Bronson Pelletier Arrested for Public Intoxication (Also Arrested Last Week for Meth Possession)

Bronson Pelletier (who played Jared of the wolf pack in the Twilight Saga) was arrested for public intoxication yesterday in LA, and just a week before the actor was arrested for cocaine and meth possession, TMZ has learned.

Twilight” actor Bronson Pelletier — who played a member of the Wolf Pack in the saga — was arrested yesterday in L.A. … after allegedly getting drunk off his ass in the terminal and peeing in public.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, LAX police responded to a call about an unruly passenger on some airplane around 11:30 AM — and when they arrived at the aircraft, they were told 25-year-old Pelletier had been creating a disturbance on board.

We’re told officers removed Pelletier from the plane and determined he was too intoxicated to fly — so they had him wait in the terminal for another flight.

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Bronson Pelletier (who plays Jared) signs autpgraphs for fans in Berlin

Bronson Pelletier stopped and signed autographs for New Moon fans in Berlin, Germany. Bronson Pelletier, Bryce Dallas & Chaske Spencer are in Berlin, Germany today (April 10th) for the New Moon fan event, celebrating the release of the New Moon DVD on April 15.

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Brososon Pelletier Sky Walks!

Bronson Pelletier, who plays Jared in New Moon, showed his brave side by going sky walking! I want to do this soooooooo bad. This would give you such an adrenaline rush.

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