feeling, the real thing felt so much better than when I was imagining it before.

It refreshed my memory on the overall beauty of it and I was seeing stars, the pure ecstasy that overcame me. The steam clouded in the shower and the water poured warmly down on us as I kissed her jaw bone, breathing sighs.

I don’t feel like a scumbag like I thought I would either, because to me, we’re not just having sex, we’re making love. It means something to both of us and it lets us be intimate with each other. To please one another.

Ness and I are married now, so it isn’t wrong to feel this way, or make love. I’ve faced that fact a while ago. She’s not a kid anymore. She’s a woman.

I washed my hair, and she washed hers too, before we stepped out of the shower.

I grabbed two of the plush towels off of the towel rack and handed one to Nessie.

I towel dried my hair and wrapped the towel around my waist then brushed my teeth and then left so Ness could have some privacy.

Once I got on the ski pants and jacket, I knew Ness would be done soon so I put on the black beanie – that matched my black and gray coat – along with the black ski pants Alice bought me. I put the goggles on my head over my beanie, so I wouldn’t have to carry them.

When Ness came out of the bathroom she was wearing a white coat and white ski pants with matching boots. Of course she looked fashionable, even though we were only going skiing. White goggles with a black lens were propped on her head like mine and she was grinning excitedly.

“Ready?” She asked and I hopped up off the bed.

“No, I‘m just dressed and waiting for no reason,” I said sarcastically and she laughed. “How come I didn’t get the memo that we’re supposed to look all stylish?”

“Silly, you look fine. Alice picked out your clothes, so I wouldn’t worry,” she assured me, kissing my cheek. “Also, Alice said the skis are in the garage, but there’s also a snowboard because, though she didn’t have a vision, she knew you would think skiing is too sissy.”

I laughed, and nodded. “I love how she can’t see me, but she knows me well enough to guess I would rather snowboard.”

Ness shook her head and the bronze curls sticking out from under her goggles shook too.

“We’re not going to have an instructor are we?” I asked, grabbing a pair of pink skis and a snowboard that had some random black and white designs on it. I gave her the skis and she pulled a piece of paper out of her black hole, I mean her purse.

“No, Alice knows you too well there also; she knew that there was a high chance of getting a male instructor and knew you would probably get jealous. So, she found a small private set of slopes that’s kinda like Aspen’s version of a country club. There won’t be many people at all there because it’s off season, but they’ll have fake snow if there isn’t enough real snow.”

I nodded, liking the idea of privacy. “Okay, let’s plow,” I quoted Duckie from the movie ‘Pretty in Pink,’ because it seemed fitting for our location.

Ness laughed and I lifted the trunk of the car before I put my snowboard in. Once Ness sat her skis down, I closed the trunk, and we both got in the car. Ness buckled her seat belt then I started the car, turning the heat on high for Nessie’s sake.

She told me the directions and we made it there in under fifteen minutes. There was a humongous cabin that had a million windows and a sign the said “Mountains of Aspen Ski Resort.” There was a wrought-iron gate surrounding the front so I drove up to the guardsman.

“Hey, I’m Jacob Black. I think I have reservations here for a day of skiing?” I said, making it sound like a question. The security guy looked bored and typed a few things in his computer before nodding at me.

“Go ahead, sir,” He said, pressing the button that opened the gate. I drove the car into the parking lot and parked in one of the many open spaces.

“There’s only about five cars here,” I said.

“Yeah, I told you it was pretty slow on off-season,” Ness reminded me.

“Well, at least we won’t embarrass ourselves in front of a crowd of people.”

After we grabbed the skis and snowboard, we walked inside the lodge and it was very nice, to say the least.

Of course Alice would choose the nicest place for us to go skiing. Of course.

After we took in the visual of the lobby, we agreed it was really awesome. There was a giant fireplace and the stones around it went all the way up to the ceiling with sky–light windows surrounding it.

There were plush couches and rugs, and even a counter where they would serve you hot chocolate or coffee – or whatever the hell you wanted I guess. When you live the high life, I guess you can make them serve you piss in a cup for all I know.

Ness went and sat our stuff on one of the couches because nobody else was down there besides the guy who gives out hot chocolate, so it wasn’t like they were bothering anybody.

We got hot chocolates with marshmallows, and when we were finished we went out the back door that lead to the slopes.

When we finally got there, we decided to go on the beginner’s slope… I’d never done this before; I didn’t want to risk being cocky and going on the expert slope – which would’ve caused me to break my neck.

Ness changed into those bulky ski shoes and hooked them to her skis while I hooked mine to my snowboard.

I struggled to get up but when I finally did, I pulled Ness up too. I kissed her cheek and sort of hopped over to the beginning of the slope.

Ness stood to the right of me and I tried to remember how I snowboarded on the Wii once. I figured it’d be somewhat similar.

I leaned to the side slightly then pushed off and Ness started skiing beside me.

She’s skied a few times before and made it look graceful, while I was flapping my arms all over the place trying to stay upright.

Ness wasn’t laughing at me, though, she was laughing with me because I couldn’t stop laughing my head off every time I fell on my ass.

We stayed on the slopes for about an hour and a half before we got exhausted and made our way back to the lodge, the outer layer of our ski clothes wet from melted snow and both of our noses and cheeks a bright red.

We went inside then got more hot chocolate and stayed another fifteen minutes before heading out to the place that would let us make our own apple cider.

The ride there wasn’t long either. When we got there, it was a building shaped like a barn, but there was a parking lot with cars in it, so obviously it wasn’t a barn.

I parked and Ness and I went in, both a little curious about the barn–looking exterior.

The inside was nice and warm with a fireplace burning and barrels of apples on one side. The other side had all sorts of machines.

“Hi! Can I help you?” A high pitched voice sounded and I looked to see a tall teenager with frizzy black hair.

“Um, hey. I heard that we could make our own apple cider here?” I said, gesturing to the families around the barrels and machines.

“Yes! You can! For now, go pick out a dozen apples of your choice!” She said, and Ness gave me a little excited smile.

We went to pick out our apples. We were searching for some good apples when Ness laughed.

“That girl is in love with you,” she said, and I looked at her in confusion.

“What? Naw.”

I looked over at the girl and she was staring at me from her register, biting her lip. When she saw me looking her face turned an unattractive red shade and she looked down at the floor.

“Well, obviously I’m married, Mrs. Black,” I said to Ness, kissing her softly.

Nessie grinned and once we found the apples, the over-eager worker took us to a purée machine.

She sat the apples in the machine and puréed them, giving us the giant metal bowl that had the apple mush in it. She took us over to a table and told us to dump them on this piece of cloth then tie the ends around the apple mush and squeeze out the juice.

