Renesmee’s Diary – Shadows

Dear Diary,

I didn’t understand how I could be lost in such a beautiful scene. How a voice so beautiful and as captivating could do quite the reverse of it’s purpose; haunt. It was almost as if I were dreaming, but I wasn’t. The visions in my head of the pale, blond-headed creature were so realistic, yet so distant. I could only picture her with a blurry watercolor aura.

She was moving swift, thrashing through every thick branch and leaf, itching for satisfaction. One whiff of my scent and she was pursuing me like no other mortal I’ve ever seen or heard of. She stalked me everywhere; like a shadow, she never let up. One moment she was there, then she disappeared in a flash.

I was curious of her and wished to see her in my visions, hoping I could decipher her whereabouts and her intentions. Was her motive to kill me? I understood she had something to do with me because her voice was mine.

Then a gruesome thought blossomed….could this girl possibly be me? Could the pursuer with the blonde curls and evil twinkle in her eye actually be me, Renesmee Cullen?

No, of course not I scolded myself, shaking off the unpleasant thought.

I managed to creep down the stairs into the Cullen kitchen hustling with activity. Instead of nibbling on my typical cornflakes, I devoured an entire glass of blood.

“Yeah, I was just going to have the same thing,” Jake said with sarcasm as he strolled in, obviously ready to munch on whatever breakfast delight appeased him.

But I wasn’t giggling like I should have, like I normally would have. There was nothing more awkward than having your werewolf boyfriend actually witness you drink human blood. And to add even more frustration, all these visions and a sense of unexplained fear had me thinking uncanny thoughts.

No, I couldn’t see the future. But I was certain I was having these visions for a reason. Perhaps they were to protect me? Maybe there is a buried message beneath each image of the blondie.

“You’re not laughing. Is everything ok, babe?” Jacob was now crunching on bacon, attempting to be serious admits the utmost distractions of breakfast treats.

“No, it’s not. Everyone is keeping a secret from me, and I intend to figure it out,” I spat out, throwing away all the exasperating thoughts in my mind. I knew I shouldn’t, but this sense of being in danger was biting at me.

There was only one person I could rely on to reveal the truth; Jacob. Why? Because of imprinting abilities, Jacob cannot turn down any request. Now before I’m called to Satan’s throne, I have reason to do this. If I am in possible danger, or someone is in turmoil, it is just that – as a member of the family – I should hear of it (especially if it involves me). If an immortal is plotting to kill me, I prefer to have it known, rather than unknown.

Jake just raised his brow, taken aback.

“Nessie, I assure you there’s nothi–”

“Tell me Jacob, now. I need to know what it is this family is buzzing about,” I ordered, not sparing him any sympathy, engulfing in my own selfishness.

“Alright, alright. On the night of the pack’s day off, your father and uncles picked up an unrecognizable scent. It’s just the occasional nomad passing through and your father just wanted to keep precautions with you.” He glared into my eyes,  uncontrollably spilling every detail.

I nodded, feeling the wave of guilt flood through my body.

“Thank you,” I returned with a genuine kiss. He deserved far more than a simple peck of the lips, but I needed to investigate my situation further. I skipped my way over to the massive living room – that now served as home to the 100-inch flat-screen T.V.

Could this nomad be the unforgiving creature in my visions? Was this “nomad” even a nomad “passing through?” Or was their more on her agenda then a few human bites? Was this all a coincidence? And most importantly, if my assumptions are correct – based on my visions – why is this hunter fishing for me? Particularly me?

These are questions that would never be answered because……

“Why did you tell her, mongrel? Now she’ll be worrying like there’s no tomorrow!” I’d never heard my Uncle Emmett so furious. But of all people, I’d rather have it be him angry than my own father. Is it too late to defend Jake’s relentless position?

“Emmett, please stop. I’m trying to accumulate a plan,” my dad hissed. He was endlessly rubbing his temples as if searching for peace. Should I offer the truth? I certainly didn’t want Jacob to suffer for something that wasn’t his own fault; something that was my fault.

“Leave him be. It’s not his fault, Emmett,” Esme chimed, placing an encouraging pat on Jake’s shoulder.

To my dismay, my father already began to unearth his plan. Jasper did the best of his abilities to wave peace amongst everyone.

“…….We’ll have to be aggressive. Alice senses from her visions that this nomad is not in a pure state of mind,” my father continued, addressing the entire family. My mom rushed to his side incapacitated with worry while Rosalie kept a firm stare on Jacob.

