Bath & Body Works Going Up Against Summit Entertainment

If you’re a Bath & Body Works fan, then you’re probably know they have a line called, ‘Twilight Woods.’ Well, apparently this has stirred up some drama because Summit Entertainment has reportedly put Bath & Body Works under threat for using “Twilight” promo materials. Here’s the scoop:

“The retailer says it’s under threat from Summit Entertainment because its lotions and other bathroom products allegedly rip off the design and color palate of “Twilight” promo materials.

Confusion in the marketplace? Summit allegedly thinks so. Now Bath & Body Works has beat Summit to the courthouse to stake its claim in federal court in Manhattan.

“The term ‘Twilight’ is used so as to evoke the idea of a particular time of day when the sun is just below the horizon, illuminating the landscape,” the lawsuit says. “Whereas defendant uses the term ‘Twilight’ to refer to defendant’s teen vampire saga.”"

I hardly think Bath & Body Works are doing anything wrong here; the word ‘Twilight’ was not created by Summit, or Stephenie Meyer’s publishing company. I find some of the things they try to ‘claim’ ridiculous.
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Taylor Lautner Settles RV Dispute & Donates Money To The Lollipop Theater Network

We recently reported that Taylor Lautner had filed a lawsuit against an RV company for breach of contract. (You can see the original post HERE if you missed it). Thankfully, the case has now been settled – and a charity got $40 000 out of the deal:

“McMahon’s RV has agreed to settle its dispute with Taylor Lautner. McMahon’s RV will pay $40,000 to Lautner, which Lautner will donate to The Lollipop Theater Network, a children’s charity with which he has a long-standing relationship,” Lautner’s attorney Robert Barta tells US Magazine exclusively.

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