Ness squeezed it and peals of laughter came out when the juice fell into the bowl. Ness gave it to me so I could squeeze out the remaining juice and the girl sat down some spices and a wooden spoon.

Once we finished putting spices in it, the girl said it had to refrigerate for an hour before we could drink it.

We didn’t want to just stand there, and since there was a store upstairs, Ness and I went up and looked around for the next hour. We bought caramel apples, candy apples, organic apple scented lotion and, as a joke, I got the whole pack a box of apple dog treats.

When we were done, we went downstairs to get our cider and it was in a plastic gallon jug, with a label that said ‘BLACK’ on it.

I paid for all of our stuff and the cider and Ness and I left. We were tired and eager to relax.

I drove the way back to the cabin then Ness and I ate dinner.

Now I’m writing in my diary again. This will probably be the last time I write in here until after our honeymoon because I plan on enjoying it. But for now, Ness is calling me to bed. I’ll write in here again soon.

- Jacob


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(Jacob’s Diary) The Honeymoon Part I

Dear Diary,

This honeymoon has been nothing short of amazing. In fact, it’s a bajillion times the definition of ‘amazing.’ The flight there wasn’t too long, but Ness slept the whole way there, so I had a lot of time to think. I’m so anxious. It must’ve sounded nerdy for ‘Big and Bad’ Jake to be a virgin, but I waited for her, and now…well, the wait’s over.

The whole flight I was fidgeting, my mind crossing off everything that was going on.

1. I’m married.

2. I’m married to Renesmee.

3. I’m going on my honeymoon.

I know I sound like a horny teenager, but I had waited for that one thing since the day she grew out of childhood. I just didn’t want it to be awkward. That would’ve just ruined everything. But, you know, it went perfect.

The flight landed, and we bustled out of the terminal to get our luggage; both of us knew without saying a word that we were anxious to get to the cabin. Alice helped Ness pack her bags, so I was surprised that there were only two, not including her carry-on bag. I put them on a rolly-cart thing – and put mine on there to – before we walked out of the airport.

Alice said she had a rental car in the parking lot and gave us the parking deck’s number and the number of it’s space. Ness pulled the paper with the info out of her carry-on and we rushed to get to the parking deck, which was out of the snow.

I wrapped my arm around Renesmee’s shoulders and we went up to the second floor of the deck. It was the third car in the first rows of cars and we rolled the cart-thingy over to it. It was a white Nissan 350z. Not that recent, but really bad ass. I piled our bags in the trunk with ease and went to open the door for Ness. Once she got in, I ran the cart over to the little spot they’re supposed to go in, and once I was back in the car, I started the engine in one swift turn of the key. Even though I hadn’t had to drive the Rabbit in years, it’s still kinda weird not having to rev the engine multiple times and hearing a hum – instead of a loud rumble – was strange, but in a good way.

I pulled out of the space and then out of the parking deck. Thankfully Alice programmed the directions to the cabin in the GPS, so I just followed the little robotic voice for twenty-five minutes until it lead me to a small, winding road surrounded by snow and evergreen trees. A lot like the roads for every house the Cullens’ ever had owned. Private and difficult to get to… for a human with dull senses, of course.

The road led to a extravagant (duh) cabin, that had a perfect view of the mountains. There was at least a foot of snow and it was still snowing, dropping down in bucket-loads. The cabin started at the top floor and the back of it was off the side of the mountain on stilts, so there was a bottom floor too. It was all alone and the cabin was intricately built, but cozy at the same time.

I grabbed all of our bags form the trunk and we made our way towards the front door, both of our heads down trying to keep the snow out of our eyes. We got under the sheltered part where the front door was and I got the key out of the little hiding place under the welcome mat. (Real obvious for such clever people). Though, I didn’t expect anybody really finding the place that easily anyway.

I unlocked the door easily and Ness walked in first as I followed close behind. She went and turned on all the lights and I took our bags to the master bedroom. The living room was amazing, it had multiple modern looking grey couches with orange throw pillows. There was a huge window and fashionable light fixtures. The walls were really indescribable, so many shapes at once, with all the archways and the fireplace changing the walls from flat into an architect’s dream. The kitchen was awesome, too. It had stone walls and old-timey looking cabinets. It even had one of those floating microwaves… the ones that are in between the cabinets and pretty much just sit in the air because there’s nothing below it.

I walked through the wooden-wall hallway, and towards the master bedroom.

When I walked in, I took in the huge king-sized bed, dome indented wall, and the intricate mural on the wall. It was amazing. Perfect.

I sat our bags down then walked back through the hallway and into the living room. Ness wasn’t there, so I went into the kitchen and saw the laundry room door open. She was in there, turning the knob for the main water shut off, which was a good idea considering I’d have to flush the toilet at some point. There was a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, too…

Nessie saw me, finished twisting the knob and walked over, rubbing her hands on her pink dress and smiling.

“I’m going to go change, okay?” she said, trying to sound calm. I kissed her before she left, feeling a bit nervous myself.

“Okay,” I said, and she went down the hallway. I took a shaky breath. The time had finally come. Breathe in, breathe out, I told myself.

I went to the kitchen, gulped down a glass of water and walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. The bathroom light was on, but the door was closed. One of Ness’s suitcases was in the bathroom with her and I heard faint noises of rustling clothes. I sighed and stripped down to my boxers before I got in the bed under the fresh sheets. I put my arms behind my head and I waited for Ness to come out of the bathroom, staring at the ceiling but not actually seeing it.

I focused on breathing and two minutes later…she walked out in lingerie. Some white lacy thing that accented her chest. Her boobs. It went down to the top of her thighs and it was see-through enough for me to see lacy white panties underneath. Her fair skin glowed and she had a sweet smile on her face as she walked towards the bed. My jaw was slack as she glided on the bed and soon, she was grinning at me on her hands and knees.

Before I realized it, I was attacking her mouth and pulling her on top of me. I rubbed my hands up and down around her waist, our mouths attached the entire time. The little bow on her outfit was teasing me, so I pulled both of the straps down slowly, pulling away from our kiss to see if it was okay. She nodded, her face flushed and her pupils dilated. I slowly pulled them down, caressing her arms with the back of my hands. She closed her eyes and I took in the sight in front of me. The glorious sight of my wife, Ness’.

I held a growl back and mashed her mouth to mine again, relishing in the feeling of our collided tongues. We moaned simultaneously and I grabbed her breasts softly, playing with them, defining their curves with my hands.

“Renesmee,” I whispered in her mouth, and she breathed a sigh.

She pulled away to completely take off the nightie and pulled the covers off of me.

