Hilarious Justin Chon Skit: Over Dramatic Friends

Justin Chon plays Eric Yorkie in the Twilight Saga films, and now he is starring in this new, funny skit about over dramatic friends. (I Think we all have one of these in our lives?)

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Trailer for Justin Chon’s ‘From the Rough’

Here is the first trailer for Justin Chon’s new movie ‘ From The Rough.’ You all know Justin as Eric Yorkie in The Twilight Saga! Harry Potter’s Tom Felton is also in this Potter fans!

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Fan Report & Pics from Birmingham Eternal Twilight Convention

Below is an excerpt of a fan report from the Birmingham Eternal Twilight Convention:

Around 650 people headed for the Fifth Eternal Twilight Convention – paying up to £895 to spend time with their vampire idols.

The Stephenie Mayer books have been turned into three blockbuster Hollywood movies propelling the cast, including Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, into household names.

Yesterday some of the movie’s other stars met their dedicated fans at The Hilton Metropole, at Birmingham NEC.

They included Michael Welch, aka Mike Newton, Daniel Cudmore, who plays Vampire Felix and Jodelle Ferland – ‘newblood’ Bree Tanner.

And followers had come from far and wide to meet their heroes, who mingled with them on Friday night.

Twilight lover Erika Einhaus, 39, had travelled to the convention from Virginia, America. She said: “I’m addicted to Twilight, so when I found out they were here, I had to come. I love them all. Last night we were dancing with Michael Welch!’’

Read the entire fan report and see more pics at Sunday Mercury here!

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CPAF PSA: Justin Chon fromTwilight / New Moon “Vote for CPAF”

Justin Chon shows his support for the Center for Pacific Asian Family, a non-profit org that is trying to end sexual assault and domestic violence.

Join Justin Chon of Twilight / New Moon fame to support CPAF by going to

There are many innocent people our there that wish they had a place to call or go to. Help them by voting for CPAF on Facebook!

Go to and vote!

Make a difference, save a life, and



Justin Chon talks Rob and Kristen, Rachelle leaving, crazy fans & more!

In the above video from EyeBiteTV, Twilight star Justin Chon dishes on Rob, Taylor, Rachelle and more! I feel so bad when reporters ask the stars about their co-stars. It should be about the person they’re interviewing – and it must put you in a weird spot. It’s not like he’s going to come out and be like “yeah, actually they are soooo dating. Don’t tell them I told you though.” lol.



Justin Chon (Eric) Pixie Magazine Scans!

"Justin Chon in Pixie Magazine" "Justin Chon in Pixie Magazine" "Justin Chon in Pixie Magazine"

Justin Chon, who plays Eric, says his first crush was on his Mother? Okaaay then…

"Justin Chon in Pixie Magazine"

In case you couldn’t read it…

Here are some scans from the October/November Pixie magazine, which features Justin Chon (Eric) .

source & source



Justin Chon, Michael Welch, Tinsel Korey & Charlie Bewley at Chicago Twi-Con!

Nice Face Charlie (below)

Here are some pictures from the Twilight Convention in Chicago that just took place over the weekend. Charlie Bewley (who plays Demetri), Tinsel Korey (Emily), Mike Welch (Mike Newton) and Justin Chon (who plays Eric) all attended, and by the looks of it they had a great time. See more pictures HERE! (thanks lunanuevameyer).

Also, here are two videos. The first one is Mike Welch performing the Baracuda at the October 3rd Twi-Con in Chicago. The second one is from the August Twi-Tour in Phoenix Arizona. Mike took to the stage to dance while Candace Charee’ sang a cover song of Broken wing.




Video: Twilight EyeCon Fan Festival!

The Twilight hand model seems great! “I get to walk around with apples.” She too cute!

Thanks to Justin Chon on Twitter for this!

Also, here is a photo of Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) with a young fan:

"Gil Birmingham" "Billy Black"




Bryce, Xavier & Justin in VanCity

Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel Justin Chon

Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel catching up for a chat in Vancouver -while Justin Chon departs the ‘Couve. Bryce reminds me of Victoria in Twilight when she was wearing the green ‘kiss me I’m Irish” shirt.

Check out Bauer Griffin for more photos!



The Humans Have Landed In VanCity!

Alright Twi-Hards! Eclipse is really heating up now, as the humans of the movie have officially landed in Vancouver. Non-vampires, Anna Kendrick, Christian Serratos, Justin Chon and Michael Welch will all be appearing the the third installment f the Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

P.S. So I guess V-Necks are in style?

view more pics of the humans at Lainey Gossip!

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