Michael Welch’s New Horizons: Walk on the Horizon PSA

Twilight Saga sweetheart Michael Welch (aka Mike Newton) speaks up in this PSA for New Horizons: Walk on the Horizon. For more information visit their website here.

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New Michael Welch Interview!

Michael Welch (aka Mike Newton) did an interview before the release of the Eclipse movie and – for whatever reason – it was just released now. It’s a great interview and Mike is such a sweetheart. Check it out:

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Michael Welch At American Music Awards Pre-Party!

Here are some pics of Michael Welch (aka Bella’s human friend Mike Newton) at the American Music Awards pre-party last night!

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Team-Twilight’s New Exclusive Interview With The Twilight Saga’s Michael Welch!

The Twilight Saga‘s Michael Welch (aka Mike Newton) stars in the new film Unrequited as the lead role, and the lucky ducks over at Team-Twilight had the chance to chat with him! They asked him about Breaking Dawn, Twitter, being recognized, his film ‘Unrequited’ and more. Here’s an excerpt:

Have you read the [Breaking Dawn] script?


But you’re signed on?

Yes, I will be in Breaking Dawn.

Do you think it’s possible for Mike to get any closure?

It just depends on how you look at it. I’m thinking back to my lost first love from high school into my young adult life. I don’t recall getting closure, you just sort of move on. Rejection sucks and it certainly can’t be easy for Mike to watch this woman he loves committing herself to another man. Well, another “man” as far as he knows. But at the same time, I’m sure there’s also a layer of him feeling happy for Bella. It’s pretty clear how much Bella loves Edward. So I think there’s an element of someone that you care about being happy, so there might be some closure there.

Do you think you’ll get more screen time than you did in Eclipse? You were in Eclipse for about 5 seconds. That was disappointing.

Yes, in Eclipse I had my little cafeteria scene and then I had the graduation with that stupid look on my face sitting behind Bella and Edward in soft focus. I’ll probably get at least as much screen time in Breaking Dawn. New Moon is my peak in the franchise, which is strange when you think about it.

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Welcome Michael Welch To Twitter Twihards!

It’s time to welcome another Twilight star to the world of Twitter – Michael Welch (aka: Mike Newton in The Twilight Saga). Go giev him a follow and friendly welcome Twilighters: @MichaelWelchAct

Here is his first Tweet:

Here is the official Twilight Twitter announcement:

And here is Michael’s Twitter Profile Picture:

Glad to have another Twilight star in the Twitter world! Welcome Mike :)



Michael Welch Dances On The Twilight Cruise! *Bow Chicka Wow Wow*

Remember the funny dance Michael Welch (aka Bella’s Friend Mike Newton) does in Twilight? Well, he did it again for the crowd on the Twilight Cruise to Alaska August 13th. Check it out:

I love this dance!! :)

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*New* New Moon Movie Stills!

Woooo! Here are some more stills from New Moon! The one of Mike and Jacob both waiting for Bella to take their hand is so funny!

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New Moon” Star Michael Welch Interview!

New Moon star Michael Welch was interviewed by Buzznet and discussed everything from what he would say if he met Edward and Bella in real life to what is included in his daily routine! Here’s an excerpt:

Ah-nell-ee: If you met Bella in real life, what would you say to her? What would you say to Edward?

Michael Welch: I would tell Bella, “Listen girl. I know you’re caught up in this supernatural love triangle, but why don’t you give Mike Newton a shot? If the werewolf represents the stable option in your life, and the vampire is constantly fighting the urge to drain you of your precious blood, maybe you need broaden your horizons a bit and consider dating a HUMAN BEING! Just a thought.

“Oh! By the way, did you know that Kristen Stewart is playing you in the 4-part bio-pic of your life? Pretty cool huh?… What do you mean you’ve never heard of her? You haven’t seen that terrible movie Panic Room?… Well, what about Into the Wild, In the Land of Women, or The Messengers?… Wow, you need to get out more, Arizona. I’m gonna make you a list of films. You ever seen The Usual Suspects?… No?? Oh boy! You’re in for a treat! Come on, I’ll buy you a soda, then we’re renting some movies!!”

I would tell Edward, “Thanks a lot buddy! You’ve raised the bar to such unreasonable heights, the rest of us guys don’t stand a chance. We can’t sparkle you jerk! Not even Efron can sparkle. How do you think that makes him feel, huh??… Oh great, now you’re making Zac Efron cry Edward! You proud of yourself, huh, you feel like a big man?… Shhh, it’s ok Zac. I’m here for you pumpkin. Great, now I have to give him his juice box… And for goodness sake, would you take Bella out to see some movies? Rent Casablanca or something, or at least take her out to see The Hangover. Jeeze- louise Ed!”

Jolene Tangerine: What do you think would be your vampire power if you had one?

Michael Welch:
Well that depends. Can I create a new power or do I have to choose one that already exists? If I could make my own, I would either want to fly or shoot lasers out of my eyes! Oh yeah. If I had to pick one that already exists, I would either want to see into the future like Alice or be a BA tracker like James. I know I’m not supposed to, but I love James.

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He is right, Edward has definitely has raised the bar. C’mon guys, you better pull your socks up and take some tips from Edward!