“Your turn,” she breathed, her voice very seductive. I took off my boxers, not embarrassed at all. She looked for a minute and turned back to me, kissing me again. She took her hands from my shoulders for a second so she could pull off her underwear and before I knew it, we were connected.

The feeling of euphoria clouded my vision and she moaned, her fingers rubbing my shoulders then my stomach. I grappled her, and making her move, to get friction.

“Does it-t hurt?” I asked, and she shook her head no and somehow even that simple gesture looked seductive.

“No, it feels amazing, now can we start moving?!” she asked, and I acted as soon as the words left her pouty, pink, supple lips.

My hands were around her hips and she was moving on me, causing the foreign feeling to intensify. She was moaning and I was groaning, numerous interesting sounds leaving our mouths. My hands moved up towards her chest and I got so overpowered with the feeling, I flipped us over so I was on top of her. I pushed again and we both exhaled in gasps. I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach, an intense feeling.

Our movements became frantic, like we were trying to touch every inch of each others’ bodies as fast as we possibly could and I gasped then clenched my jaw. Stars flooded in my eyes and I yelled out in ecstasy. I heard her high pitched moan in response.

When we came down from the high, we laid there intertwined, deeply breathing. When I finally caught my breath, I heard her breathe a sigh.

“Wow,” she said, her voice light and airy, her skin glowing.

“Yeah,” I said, caressing her cheek with the back of my hand. We laid there for a long time, just staring at each other, kissing, and loving every moment of our bare skin touching. It felt so natural, so right.

It went better than I could ever have imagined and from what I could remember, she didn’t even feel pain the entire time. Just bliss.

I’m married to Renesmee. She is now Renesmee Black. She’s mine, and we’ve been tied in every way possible.

“I love you so much,” I told her, kissing the corner of her mouth, then trickling my lips over her entire body.

“I love you, too,” she said, snuggling closer to me as I kissed every inch of her glowy skin.

We fell asleep like that and I’d never slept sounder in my life.

When I woke up, I decided to document it in my diary like always, and now I have to sign off for now so I can make my wife some breakfast in bed.

- Jacob


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(Jacob’s Diary) My Wedding

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Dear Diary,

This is it. It’s finally here. The day that I marry Renesmee has finally arrived.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t kept up all night with that jittery excitement that normally keeps me up; only a few hours of nervousness before I forced my thoughts to shut up.

When I woke up it was seven, which meant I had to be at the Cullens’ house in thirty minutes. It took a few times to choose, but Ness and I finally chose to have the wedding in the pond sixty yards away from their house, surrounded by trees and flowers. So, that meant we would all get ready there. The wedding would be around noon, so the sun would shine through the trees, making it look very…angelic.

I had a hanger with my tuxedo in it, zipped up in a protective bag, because Alice says: “Even if it’s Armani, it doesn’t need to get dirty!” I grabbed the overnight bag with my shoes, hair products, shaving kit and other necessities in it. I would just do everything over there because I wanted to spend some time with my dad before we left for the Cullens’. He came to stay with me for the wedding and he got here a couple days ago, so I’ve spent as much time with him as possible.

When I walked into the kitchen, I laid my bag and tux on the kitchen table then made myself a glass of milk.

“Are you nervous yet?” I heard my dad’s gruff voice from behind me. I barked a laugh.

“I’ve been nervous since the moment I decided I was going to propose!” I said, and dad laughed.

“Ah, son. You’ll be okay,” He replied, rolling up so he could clap me on the back.

My dad and I ate breakfast and when we finished, it was time to go. So I grabbed my tux and my bag then wheeled my dad out to my car. Once I got my dad in and my stuff situated, I got in and started the car with jittery hands. Aw, hell.

I’m getting married.

When we arrived, Esme rushed out of the house.

“Jake! Billy! Hey!” She said, grabbing my bag and tux as she helped my dad get in the chair.

“Hey, Esme. Naw, stop, I can get this,” I said, trying to get my bag myself. She rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Stop being silly, Jake,” Esme said softly, wheeling my dad up the little walk that lead to their front door. I sighed, and followed behind her. No use in fighting her maternal nature.

I walked in the house, and looked around, scanned the house. Esme decorated the place with white drapes and twinkle lights. It smelled like lime and some kind of sweet flower, too. It felt homey, and looked amazing. Esme obviously works magic.

There were snacks on crystal plates laid out, obviously for the pack. They wouldn’t be here for a little while though, so I grabbed a chocolate oatmeal cookie and stuffed it down my throat, hardly tasting it.

My dad went into the living room to watch the game because he wasn’t going to have to do much to get ready. Lucky.

I picked up my bags then stocked off to the big downstairs bathroom because I was positive all the others would be occupied. I showered the night before, but I still took a real long one to make sure I smelled good. Once I dried off, I pulled on my slacks and my white t-shirt. I kinda sat there for a few minutes because I was getting jittery again, so I wanted to calm myself down. Taking a deep breath, I held it for ten seconds, and then slowly exhaled. When my body felt relaxed, I got up from the side of the bathtub, before pulling out my toothbrush and toothpaste, then brushed my teeth vigorously. Esme had a new toothbrush – along with other necessities – already in Aspen, and my car had both of our luggage in it already. Esme and Rosalie were decorating my car as soon as me and my dad got in. They were going to cover it in window paint and expensive ribbons. As long as they put ‘JUST MARRIED’ on the back, I would be fine.

My hair was almost dry so I got a glob of hair gel and styled my hair the normal way I do, but a bit neater. When I was satisfied, I shaved with my high tech razor that I got for my Birthday last year. Once my face was smooth, I inspected my reflection. I looked good, as always, so I left the bathroom for a minute to eat something. When I made it to the kitchen, the pack was hanging out around the island, eating the cookies.

“Hey Jakey boy!” Embry yelled, and all the guys started yelling and getting rowdy. I grinned, and walked over to them.

“Cheers to Jake not going to be single anymore!” Jared shouted, and all the guys cheered and toasted their root beers. I rolled my eyes.

“Gee, thanks guys,” I said sarcastically.

Once they settled down, I took a seat on one of the bar stools, and ate a cookie.

“Man, nobody will be patrolling during the ceremony,” Paul said, and Jared nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, but I think it’ll be okay, nothing’s been going on lately,” Embry added, and I nodded. It was true. Things had gotten kinda boring.

“It should all be good,” I said, and that ended that conversation. I talked with the guys for a while, and then I saw Alice for the first time today.

“Hey Ali!” I said, and she hugged me, her tiny frame feeling like an ice cube.

