Sanctuary Twilight Reference By Chris Heyerdahl!

This is hilarious! Chris Heyerdahl (who plays Marcus of the Volturi) in the Twilight Saga also plays the characterBiggie’ in Sanctuary! In the below clip he mentions Twilight, and that he likes Marcus! Thank you to our reader Chris Ra for sending the info in!



Photos From Sydney Twilight Tour!

Ahhh, these tours look like soooo much fun! Above are just some of the great photos fromt he Sydney Twilight Tour – Click Here to check out more!


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HQ New Moon Promo Pics

Bella Swan Edward Cullen alice cullen new moon movie aro volturi Marcus Volturi Caius Volturi Alec Volturi

I think we’ve seen scans of these before, but here are the HQ versions. Enjoy.

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More Incredible Volturi Manips to quench your thirst…

Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen, New Moon Movie Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen, New Moon Movie

And just because I love Jamie Campbell Bower so much…

Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen, New Moon Movie

Aren’t these awesome!?!? Head over to Twilight Novel Novice to see even more and to save your favorites as desktop wallpapers!

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Fan Made New moon Volturi Poster! Soooo good!

I absolutely love this fan made Volturi poster made by FilmFanaticFrances! So perfect, right?




High Quality Pics of The Volturi…

Check out the the above pictures of the Volturi in high quality. We showed you the magazine scan which included a glimpse of these pics . I love all their eyes up close. So perfect!!

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Meet Marcus from the Volturi!

Out of all the pictures so far, this one creeps me out the most. At he same time, I love it!

Full Name: Marcus
Status: Vampire
Group: Volturi Coven
Date of Birth: Around 1300 BC
Date of Transformation: Unknown

Special Abilities: He sees the strength of the relationships between people  “You already know what you’ll do, Aro.”

Read more about Marcus here



New Moon’s Christopher Heyerdahl who plays ‘Marcus’ reveals Movie Details!

ScifiWire has an exclusive Q&A with Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Marcus in New Moon. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Heyerdahl’s character is a member of the Volturi, a venerable coven of vampires based in Volterra, Italy, whose members also include Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning.

“He’s one of the oldest vampires on the planet, and who doesn’t want to play a 3,000-year-old vampire?” Heyerdahl said. “The cast that I get to work with, like Michael Sheen. … We had so much fun goofing off together. It was an absolute hoot.

Director Chris Weitz’s version for this piece is like a Renaissance painting. The images were absolutely beautiful, and the character is such a tragic old fellow.” (Possible spoilers ahead!) Heyerdahl adds: “Here’s how I approach him. When Marcus is brought in, he’s there against his will. He and his love tried to leave an awfully long time ago. Through a series of tragic circumstances, the love of his life was killed, and he’s now being forced to stay and use his powers for the betterment of the Volturi. He’s not exactly there, waking up and looking forward to eternity. When Edward and Bella come walking in, his ability to sense the power of their connection is something that wakes him up, brings him back from the boredom of that eternal life and sparks something in him that brings Marcus as close to excitement as he can get. That idea has to be contained and expressed as little as possible to his rather power-hungry captain-in-arms, Aro, which makes for a rather interesting conflict. You might not know it, but Marcus is pretty darn excited by this love that he witnesses. At the same time, it causes him great pain with the memory of what he had and lost. It was very complex to play, especially when you are doing it with so few lines. It will be interesting to see how it is cut together.”

Heyerdahl—who has worn extensive makeup and prosthetics for some of his roles —said that the makeup required in New Moon to transform him into one of the undead was easy by comparison. “Yeah, they do their best to suck the life out of you, but certainly nothing compared to any of those past prosthetics,” Heyerdahl said. “From that perspective, it was pretty easy. The looks they are getting in this film are absolutely fantastic. Everyone looks gorgeous and deliciously lifeless.” Marcus also plays an important role in the fourth Twilight novel, although Heyerdahl hasn’t peeked that far ahead yet. “I have left that book alone,” he confirms. “I want to leave it until we get closer to the movie. I was talking to Stephenie about it, and she asked if I had read the final book. I said ‘Nope, I don’t want to read it yet. I want to leave it alone until we get there.’ ‘Oh, just you wait. You’ll love it.’ I do know generally what happens, since it is impossible not to find out. And, yes, I’ve been contracted for the final chapter.”

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