It was quite awkward though, however, that Carlisle presented no sign of resentment towards my father’s brutal strategies against this nomad. If a compassionate character such as Carlisle was agreeing to the plan, there was definitely something off about this nomad. Of course, the Cullens always take care of passing nomads cautiously, but this was obviously out of proportion.

Though I was in another room, they were all discussing the details at a volume high enough for my ears. I was left with nothing but curiosity. Why would my family let me hear the plans? Sure,  I know there is a nomad on the loose; but with Carlisle agreeing to such viscous ideals…. I just couldn’t tolerate how unusual this seemed. Carlisle must have had a reason to concur to my father’s proposals. This reason, I fear, deeply involves me.

Jake would have to rally the entire pack which added more exasperation to my concerns on this nomad matter. It was a simple formula: The Cullens + The Pack=Major Battle Trouble.


Dear Diary,

When Jacob sent me to Emily’s kitchen, I didn’t assume – I knew – exactly of the events that were about to occur. A struggle. A battle to cease the predator from hunting its victim, me. Jake didn’t mention much but to prepare overnight belongings for a “sleepover.” Alice had already jumped onto to that, despite my pleas to stay home. Having packed for me, Alice  included a Chanel skin care set, Victoria Secret sleepwear (I’d have to scold her later), and other “sleepover” necessities.

Jacob’s surface was calm with reassurance of how much fun staying at Emily’s would be for the night – and I played along with him. I did it, not for anyone, but Jake’s sake. He was the most sensitive to my safety—in equivalence to my father, but more prudent towards me. So I faked a dainty grin and attempted to bear what ever fate was to come.

“I won’t let you suffer on that couch,” Emily implied, sanitizing Embry’s bedroom for my use. It was true, the pack’s couch was one not worth sleeping on, let alone sitting on. It was a scraggly haven that had been beaten up by the forceful pressures of the wolves that abused it.

“Thank you, Emily… for being so generous and thoughtful.”

“We’re all in the same boat, aren’t we?” She replied, and I questioned her words immensely. Was she relating to the fact that we were forever “wolf girls?” Or did this have to do with the fact that everyone has a downfall? That, my misfortune affected everyone? I didn’t want to make false presumptions so I abandoned the absurd thoughts.

Emily and I occupied the time by painting each others nails and applying the Chanel face mask and scrub. Emily certainly got a kick out of her cherry red toes as she had “never had taste for it before I convinced her.” I wasn’t the least bit astonished, I seemed to have a way with luring people to do the unimaginable. It was also a bit overwhelming for the both of us because neither of us had adhered to the concept of “sleepovers” before.

But the beauty results of the moisturizers – that Alice packed – really cleared our pores and doubtful perspective on sleepovers. We did enjoy ourselves, so much in fact that it distracted me enough to not constantly think of the horror that must be happening with my family and the pack.

Before hopping into bed, Em’ and I decided to look through her photo album.

At first, photos of Em’ as a young child on the Makah Reservation were displayed.

“Very adorable, Emily. Who’s that?” I pointed to a distant figure wading in shallow water. Emily chuckled lightly, as if remembering an inside joke.

“That’s my father, Matthew Senior. He was very enchanting and captured even the most bitter audience. He was known in the tribe as the ‘storyteller,” she explained, smiling back at the priceless memories.

“My father is dead. So, he won’t be able to walk me down the aisle or tell those magical stories of his.” The room collapsed in a sorrowful silence.

But we kept going; the pages were turned and unfolded to display high school memories of prom and graduation. Everything a human should experience in his life lied there in those pages. Because of my growth, I would never be able to experience these adventures and challenges in life until my growth came to a complete halt.

“And this is where I am today,” Em’ stated, shutting the album.

“No, not quite yet,” I said and Emily formed a puzzled expression, trying to decode my message.

I swiftly grasped my cellphone and snapped a picture of the two of us. After all, we did have a marvelous “girl’s night,” didn’t we? I guess Em’ and I are officially “close friends” now. It seemed a bit odd having a friend that was the same sex. Jake was all I had ever had, but it appears a girlfriend is necessary, too.

It’s so simple to talk, gossip and even cook with Em’. She makes chores a breeze by educating me on the history of the Makah Tribe (it is just highly intriguing). Maybe this new friendship and well-seamed bond also added more reason as to why it was us of all the other single females on this planet who were selected as imprints. Was this destiny? Or just a pure coincidence? Believe what you wish to believe, but I support the destiny theory. Sure, it might make less sense, but isn’t that what my entire world is about? The whole “mythical creature world?” Does any of it actually make sense?

It was then after more chatter of Emily and Sam’s wedding plans that my eyelids had a massive weight gain. After a final farewell for the night, I raced for my bed. If I hadn’t been so exhausted from all the girly activities, I might have began fretting over the possible events in action from this struggle with the nomad.