“Jake! Hey! You’re not ready. Wait, it’s not time yet, so never mind. Anyhoo, everything’s going as planned, so by eleven fifteen you have to be ready to go, okay? I’m off, Bye!” She rushed the words out in one breath, and then ran back up the stairs.

Alice was the maid of honor, so she would have to get Ness ready and herself, of course. I glanced at the time and I saw it was ten forty-five. I tensed up when I realized that it was so close. Soon, I would be married to Ness. Holy shit, I thought.

When my fit of nervousness subsided I went back to the bathroom and made sure my hair and face were still intact. When I saw that everything was good I pulled on my crisp, white dress shirt. I buttoned it carefully and put my bow tie on. Once I had straightened it, I pushed my arms through the sleeves of my expensive jacket. It was way too pricey for me, but considering it was my wedding day, I wanted it to be the best it could be.

I  buttoned the jacket and glanced at my reflection. I looked real good. I grinned and pulled on my really shiny dress shoes then fastened on my Dad’s old watch. I took another deep breath. Then another. It’s happening.

By the time I made myself leave the bathroom, it was eleven fifteen. Alice was standing there waiting for me in her black bridesmaid dress. It was simple and black with a satin gold sash around her waist, tied in a bow on the side.

“Okay! You’re ready!” She said excitedly, taking my hand and leading me into the living room. Bella stood there in her black lacy ‘Matron of Honor’ dress. Edward stood there too, in a tailored tuxedo, along with Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper.

Rose was going to play the piano, while Edward walked Renesmee down the aisle. They were all talking… mostly to me, telling me how excited they were. The women’s eyes got glassy with tears that wouldn’t fall, and emotions floated around. My sister Rachel was there with Paul, and my sister Rebecca even flew in from Hawaii.

My best man was Embry, and Quil too, but Embry was going to stand in the best man spot. Sam would also be a groomsman and Ness chose Alice as her maid of honor. Emily, and Claire were bridesmaids.

We all talked for a little while in the living room before we migrated out to the pond. Alice and Emmett put a flat bridge down yesterday. It was made of a dark wood that crossed across the pond. It was the aisle; the aisle Ness would be walking down to become my wife.

The chairs were in rows and the aisle went from the beginning of the chairs to the end of the bridge. At the end of the bridge there was an arch made of black wrought iron, and white, gold, and black flowers intertwined with the iron. There were flower arrangements beside each side of the arch, and up the aisle.

My sister Rebecca’s daughter, Lena, would be the flower girl, and even though it was my first time meeting her in person, I loved the three year old nonetheless. Her flower girl dress was a white sparkly poof I could see that she was so excited to throw flower petals down the aisle. She had been practicing since we chose her to be the flower girl. She got her little basket ready, and Bella came outside. She had been upstairs talking with Renesmee and now she was telling everyone it was time for the ceremony to start.

It was then when I noticed that every seat was filled with familiar faces, and so I hurried to my designated spot across the bridge. My dad came across the bridge right after; he would be the person to wed me and Nessie. He got his license to wed online a week ago. Yeah, ghetto, I know, but it’s because when he would wed the people in the La Push tribe, it was a different kind of ceremony and required a different kind of license.

“You ready?” He asked.

I nodded happily. “More than ever,” I told him, looking him straight in the eyes. Rosalie walked over to the black grand piano. I swallowed, and saw Alice walk down the aisle with Embry after the bridal march started. Following them was Quil and Claire, and then Sam and Emily. I took a deep breath when I saw Lena, throwing petals, and behind her, was Renesmee.

Her arm was linked to Edward’s, but all I could see was her. Her hair was down and softly curled. She was wearing minimal makeup as far as I could tell, because her veil was shadowing her face a little. Her dress was a princess dress with crystals beading the top and bottom and it was tied back with a corset. The neckline made a soft ‘m’ and the fabric was intricately crisscrossed. The bottom was huge and was made of choppy tulle, and sparkled. Her lips were smiling and I grinned wider, mirroring her beautiful smile. She and Edward made their way across the bridge and Edward lifted her veil, revealing her luminous, perfect, smiling face. I swallowed hard again, and Edward placed Renesmee’s hand in mine before winking at me.

“Take care of her, Jake,” he whispered, and Ness rolled her eyes. I smiled at him and he sped back to his chair beside Bella. Her eyes were glassy, big surprise. My dad read all the traditional vows, and Ness and I both repeated them to each other, her with tears, and me with heavy emotion evident in my voice, and surely my expression.

When Billy was talking, I would whisper to Ness.“I love you so much,” I whispered. She smiled crookedly.

“I love you too,” she replied, and then Billy asked me that one question.

“Do you, Jacob Black, take Renesmee Cullen to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

I took a deep breath. “I do,” I said, trying not to let tears trickle down and make me look like a wimp. Billy smiled and so did Ness.

“Renesmee Cullen, do you take Jacob Black to be your lawfully wedded husband?” He asked.

“I do,” answered, tears sliding down her cheeks and smile lighting up her face. I heard no hesitation in her voice (thankfully) and Billy grinned cheekily. I slid my mother’s ring on her finger and she slid the gold band encrusted with diamonds – she picked out for me – on mine.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride,” Billy said, his voice ringing loudly around the pond. I looked at Ness and cradled her face in my hands and she held my neck with one hand, pushing images of happiness in my mind. I kissed her softly, feeling her delicate lips and tasting her pomegranate tasting skin. Sealing the contract of marriage, with one touch of the lips.

I pulled away, realizing it wouldn’t be right to kiss too long in front of everyone. She grinned widely at me and I grabbed her hand. Lifting our intertwined hands above my head, I turned around to see everyone clapping and the pack and Emmett whooping. Bella was dry sobbing and Edward was smiling, his eyes also glassy.

“Congratulations!” Edward said, clapping me on the back. Bella was sobbing into Ness’s shoulder and telling her how beautiful she was.

Once everyone calmed down for the most part, we all moved toward the reception area a couple hundred yards away. It was a giant tent with white drapes hung from the top and twinkle lights. The tables were dark wood with gold tablecloths and red rose arrangements. Trees surrounded the outside making very wicked-awesome scenery. There was a checkered dance floor with multicolored lights making it bright and mesmerizing. But, since it was our first dance they used a regular reflective disco ball.

I had practiced dancing for weeks now, so I took Nessie’s hand and led her to the dance floor. She glided slowly, her dress making her look even more graceful than she already was. We got in position when the beginning of our wedding song started. We chose “True” by Ryan Cabrera. We made the graceful circles to the chords of the romantic song and I surprised myself by not tripping over my own big feet. Ness was pushing images into my head, but I halfway ignored them and settled for looking into her eyes. Her face was flushed and glowing. Her eyes were sparkling. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, but had to pull away to prevent myself from falling over. Nessie leaned closer, her eyes still locked with mine and then there was the flash of a camera.

