New Stills of Kellan Lutz in ‘Java Heat’

New stills of Kellan Lutz in Java Heat!




New Kellan Lutz Interview With METRO

Kellan Lutz recently spoke to Metro about his new film, Java Heat. Check it out below:

How much of the stunt work did you get to do?
One of the things that drew me to the project was the chance to do my own stunts. There’s a scene of rolling down the stairs in the temple. I wanted to do this, but the stunt guys said they’ve split their head open doing it. So I didn’t, and they did, and I’m glad I didn’t have to do that. I liked getting Tasered, though. I’ve done that in a couple of movies.

What can you say about being an action hero?
Doing action is one of my strengths as an actor. I enjoy being the hero and blowing stuff up. Shooting the gun in the Mexican standoff in “Java Heat” was tough. You don’t want to blink — because it shows weakness — but it’s nature to blink when firing a gun. I couldn’t do it without blinking.

There are a lot of opportunities for you to show off your body.
It’s another strength I’ve been given. If nudity is called for, and what people want to see, I’m fine doing it. But I don’t walk down the street with my shirt tucked in my pants or run on the beach with my shirt off to [attract attention]. I think it helped to be a model — shooting Calvin Klein made me more comfortable and free with my body.

Check out the entire interview here!
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Kellan Lutz in New Java Heat Stills + Behind the Scenes picture

Enjoy the new pics of Kellan Lutz from his film, ‘Java Heat.’

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Pics of Kellan Lutz Doing Media for Java Heat!

Here are some new pics of Kellan Lutz doing media interviews for his film, ‘Java Heat.’

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Video: Kellan Lutz on Good Morning Texas To Promote Java Heat!

Kellan Lutz stopped by Good Morning Texas to promote his new film, Java Heat.



Kellan Lutz in New Java Heat Trailer + New Behind The Scenes Still!

Check out Kellan Lutz in the new Java Heat trailer, and a new behind the scenes still!

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Kellan Lutz in 2 New Behind The Scenes Pics From Java Heat!

Kellan Lutz looks smokin’ in these two new behind the scenes pics from Java Heat!

Edit: Here’s a third new one that came out on March 24th!

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New Stills & BTS Pics of Kellan Lutz in “Java Heat”

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