‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ Video!

I can’t watch this because it’s not available in my region… grrrrrrrrrrrr. I will post a YouTube version when I get one!
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EDIT: Here it is from YouTube for those of you who can’t see the MTV one:



Behind the scenes of Death Cab For Cuties ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ form the New Moon Soundtrack!!!

MTV shares this brand-new behind-the-scenes video from Death Cab For Cutie where the band gives you an in-depth look at their song and upcoming video for “Meet Me On The Equinox,” the first single from the New Moon soundtrack.



Full Version Of “Meet Me On The Equinox”

Thanks to  MTV, we now have the full version of ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ – from the New Moon Soundtrack!



New Moon Clip to preview of ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’

Enjoy the preview of New Moon’s ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ by Death Cab For Cutie put to clips of New Moon. We showed you the audio if this song earlier, but it’s so much better paired with clips form the New Moon Movie!




Pre-Order New Moon Soundtrack and get fun bonus stuff!

If you pre-order the New Moon Soundtrack now, which is available October 20th, you will get a MP3 Download of Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ which would be delivered September 13th (before it’s available digitally!). There are other packages too. The deluxe package, which I’ve posted a pic of (below) will get you:

New Moon Movie soundtrack

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‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ 40 Second Preview!!

Meet me on the equnox

Listen to a 40 second preview of ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ by Death Cab For Cutie, which will be featured on the New Moon Soundtrack! LISTEN HERE!

Thanks to TwiCrackAddict!



Death Cab For Cutie Talk Edward V.S Jacob to MTV!

Death Cab for Cutie talked to MTV about their preferances regarding Team Edward and Team Jacob and it seems as though the Death Cab For Cutie guitarist, Chris Walla, is Team Jacob! Here’s what he had to say:
“OK, so again, having only finished the second book, I feel like I’m sort of out on a limb a little bit, because I haven’t started the third book,” Walla told MTV News. “So I’m really excited to see the film and sort of see if I feel like I’m still out on a limb. Like, I love Jacob. He’s great. In the middle of the book, he’s the one who’s taking care of Bella, and, like, where’s Edward? What is he doing? What an a–hole! But he comes through in the end, and, you know, we’ll see what happens.”
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Death Cab For Cutie Gives Deets On Video Shoot

Meet Me On The Equinox, Death Cab For Cutie

Chris Walla of ‘Death Cab For Cutie’ took to his Twitter to update us on on the video shoot so far for “Meet Me On the Equinox,” a song which will be featured on the New Moon soundtrack!I have a sneaking suspicion he’s kidding, or at least partially. Most entertaining tweets of the day, though!



Exclusive: ‘New Moon’ Song By Death Cab For Cutie To Be Unveiled On September 13

MTV has the reported that Death Cab for Cutie‘s contribution to the New Moon Soundtrack, a song called ‘Meet Me on the Equinox’ will premiere September 13th:

Death Cab for Cutie‘s contribution to the “New Moon” soundtrack, “Meet Me on the Equinox,” will premiere on on September 13, the day of the Video Music Awards.

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, DCFC bassist Nick Harmer talked about the song — which will be the lead single from the second film in the “Twilight” series — and the mysterious way it ended up on the most-anticipated soundtrack of the year.

“We didn’t expect it would be chosen for the first single — we were thinking it would be a part of the soundtrack, maybe,” Harmer laughed. “I have no idea if ['Twilight' author] Stephenie Meyer approved it or what. It’s been an exciting process, because we’ve been so removed from it. We were in L.A. for a week and we went into the studio and wrote and recorded the song and submitted it. We didn’t know where anything stood, and then we just got a call last week like, ‘Guess what — your song has been chosen as the first single.’ ”

Harmer is the first to admit that Death Cab and “Twilight” seem like an unusual pairing (only guitarist/producer Chris Walla has read the entire series), but upon closer inspection, they actually have plenty in common: most of which has to do with geography and, of course, matters of the heart.

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