“We’re really married,” I whispered to her, and she half-laughed. Another camera flash.

“I know, I can’t believe it either,” she said, resting her head against my chest. She looked content, happy.

We danced until the song ended, and then she kissed me on my chin so softly, letting it linger for longer than usual.

“I would now like to ask the father of the bride to join his daughter for a dance,” Alice said into the microphone that was hooked up to the DJ station. Edward walked to the floor and I walked off then stood next to Bella. Edward kissed Ness’s cheek and they started dancing to the song “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. They were whispering softly to each other, smiling and laughing.

The song was one of the sweetest songs I’d ever heard and Nessie started crying again and clung to Edward like her life depended on it. The bond Renesmee shares with Edward is evident and I’m glad that she has such a good father. When I thought that, Edward looked over and smiled at me and I knew that we were finally cool with each other.

When the song ended, Nessie came back over to me and hugged me. I hugged her back then Bella started dry-crying again. I pulled her towards both of us and I hugged Bella into me and Ness.

“I love you guys so much, and I’m so happy for you! You’re married! MARRIED!” She sobbed. Ness smiled, her cheeks turning a brighter shade of pink, then she whispered, “I’m so happy” before bringing Bella back into the hug position. “I love you, mommy.” Bella sobbed again.

I went to go hug my dad and everyone was smiling because Carrie Underwood’s “Mama’s Song” came on and Bella and Ness were hugging/dancing on the dance floor, while Esme brought out the huge cake.  It was white with a black trim on each tier, with golden roses made of icing dotting the cake. It was called a checkerboard cake. On the inside, it was white and chocolate cake, lined so that when you cut it, it makes a checkerboard pattern. Between every layer there was chocolate mousse.It was the nicest cake I’d ever seen.

When the song ended, Ness came back and so did Bells, so we could cut the cake. I got a bite sized piece for Ness and then I handed her one. We stuffed it in each other’s faces and laughed at the leftover icing on the rims of our lips. Cameras flashed again.We interlocked arms and took a sip of champagne with our arms locked. When all the cake was gone, we danced more to numerous romance songs like: “Amazed” by Lonestar & “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

The wedding went perfectly, just as planned. After two hours of dancing, Alice dragged Nessie away to go get dressed in her ‘going away’ outfit. I conversed with all the guests while she was gone.Each one congratulated me, and I felt so proud. More proud than I’d ever felt in my life. Renesmee was the most beautiful girl in the world, and she was my wife.

I don’t see why I was so nervous, though. Everything went perfectly and I married my soulmate. I feel so happy and excited, but still a little nervous about the honeymoon. If it’s half as good as the wedding, though, then I’ll be a happy camper.

When Renesmee came back, she wore a peach pink dress with a black flower belt on the waist with a white shrug, some black ruffly heels, and a black leather carry-on bag. I put my arm around her shoulders and we said goodbye to everyone. Everyone had sweet things to say and wished us the best, congratulating us some more. I’d never said ‘thank you’ so much in my life.

“I love you guys so much, and have a great honeymoon,” Bella said, still glassy eyed, still so proud.

“Have fun. I love you guys,” Edward said, grasping Bella’s hand tightly. With a tight feeling in my chest, I hugged both of them strongly, along with everyone else there, especially Alice for putting this all together.

“Thanks, Ali. I love you,” I said, after telling her how much I appreciated her hard work. She just smiled and hugged me and Ness goodbye.

When we walked out the front door, the guests lined the way to my car and threw flower petals at us. The pack threw a very large amount, which was to be expected. We made it to my car, which Jasper had pulled to the curb, and we both got in, trying to avoid slipping on the fresh, wet flower petals.

We slowly drove away, honking and yelling our love at everyone out of the windows. My car was covered in white and red window paint, and streamers. ‘JUST MARRIED’ was written across my back window big and proud, just how I wanted it.

And now, I’m sitting on the flight with Ness to Aspen. She’s asleep, so it gave me time to write. We’re going to land in an hour or so and I think I’ll wake her in a few minutes.

I am now a married man. Renesmee is my wife. My everything.

I’m going to go now, but thanks for reading, especially about the most important day of my life.

- Jacob

AHHHHH! Did you guys like it? Hate it? I hope I didn’t make the wedding something you didn’t imagine! Lol! BUT, We finally made it! Are you ready for the honeymoon?! I sure hope so! I literally cried while writing this, and I wanted you guys to know how much I love you. XOXO


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(Jacob’s Diary) The Talk

Dear Diary,

Wedding plans were happening, wedding presents were coming and I’ve eaten every kind of cake in the world.

Thankfully, I was indecisive when it came to choosing the cake for the wedding. So, every different kind of cake known to man was right there, waiting for me to feast on.

A few days ago, Ness finally decided that she and Alice would design her dress themselves because she hasn’t been able to find the perfect dress. So, they’re holed up in Alice’s studio, and I’m eating cake. And lots of it.

Everything was happening all at once so my stress level had increased a bit. Not as bad as it was the night I proposed, though. I don’t think I had ever been that stressed.

Esme sent Rose and Emmett to go make sure the cabin in Aspen was ready for our honeymoon, which is nice because even though Rose and I have sorta made up, it’s really awkward around her regardless.

Yesterday I was eating red velvet cake, with white chocolate chips right in the cake. It was smothered in cream cheese icing and came all the way from Italy. Mmmm.

Anyway, Alice was running around and waiting for the delivery of the flowers. She ordered the flower arrangements with real cream colored flowers, which wouldn’t come until the wedding day – so they wouldn’t wilt – but she ordered special flowers to mix in with the cream colored ones. They were roses dipped in gold and metallic black paint …or something. She would stick them in with the cream colored ones so they’d dot the arrangement, bringing the colors together in a perfect pattern.

Obviously I’m not paying for this wedding, considering that the whole wedding will end up costing more than Hugh Hefner’s mansion is worth. I don’t necessarily want a humongo-jumbo wedding, but it’s what Ness wants, so I’m perfectly happy with it.

“Jake?” I heard Bella call me. I looked over, and she was walking in the kitchen. I shoved another bite of cake down my throat, and took a large gulp of milk.

“Yeah, Bells?” I said, and she sat down on the bar stool next to me, propping her arms up on the island.

“Listen, I know this is awkward, but, obviously I have to address this,” she said, giving me a sheepish look.

“Ummm…?” I looked at her and she took in a deep breath and didn’t exhale.

“This is really awkward… and I know how my dad felt now. Anyway, I know that once you guys get married that you’ll be going on your honeymoon, and that you’re going to engage in–”

I cut her off. “Whoa, whoa! Bella!” I exclaimed, my face heating up.

