Michael Welch at the HBO Luxury Lounge in honor of the 67th Golden Globe Awards

Michael Welch checks out some swag at the HBO Luxury Lounge in honor of the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. He has the cutest smile – so innocent looking. :)




Official poster & website for Michael Welch’s ‘Unrequited’

New Moon‘s Michael Welch is starring in a new movie called Unrequited and we have the official poster for you (above). Click here to check out the movie’s official site!  Back in November we showed you the trailer for this movie, but if you missed it – just click here to see it :)

Thank you to Team-Twilight!



New Moon’s Michael Welch Talks Music!

New Moon‘s Michael Welch talks about his favorite bands, who he’d love to play drums with himself, and what he’s listening to today. Have any common music interests with him? I think he’s 100% right about the radio refusing to play good tunes :)




Official Trailer to Michael Welch’s New Moon ‘Unrequited’

Whoa. This is such a different role for Mike Welch, who plays Mike Newton in the Twilight Saga! I’m definitely going to check this movie out when it’s out. Looks good!

source: twilightmoms



Dakota Fanning AND Michael Welch in Malcolm In The Middle!

Practicing in case she scored a future role as a vampire? :)

A BellasDiary.Com reader just pointed this out to me. Both Dakota Fanning (who plays Jane) and Michael Welch (Who plays Mike) were in an episode of Malcolm In The Middle together when they were younger! Michael and Dakota played brother and sister in Malcolm In The Middle. Tons of years later and they’re both in the most highly anticipated movie this year!

Weren’t they soooo cute?




Justin Chon, Michael Welch, Tinsel Korey & Charlie Bewley at Chicago Twi-Con!

Nice Face Charlie (below)

Here are some pictures from the Twilight Convention in Chicago that just took place over the weekend. Charlie Bewley (who plays Demetri), Tinsel Korey (Emily), Mike Welch (Mike Newton) and Justin Chon (who plays Eric) all attended, and by the looks of it they had a great time. See more pictures HERE! (thanks lunanuevameyer).

Also, here are two videos. The first one is Mike Welch performing the Baracuda at the October 3rd Twi-Con in Chicago. The second one is from the August Twi-Tour in Phoenix Arizona. Mike took to the stage to dance while Candace Charee’ sang a cover song of Broken wing.




Christian Serratos and Michael Welch at SBE’s Mi-6 Nightclub Opening Night!

Christian Serratos and Michael Welch were spotted at the opening night of SBE’s Mi-6 Nightclub, both looking dazzling!




Christian Serratos & Mike Welch depart from Vancouver

christian serratos, mike welch

Michael Welch and Christian Serratos looked fresh and cute as always while departing Vancouver together. Christian Serratos‘ I ♥ Cupcakes bag is adorable. I’m craving a cup cake now, though.




The humans and Victoria in the ‘Couve

Christian Serratos, and Michael Welch, who was accompanied by his girlfriend, were also out and about in VanCity while Bryce Dallas Howard got her java fix from Starbucks!

See many more pics over at Lainey!



The Humans Have Landed In VanCity!

Alright Twi-Hards! Eclipse is really heating up now, as the humans of the movie have officially landed in Vancouver. Non-vampires, Anna Kendrick, Christian Serratos, Justin Chon and Michael Welch will all be appearing the the third installment f the Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

P.S. So I guess V-Necks are in style?

view more pics of the humans at Lainey Gossip!

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