Various Japanese Magazine Scans Of RPattz!

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Video From Japan: Rob Wants To Be A Young Dad (awwwww)

Translation of questions:

0:02 How do you like Japan?
0:56 Do you have any hobbies?
1:34 How do you want to spend your 30s?

1) You’re very? good at memorizing scripts
2) You are very smooth with kissing (or kiss scenes)
3) You wish that there was no such thing as paparazzi
4) You’ll freak out if you lose your cell phone
5) Your rival is Zac Efron
6) You want to be/the challenge to be James Bond some day
7) The Twilight Sensation is? still unbelievable for you
8) You think it’s hopeless to fall in love with a co-star

Edit: Here’s Another Part

Translation Of Questions In The Above Video:

0:03- What is your favorite scene in New Moon?
0:27- How about the scenes you appear in?
0:49- What if you are in a forbidden love?
1:02- So you are not logical but emotional?
1:14- What do you think of Jacob?
1:42- What is your weakness?
2:09- Are you scared of going to a doctor?
2:51- What is the difference before and after Twilight? for example, you made lots of new friends…?

*The doctor question was sooo funny. I love his sense of humor – and not just because he’s RobertFreakingPattinson. He is super funny!*

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Another Gorgeous Photo of Robert Pattinson in Japan!

Oh he looks soooo spiffy here! :)

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Even MORE Robert Pattinson Photos From Japan!!!

This is the shoot that keeps on giving! New Moon‘s Robert Pattinson, once again, looks beautiful in these photos from Japan!

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Photos Of Robert Pattinson in Japan!!

Here are some lovely photos of Mr. Pattinson from Japan! I like these, they’re different.

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More New Photos Of Rob in Japan!

"Robert Pattinson in Japan" "Robert Pattinson in Japan" "Robert Pattinson in Japan" "RPattz in Japan" "RPattz in Japan" "RPattz in Japan"

More lovely photos of Robert Pattinson in Japan. I love how the banner behind him is: New Moon: Volvo: New Moon: Volvo: New Moon… lol.


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Robert Pattinson in Japan TV Spot!

Ohhh, the very beginning of that made my heart jump a beat, or 10. His eyes are beautiful :)

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RPattz Parties it up in Japan looking gorgeous!

Here is some video of RPattz in Japan looking super dazzling in his suit.

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