“I know, I know! I’m sorry! But I have to make sure, you know…it’ll be her first time, and I just want you to be really careful.” She rushed the words out, and I rolled my eyes. Typical.

“Oh yeah, Bells. I’m going to completely rush it, and hurt her. Of course, that’s what I’ll do!” I said sarcastically, chewing another bite of cake.

“I’m sorry! I just…she’s my baby girl, and I know what both of you are going through with your hormones, trust me. But, it will be painful, and I just want to do my best to protect her,” Bella half-whispered, pleading at me with her eyes.

“I get it. I want it, but at the same time I’d hate to hurt her,” I told Bella, mentally wincing at the thought. Bella sighed.

“On the bright side, Carlisle said that with her half-vampire genes, it won’t be nearly as painful as it is for humans, so it won’t be as bad as you think it’ll be. I know you’ve been waiting for this, and it’s been hard to restrain completely. Anyway, thanks for hearing me out, Jake. You’re still my best friend, and always will be,” she said, tilting her head to the side, smiling at me. I leaned over and hugged her rock-like body.

“You’ll always be my best friend, too. Thanks for being so understanding about this situation.” I picked up another chink of cake and Bella put her finger in the icing and licked it off, making a disgusted face.

“You wouldn’t believe how awful such amazing food tastes to me now,” she said, standing up. I laughed, and she left after giving me a wink.

I felt a lot better after; I had really been worried about Ness’ and my honeymoon. Considering this would be our first time, and Nessie’s still a virgin, it’s only common sense that for her it could hurt like hell. But apparently she’ll experience a lot less pain than a ‘normal’ human, so I won’t hurt my angel too much. That thought comforted me. I’m sure Nessie and I will make love on our honeymoon, like any couple would, but I’m just hoping that she’s ready. She acts like it, but what if she’s not?

Regardless, I can’t back out. So if she’s not ready, hell, we’ll have a honeymoon playing Pictionary. If that’s what she wants, then I’ll be perfectly fine with it.

I’ve already had a talk with Edward, that was similar to the one I had with Bella. Of course, he wants me to just fall off the face of the planet, but he also knows that won’t happen. He just wanted to make sure I knew to take care of his little girl, and I made it clear that I would.

Alice and Ness stayed up there in Alice’s studio until dinner and when they came down, Ness told me she overheard me and Bella talking.

“I’m so embarrassed! Obviously I can make my own decisions and I can take care of myself!” She exclaimed, taking a bite of practically raw steak. I laughed.

“Don’t worry, me and your mom are ‘BFFs’ or whatever they’re called. She just wants to protect you, sweetheart.”

Ness rolled her eyes, and chuckled “Are you trying to text-talk? ‘LOL’! That’s besides the point though. I know she just wants what’s best for me, but it’s still really humiliating,” she groaned, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Technology is obviously moving too fast for me.

“I love you,” I said, and Ness smiled, her crooked, luminous smile.

“I love you, too,” she replied warmly, then sealed it with a kiss that tasted like raw steak.

After I left for the night, Ness went back up with Alice – to put the finishing touches on the wedding dress, I’m sure.

This is probably the last time I write in here, unmarried. I can’t believe that this is all happening, and so fast. Each second I’m getting more and more excited and somehow falling more and more in love.

I slept soundly last night, for the first time in a while. And now, I’m leaving to go patrol. Doubles today, to make up for my honeymoon. Thanks for listening, and I can’t wait to tell you about the wedding.

- Jacob

We’ve made it! The wedding is almost here! AH! At the end of the wedding entry, I’ll have a bajillion links to show the outfits, settings, playlist, etc. Thanks for sticking with Jake and Ness! MUAH! xoxo


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(Jacob’s Diary) Plans

Dear Diary,

You know when you smile so much, that your cheeks hurt?

Well, that’s a normal thing for me now. Alice had jumped into planning the wedding the day after the deal was sealed.

All the women have just been giggling nonstop; talking about flowers, and fabrics, stuff like that. I see Ness the same amount as I did before, but it’s never alone. Alice is following her around like a puppy, Esme is always running around with her plan book and Bella is always discussing things with the three of them. I don’t mind, I want this wedding to be perfect as much as they do. I just miss our little alone time to cuddle, and do other romantic stuff.

Ness and I chose the color theme yesterday, and a few other things to go along with it.

“What do you want the colors to be?” Alice asked, sitting at the dining room table, professionally writing down details.

Ness looked thoughtful for a minute, then looked at me.

“Whatever you want is great,” I told her, and she nodded.

“How do you think gold a black would work, Ali?” She asked, and Alice grinned.

“It will be adorable,” Alice answered, writing down about three paragraphs in ten seconds.

“Ok, this makes picking the dress easier. This is great! This narrows everything down!” Renesmee exclaimed, jumping up then running up the stairs in a dash.

“Esme! We have some things to go over!” She yelled in the distance, and I rolled my eyes.

Honestly, if this were my choice, we would just have a wedding that would take a day to plan, half a day to set up. But, when you live in a house with Alice  you would be considered Satan’s offspring if you were to commit such a crime.

So, I’m going to take the safe route and go with a bigger wedding.

“I feel so anxious,” Ness said, looking at me. I pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and smiled.

“It’ll be amazing,” I promised, locking my eyes on hers. She blushed.

“I know. But, what if I trip on my way down the aisle or something?” She asked, her eyes wide. I laughed at that thought.

“Well, it would make the wedding more memorable,” I said, and she grinned then looked down at the ground shyly.

“I love you,” Ness replied, laughin. I kissed her forehead gently.

“Psssht, I love you more,” I teased… which caused her to roll her eyes and suck in a deep breath, letting out a loud sigh.

“Have you been thinking about where the honeymoon will be?” She asked hesitantly, a gleam in her eye. I took a shuddery breath.

“Well…would you want it to be near the beach, or somewhere else?” I asked and she briefly pondered over it.

“Well, I actually want to go to the mountains…”

“Snowy mountains, or rocky mountains?”

“Oooh! I know! Let’s go to Aspen!” She replied, clapping her hands together once.

“Okay then, snowy mountains,” I agreed, grinning. As long as Ness is happy, I’m happy – so it really didn’t matter to me.

“Esme said they have a log cabin there. We could stay there!”

“Sounds perfect. Maybe I’ll finally learn to snowboard,” I said, and more little pieces fell into place, making up the masterpiece that will be our wedding.

“Alice said she has a ton of dresses for me to try on tomorrow,” Ness said, half groaning.

“I thought you liked trying on clothes?” I asked, and Ness nodded hesitantly.

