Twilight vs. Harry Potter: Team Laurent or Team Bellatrix?

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Laurent: This vampire isn’t like the Cullen gang—he loves feasting on blood. Teaming up with Victoria and James,Laurent (Edi Gathegi) kills a few people in Forks before leaving because he doesn’t want to go against the Cullens. Later he returns to Victoria’s side, begins spying on Bella and almost kills her.

Bellatrix Lestrange: Helena Bonham Carter completely losses herself in this sadistic witch. Bellatrix is Voldemort’s most devoted follower and has no problem killing anyone who gets her master’s way. She was sent to Azkaban after torturing Neville Longbottom’s parents, but escapes and returns to Voldemort’s side with a vengeance.

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Great Interview with Jamie & Edi done by FOX 5’s studios!

This is a really good interview done by FOX 5 Studios in Washington! You can tell that Jamie was extremely tired in this one.

Thank you again to LauraLeigh and Vivian for all the coverage you’ve sent in. You have both been such a help & so generous :)




2010 New Moon Calendar Scans!

"New Moon Calendar photo of Robert Pattinson" "2010 New Moon Calendar photo of Bella Swan" "2010 New Moon Calendar photo of Bella Swan and Charlie Swan" "2010 New Moon Movie calendar photo of Jacob Black" "Laurent from New Moon Movie" "Angela Weber, Jessican Stanley" "Bella Swan and Jacob black about to kiss" "Aro form the Volturi" "Alice Cullen driving to Volterra"

Scans from the 2010 New Moon Calendar!

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Scary Laurent still on Fangoria Magazine…

laurent on fangoria magazine, vampire

Fangoria Magazine features a new Laurent still on their cover!




Edi Gathegi discusses being in his last Twilight Saga film, New Moon.

MTV has an article with Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent in the Twilight movies,where he talks about New Moon being his final Twilight film:

“The 30-year-old spent about three weeks on the “New Moon” set and was met with a few happy changes from the first film. For one, the cloudy red contact lenses used to give the vampires their signature scarlet stares were replaced with sleeker models more closely resembling regular contacts. For another, Gathegi finally got to wear shoes. “God bless Chris Weitz,” he said. “In ‘Twilight’ we didn’t have shoes, because in the book they don’t have shoes — you know, nomadic vampires don’t have shoes. And I was cold, I was froze to death! But Chris was like, ‘Well, wear shoes.’ ”

When asked whether his character’s penultimate showdown was more of a fight or a chase, Gathegi remained mostly mum, but did concede that it was hard acting with something that wasn’t there. “We basically acted with a man holding a piece of cardboard shaped like a cow. So when you see the movie, look at my eyes and [decide], is he seeing a cow or is he seeing a wolf?”

Though that scene will be Gathegi’s last as vampire Laurent, he said he can’t be too upset about not returning to the saga. “Honestly, perspective. I’m happy I’m in ‘Twilight.’ I’m happy I made it to ‘New Moon.’ Things could be worse.”

He did admit one regret: never getting to sparkle in the sun.

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Edi Gathegi dishes on watching New Moon with Stephenie Meyer!

Edi Gathegi talks to Access Hollywood about watching New Moon with Stephenie Meyer! He’s sooooo lucky. Quite funny, too!



Edi Gathegi Saw New Moon With Stephenie Meyer!

I was just rummaging through my Tweets and noticed that Edi Gathegi (aka – Laurent) posted the above! He sat down in a private theater with Mrs. Stephenie Meyer herself and watched New Moon. I am jealous!



Edi Gathegi Joins Twitter!

Alright Twi-Hards – we have another addition to the Twi-Twitters! Pleasse welcome The Twilight Saga’s Laurent, Edi Gathegi! Follow his official Twitter now!