All Of Mackenzie Foy’s Hawaii Five-O Scenes In One Video!

Breaking Dawn‘s Mackenzie Foy (aka Renesmee Cullen) starred in Season 1 episode 7 of Hawaii Five-O. Here are all of her scenes. This made me even more happy that she was cast as Nessie! Perfect!

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Does Kristen Stewart Know What a ‘Krisbian’ Is? Has She Met Mackenzie Foy? And More…

MTV just released their new press junket video interviews they did with Kristen Stewart. They talked about Breaking Dawn, Mackenzie Foy, Krisbians and more. Check it out:



New Message From Stephenie Meyer (Confirms Renesmee)!!

Stephenie Meyer has confirmed the actress set to play Renesmee Cullen in the Breaking Dawn movie in an exclusive message to the official Twilight Facebook page:

“Hi Everyone!

Congratulations to the Twilight Facebook Fan Page!  15 million fans!  You guys never cease to amaze me.  In other news…

Very excited about our new Renesmee, Mackenzie Foy.  She’s an amazing young actress and I’m excited to work with her.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer!”

- Steph

Ahhh, yes! I am sooo happy they have confirmed Mackenzie Foy! She is perfect!!!



Video: 3 Reasons Mackenzie Foy Fits the Role of Renesmee

Here is a great new video that put together with three reasons why Mackenzie Foy (who was just cast as Renesmee in Breaking Dawn) is perfect for the role! I love this casting choice, personally!



Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee in ‘Breaking Dawn’

TheBreakingDawnMovie.Org first introduced us to the young/model actress named Mackenzie Foy back in June here. Now, it looks like the adorable model has been cast for the role of Renesmee according to several sources:

From EW:

“It’s a big day for Twihards. First Maggie Grace signs on to play Irina. Now has learned that little 9-year old Mackenzie Foy is inches away from signing on to play Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s vampire/human love child that’s a central role in the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Read the entire article here–>

And, recently Moviehole confirmed the casting choice via a representative at Summit writing:

Update!: A contact at Summit tells us that Mackenzie Foy is playing Renesmee in the film! Congrats Ms Foy! The 9-year-old has previously starred in episodes of “Flash/Forward” and “‘Til Death”. An official announced is likely forthcoming

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