“I do, but when Alice uses the term ‘ton,’ that implies way more than our definition. So, all day I’ll be trying on dresses, and after a while, trying on clothes gets frustrating and tiring.” Ness took a deep breath after her long explanation. I furrowed my eyebrows not really knowing what to say.

“But what if you found the right dress within the first five?” I suggested.

Ness took in a deep breath before answering. “With Alice, no matter how right it is, she’ll suggest to try them all on regardless, just to make sure.”

“Well, when you find the perfect one, it’ll all be worth it,” I reassured her, and she did a crooked smile that was so much like Edward’s.

“You always know the right thing to say,” she said moving closer to me, intertwining our fingers.

I lifted our hands, and kissed the back of her hand, before she mimicked my actions, placing thoughts of our love in my mind. She’s been doing this a lot lately, and it makes me happy to know she thinks the same way about me.

It helps me realize that all this is really happening. It all feels so surreal, and I’m expecting to wake up from this dream. But, I don’t. Because this is all true, and I’m actually marrying Renesmee. Me and Bella were telling her about everything before she was born. The newborn fight and me and Edward’s territorial arguments. Ness couldn’t believe that me and Bella were sorta together. It’s harder for me to remember those times because even though I loved Bella, comparing it to my love for Ness is nothing. She always outshines everything, everyone.

I might not have the powers to show her with my thoughts, but I can spend every day in the future showing her with actions and words.

I remember our first kiss, and how it felt, but even now, the magic I felt then is still in every kiss we share. Before I imprinted on her, I never realized the power of it; the magic in the blessing of imprinting on someone. I used to think it was a curse because I didn’t imprint on Bella, and I thought I really loved her. I never knew true love until I had set eyes on Renesmee.

And now, I’m marrying her. I can call myself her husband in a matter of weeks. I can make breakfast in bed for her, be around her all the time, call her my wife.

My excitement is so hard to keep from overflowing half the time, but I keep it under control, not wanting to risk looking sissy in from of the guys. Especially Emmett; I’d never hear the end of it.

Alice came back with Esme a few minutes later and discussed the reception for the rest of the night. I left at around eleven remembering I had patrol at seven the next morning.

“Bye, sweetheart,” I said to Ness, giving her a lengthy kiss.

“Bye, Fiancée,” she said, kissing me again. I grinned, and waved bye to Alice and Esme on my way out.

I walked home in the cool air of March. The wedding would be in May, so it’ll be nice and warm. It’ll be perfect.

When I got home, I made six corn dogs and while they were in the microwave, I went into my room to change into some pajamas. I kept thinking about how much more relaxed I am now, since proposing and everything’s out of the way. I pulled on my white t-shirt, and some Family Guy pajama bottoms then went to go get my corndogs. When I finished, I called my dad and told him how the planning was going, discussed the dates, and talked about other stuff for a little while. I was glad we talked. I miss my dad, and he’s another reason I’m excited for the wedding, since he’ll be visiting down here again.

Though yesterday wasn’t filled with raging vampires, it was still pretty eventful in my opinion. When I marry Renesmee, everything will be perfect and life couldn’t be better right now. This girly book really has come in handy  because I’ve documented everything from the beginning, to now. It really has been worth writing in here. Thanks for listening, diary. But for now, I have to go and patrol.

- Jacob

Hey Darlings! I know that the wait for this was too long to you, but I honestly have had NO time to write, and it sucks, I know. But thank you to all that have supported, and waited patiently for me, it means so much. ♥

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(Jacob’s Diary) Proposal

Dear Diary,

I have never been more nervous in my entire life than I was earlier today.

Today was the day of the ‘date’ I planned. My dad left yesterday, leaving me my mother’s ring and a “good luck.”

Alice had went to make the finishing touches on the setup, and I was ironing my pants…again. Ness was at the Cullens’ house, and in two hours I was going to pick her up. I was discussing my plans with Bella and Edward while ironing, and Edward of course scowled the whole conversation. He’s so protective.

“Awww! Jake! I never knew you could be so romantic!” Bella giggled, clapping her hands. Edward rolled his eyes.

“Well, she’s worth it,” I said, directing my comment at Edward. He shrugged and I grinned widely.

“Um, well, me and Edward ought to go home and clean our room,” Bella said, breaking the awkward silence, and winking at Edward.

I swallowed the bile that rose in the back of my throat and my face scrunched up.

“Go, get out of my house, you pervy leeches,” I said, shivering in mock disgust. They both grinned and walked out of my front door. I turned my iron off, and grabbed my pants before walking into my bathroom, shaking my head. They’re so damn weird.

I paced back and forth in my bathroom, nervously running my hands through my hair. Everything was coming so fast, and every breath I took, made my body tense up. I’ve never been this nervous before.

I realized how much I was sweating so I took a damp washcloth to my face, but I realized that I might as well take a shower. I don’t want to propose to the love of my life with stinky pits. I hopped into the steaming hot shower, hoping it would ease my muscles a little.

When I first stepped in I hissed at the scalding water hitting my already too hot skin, but then relaxed into the misty spray. Another reason why I love Esme. When she remodels houses, she puts in these real expensive shower-heads that spray from all different angles and it hits all the stressed muscles. It feels nice after patrolling, and all this added on stress has tensed me up. Ah.

I spent about an hour in the shower, just standing there rehearsing what I would say. I also just sat there and tried to relax a bit.

In the end, my muscles were relaxed, but I wasn’t.

I got out and dried off with a fluffy towel that was hanging on the towel rack. I took a deep breath. Aw, hell. I’m really doing this.

I shrugged my shoulders,  telling my self to get a grip before pulling on my white t-shirt that I was going to wear under my dress shirt, and the black jeans that I was wearing. Alice told me to style my hair and, hell, I listened to her opinion. I got a glob of hair gel and ran it through my hair making it acceptable. I looked at myself in the mirror from all different angles to make sure there wasn’t a hair out of place.

Satisfied, I pulled out my shaving cream and razor and I started shaving my face, making sure it was soft and smooth. When I finished, I went and drank a glass of hot chocolate. What can I say? I need all the comfort I can get at a time like this. I gulped it down and then picked out the little marshmallows and ate them. I felt a little better after that. I had about twenty minutes until I had to pick Nessie up, so I put my cup in the sink then walked back into my bathroom.

Grabbing my shirt off the hanger, I brushed it off to make sure it was wrinkle and lint free. When I saw that it was, I pushed my arms through the arm holes and buttoned it up. Alice told me not to tuck it or it would look too formal. I decided once again to follow her advice. I made sure it fell right and I was happy with the outfit choice.

