Video: Kiowa Gordon at Chateau Nightclub Red Carpet March 26th

Here are some videos of Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry Call)  last night celebrating his Birthday at Chateau Nightclub.



Tinsel Korey, Kiowa Gordon & Bronson Pelletier at Chateau Nightclub

Here are some pics of Kiowa Gordon, Tinsel Korey and Bronson Pelletier celebrating their Birthday’s March 26 at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at Paris Las Vegas.

Photos: VegasBiLL Via Gossip_Dance



New Outtake Of Kiowa Gordon & Christian Serratos From Zooey Magazine!

Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry Call) and Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) are looking awesome in the new outtakes from their photoshoot with Zooey Magazine below:

Kiowa Gordon


Zooey Magazine via Diario Twilight



Kiowa Gordon & Tinsel Korey Birthday Event Appearances

Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry Call) is making a couple of appearances to celebrate his 21st Birthday. Tinsel Korey will be joining him for one of them, too. Check out the info below:

Kiowa makes his first stop in Portland, OR on March 17 at Qube UltraLounge.For more info click here.

Kiowa makes his second stop with Breaking Dawn‘s Tinsel Korey (aka Emily Young) in Vegas on March 26th. 21+ can make table reservations by calling: 702.776.7777 See poster below for more contact info.

Via BlackPack





Kiowa Gordon & Christian Serratos In The Feb/March 2011 Issue of Zooey Magazine

Kiowa Gordon and Christian Serratos will appear int he Feb/March 2011 issue of Zooey Magazine for a feature called, “The New Generation Is Here.” You can read more about it here. Below are new pics of the Twilight stars shot by Phen Mas.


Via Diario Twilight



New Kiowa Gordon Interview with Haily Helton

Did you know that Stephenie Meyer was Kiowa Gordon’s Sunday school teacher? I didn’t. Kiowa goes into detail in this new interview from the 2011 Peapod Benefit Concert about how he got cast as Embry in the Twilight Saga.

Haily Helton



EligibleTV Interview Bronson Pelletier, Michael Welch & Kiowa Gordon! caught up with Bronson Pelletier, Michael Welch & Kiowa Gordon at the 3rd Annual Valentine Romance “Sneak Peek” Oscar Suite at Cafe La Boheme. The boys give dating advice, and talk a little about Breaking Dawn!

Via Black Pack



New Fan Pics With Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Booboo Stewart, Gil Birmingham & Ashley Greene!

This is so adorable! One of our readers wrote in to let us know that her little daughter and her recently had the chance to meet Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Booboo Stewart, Gil Birmingham and a few months ago they met Ashley Greene at the Jonas Brothers concert! Here are some pics. You can follow the owner of these pics on Twitter here: @AlexiRob



Check out all this Twilight celebs that this Mother & Daughter duo have met on their Flickr HERE!



Fan Photos: Kiowa Gordon at Hollywood Knights Celebrity Basketball Game

Ashley sent these great fan pics of her and Kiowa Gordon into Team-Twilight. These were taken at the Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball game on Saturday (Feb’ 12) at Pioneer High School in Whittier, CA.

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