Video: Paul Giamatti Talks Robert Pattinson & Cosmopolis

Earlier this week during the Sundance Film Festival Paul Giamatti briefly spoke about working with the ‘dreamiest man alive’ Robert Pattinson on the film ‘Cosmopolis.’ “I get to stalk him,” Giamatti joked.

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Elizabeth Reaser: Kristen Makes Good Cookies!

MTV caught up with Elizabeth Reaser at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah over the weekend where she chatted about Kristen Stewart’s cooking, Breaking Dawn and more.

Check out the other two videos of Elizabeth talking vampire Bella, Mackenzie Foy and more here!



Jackson Rathbone obn MTV’s ‘The Seven’

Here is a short video of Jackson Rathbone on MTV’s ‘The Seven.’ It’s not available in all Regions :’( (like mine, for instance, lol) so I can’t really elaborate on what he says… but I’m sure it’s something cute and Jackson-esque.



Jackson Rathbone Introduces His Exclusive Web Diary!

Jackson Rathbone is embarking on a journey to film his own exclusive web diary, and he’s sharing it will all of his fans!

From MTV:
“Jackson will be filming all the behind-the-scenes action down in Louisiana. Music video shoots? Check! Raucous performances? You bet! A few “Twilight” friend cameos? You’ll have to wait and see. Click play on the video above as Jackson explains what’s to come over the next few months”
♥As always, we’ll post his web diaries as they come in! We DO specialize in diaries ’round here, after all. ;) Can’t wait to see lots of Jackson-Action!



100 Monkeys on MTV’s ‘The Seven’

100 Monkeys made an appearance on  MTV’s ‘The Seven’ and below is the video! (Unfortunately not available in all regions).



Does Kristen Stewart Know What a ‘Krisbian’ Is? Has She Met Mackenzie Foy? And More…

MTV just released their new press junket video interviews they did with Kristen Stewart. They talked about Breaking Dawn, Mackenzie Foy, Krisbians and more. Check it out:



Hilary Swank Bites Jackson Rathbone’s Neck & Makes Him REALLY Happy!

Here is a new video from MTV of Hilary Swank taking a bite out of Jackson Rathbone’s neck last week while at the Toronto International Film Festival. I think it made him super happy… wild guess!  ;)



Nikki Reed Talks About Taylor, Rob, Kristen, Jackson & Elizabeth (Reaser’s) Other Film Projects!

In this newest clip released from Nikki Reed’s recent interview with MTV she talks about all of her Twilight cast members current projects and her own plans to hopefully work with Jackson Rathbone. Check it out:



Kristen Stewart talks new ‘Reddish Brown’ hair

Kristen Stewart talks to MTV about her new ‘reddish-brown’ hair color, which she did for her role in ‘On The Road.’

“It’s kind of blond right now. Like, reddish brown. I’m doing it for ‘On the Road,’ ” she told MTV News on the red carpet for a special screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” in New York on Monday night (June 28).



‘Eclipse’ Stars To Present Exclusive Clip At 2010 MTV Movie Awards

This is exciting. Not only are the Eclipse Movie trio going to be at the MTV Movie awards, but they will be presenting an exclusive Eclipse clip!

Prepare, because Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be appearing live and in-house at the Movie Awards on Sunday, June 6, to introduce an exclusive clip from “Eclipse.”

Just let that soak in for a minute, OK? Because there’s more. “Twilight” franchise co-star Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) will be MTV International’s official red-carpet correspondent, reporting live from the scene outside the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, where some of Hollywood’s biggest names will be stopping by to chat.

This marks the third year in a row that the Movie Awards are bringing you fresh “Twilight” footage. In 2008, the MTV News preshow brought you the first sneak peek at a scene from the original vampire flick. The next year, we premiered an exclusive expanded trailer for “New Moon.” And come June 6, Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner will be bringing you a never-before-seen clip from “Eclipse,” which hits theaters on June 30.

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