It was a tight white dress shirt that fell right at the top of my fitted black jeans, and I was going to wear my favorite white and black Nikes. When I tied the laces, I stood up and adjusted my clothes then brushed around my hair once to make sure it looked okay. I took another deep breath and walked out of the bathroom then out of my door that leads to my garage.

When I got in my car, I breathed slowly and popped all my knuckles before even starting the car.

I pulled smoothly out of my garage then drove the few seconds to the Cullens’ house. I got out almost robotically and blinked a few times before I knocked timidly. Bella opened the door, grinning manically. I nodded at her and she let me in.

“She’ll be down in just a minute, Jake,” Bella said, clapping her hands. I sat on the couch and waited for a few minutes. When I looked up at the stairs, Ness was walking down them. My jaw unhinged and the breath in my lungs came out in a wheezy gasp. Her bronze hair was pulled up in an up-do and several pieces fell to frame her face in curly tendrils. The other curls made an elaborate bun thing. She was wearing minimal makeup but her eyes were huge and brown with excitement, fringed with beautiful black lashes and her pale skin glowed softly.

She was wearing a deep forest green dress that fell right at her knees and was fitted all the way to her hips flowing outward from there, showing of her soft curves and hourglass figure. It was a sweet heart neckline and she wore the butterfly necklace I gave her on her third birthday that had an emerald in the center of the wooden butterfly. She wore green gladiator sandals with a dark green ribbon that came around her ankle and tied in a bow. She was so beautiful.

I stood up immediately, clearing my throat and nervously walking towards her.

“Renesmee…you look so beautiful,” I whispered, and she blushed deeply.

“So do you,” she said, and then turned an even brighter red. Bella went into the other room, trying to give us some sort of privacy, I guess.

“I mean, handsome,” she rushed out, shaking her head. I laughed, feeling some of the nervousness drain out. Being nervous around her is impossible.

“Shall we?” I asked in a fake English accent, holding my arm out to her. She giggled.

“We shall,” she giggled, and looped her arm in mine as we walked out to my car. I let her in and ran to my side before starting the car.

The whole ride there Ness sang along with the radio, her voice so much more angelic than the person singing the song.

When we got there, I let her out and gently took her hand.

“The lake?” She asked curiously.

“It’s the closest I could get to a beach,” I said, and she kissed my cheek.

“You’re so sweet,” She replied with angelic smile, and I blushed like the nerd I am.

“Oh my gosh! This is beautiful!” She exclaimed when the table that me and Alice set up came into view. It had candles and two plates of fettuccine alfredo and a side of caesar salad sitting delicately in the middle. She skipped over to it and I pulled out her chair for her and she sat down before I pushed her in, causing her to giggle. Once I took my seat, we started eating the food that Alice prepared and I laughed when Ness finished before I did. She blushed. Guess she was hungry.

“Sorry, but when you give me my favorite food, I’m going to eat it,” she said giggling and I nodded, my mind on other things.

“I, of all people should understand,” I said, and she laughed her pretty chiming laugh.

“So, do you want to take a walk on the beach?” I asked, a trickle of nervousness seeping in my stomach. She grinned.

“Yes! Just let me take off these sandals,” she answered, untying the little bows and slipping them off to show her small and delicate feet, perfectly manicured.

Ness walked over to me and I took her soft hand in mine before we started slowly walking along the shore line. Alice said that she would sit the ring about sixty yards away from the table, so I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and slowed the pace a bit.

“Oh, the sunset is so pretty,” she acknowledged softly, and I nodded.

“Yeah, I picked a good day for this,” I said, and she kissed my cheek again.

“This has been so sweet. I love you so much,” she breathed, and I looked nervously down at the sand. I saw the pink clam that Alice showed me. It was sitting right in the sand, so I bent and picked it up.

“Look at this,” I said, handing it to Ness. She smiled.

“Oh! It’s a little clam, let’s see if it’ll open,” she said smiling brilliantly and I went down on my knee, right when it popped open. She looked inside of it and then looked at me,her eyes filling up with tears. She kept looking at me, and then back at the ring.

“Jake…” she whispered, her voice hoarse.

“Renesmee Cullen, I love you so much. You’re my imprint, but you’re so much more than that. You are everything to me and I want you to be mine more than anything. You are my happiness and pretty much the only thing that keeps me sane… I just love you so much. Please, marry me. Let me be the one who gets to wake up next to you. Let me be the one to have the right to kiss you whenever I want to. Please let me be your husband.” I said, staring up at her, and she had her and over her mouth.

“Yes!” She whispered, grabbing my head and pulled me up to kiss her.

I was standing again and I was holding her small face in my hands, kissing her with so much passion that I had been holding in for so long.

“Oh my god. We’re getting married!” She squealed once we pulled away momentarily for air. She started spinning around in the sand and I grabbed her from behind and spun her up in the air.

“Thank you so much for saying yes,” I whispered in her ear. She turned around in my arms to face me.

“All of this to propose? I would’ve said yes if you took me to McDonalds!” She said, and I half rolled my eyes.

“You honestly think that I would take you there? Hell no! You’re worth so much more. I honestly wanted to do more, but I didn’t have enough time to prepare something more elaborate without you getting suspicious,” I mumbled, and she smiled.

“I love you, Jacob,” she said with certainty, kissing me softly on the lips. I pushed the ring on her finger and looked back up at her.

“I love you too,” I said, and she finally took a good look at the delicate gold ring that held a small assortment of diamonds.

“It was my mother’s,” I said, and more tears filled her eyes.

“Jake, oh my gosh. This is literally the best day of my life.” She stared directly in my eyes and I beamed.

“You don’t even know,” I told her, guiding her back to my car after grabbing her shoes and my keys. Alice would come and clean up.

Ness sighed softly when she climbed in my car, and I floated to my side, before getting in.

The ride back to her house was blissful. When we got back I opened her door and I walked her to the door of the Cullens’ house.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly, so delicately.

“Thank you for everything…I love you so much,” she whispered against my lips. I kissed her again softly, almost unable to let her go.

“I love you more,” I challenged, and she rolled her eyes before reluctantly disentangling her arms and softly walking in the door. I sighed, and slowly walked back to my car. I was in a trance, my mind was moving slowly and when I finally got home, I just had to write this down.

This event cannot go undocumented. I feel so happy, like I’m floating an inch above the ground. You ever get that feeling, where you’re so happy that nothing in the world matters and you just feel like you drank a whole damn bottle of happy juice? Well, for me, it’s multiplied by a million right now.

For now though, I’m going to go to bed. I’ll write again soon. Sweet dreams everyone – because I sure as hell know I’ll be having good dreams tonight.

- Jacob

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