Muse’s Matthew Bellamy explains his bands contribution to the Ne Moon Soundtrack!

The National Post recently had the opportunity to chat with Muse’s front man Matthew Bellamy about the band’s new album, The Resistance. They are going ot post the entire interview tomorrow, but here is an excerpt for now:

National Post: You have a song on the new Twilight film. Are you a fan?

Matt Bellamy: Well, I liked The Lost Boys in the ’80s. I remember that one had a pretty good soundtrack as well. This sort of film struck me as this generations version of The Lost Boys. It was actually Stephenie Meyer who approached the band quite a few years before the film was name, just as she was becoming known. She came to a concert in Phoenix, in Arizona – I think that’s where she lived, or she lived nearby. She was very friendly, and she told us that she liked the music and that she’d like to use the music in the films. It was a few years later that the filmmakers came to us, and we said sure. I had no idea [the first film] was going to be a film as it was, I thought is was going to be an indie film.

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