On top of all the headaches the worrying was causing, Embry’s mattress was not cozy. Yes, my bed at home is made of some expensive materials specifically designed to enhance lushness, but that doesn’t mean I have no knowledge of a decent sleeping ground. Like the couch, the mattress suffered grave damage and the springs wouldn’t let up, either.

With one-hundred percent desperation, I gingerly tip-toed through the corridor to Jacob’s room. One might smell repulsing body odor and an untidy room, but I didn’t. To me, I smelled Jacob, my love. Putting into consideration the circumstances and strain curiosity has placed upon me, I grabbed a wrinkled T-shirt. I climbed onto his ginormous bed (which I’d been told was more than triple the size of his previous bed back in La Push), and held the shirt for comfort.

Entering someone’s room without permission was indeed impolite, especially when you clutch their clothing dearly to your heart. In my defense, I’m positive Jake wouldn’t have minded the least bit. It wasn’t like I was inspecting his room or anything. Just breathing through these elements led me to serenity and sweet dreams.

Time for shut eye,

-Nessie <3




Renesmee’s Diary – Gamble

Dear Diary,

As promised, I helped Emily Young with the pack’s “game night.” It took all three of  us; Emily, Kim, and I to convince our men not to gamble with real money. Of course, with Sam’s strict orders to not actually gamble, they wouldn’t. That’s one of the perks of being an imprint; your imprinter must follow any reasonable request you may have.

“Ness, could you just serve the potatoes? I’ll guard the chili,” Emily begged, drowning in her own perspiration.

“Definitely,” I answered, swapping the wooden spoon for the platter of loaded potatoes. Tonight was the entire pack’s night off from patrolling. My father and uncles had kindly offered to scour the territory for the night.

“Here they are, loaded bacon potatoes,” I mounted the heaping platter on the table bestowing the goods.

Instantly hands struck for a piece at once. I couldn’t help but giggle at how swiftly each werewolf had made their claim of four potatoes each. I guess it’s too late to remind them a main entrée is still to come?

Over the course of the evening I served the ravenous beasts and checked to make sure they weren’t ignoring my wishes to not actually gamble.

While the boys played, Emily and I occupied our time discussing Emily’s weddings plans. Yes, Emily’s wedding plans….I was just as shocked to hear this myself. Can you believe it? Her and Sam are finally ready to tie the knot and make the ultimate commitment of life.

“I really want it to be perfect. It will be in the backyard and I’ll make sure to invite the entire family, including yours.” Though the weather here was not appropriate for outdoor events, Alice could make it work. I was sure of that. (Though I wasn’t sure if Emily would want a indiscriminate pixie to help with their wedding….it’s either Alice’s way or “the insensible way” – as Alice continuously declares).

“Nessie, would you care to perform at our wedding? You’ve become quite the singer.” And so the once in a  lifetime offer came. Emily and Sam wanted me to perform at their wedding, me.

True, stage fright isn’t an issue for me. In fact, I love crowds and attention. Aunt Alice believes that I “glow” when I perform, the complete opposite of my mom.

“Sure, Emily, it would be an honor to perform at your wedding. I’ll even write a song just for the two of you.” All the angst on Emily Young’s face formed into that bright grin of hers. A belle dame like her deserved much better than some cheesy love song, so I’d have to work hard.

I dragged Jacob home for the night, a rash decision, I know. But I desired inspiration for my song. What would one say to another when they loved them so immensely? I would only know when I felt it. That’s where Jakie came in to my delight.

It started out with a perfect kiss

then we doved into bliss

I didn’t think a person like you could exist

so special, tender, you melt my heart

Will you hold me forever love and never part

I love you forever with that perfect kiss

Those beautiful eyes and flattering smile

How long has it been since I’ve known your face

The way you caress my cheeks and put me into place

I feel the world shall not end because of you

I love each and every single thing you do

I love you for that perfect kiss”

Alright, it was a start. It was all that came to my mind in spite of the fact that Jacob and I were, well making out. My mind is pretty fuzzy during this, but inspiration filled.

I joined my lips with his to endow the wretched part of the night; the goodbye.

“Wait, Jake before you go!” I rushed to his side, clasping his cheeks. I was projecting images of us cuddling under the moonlight. He was holding me tightly, whispering jokes and things I wanted to hear.

“Ok, tomorrow night. You and me by the creek.” Jacob was peering in the distance. Of course when I cringed my eyes, all I saw were evergreens quivering in the chilly air. It wasn’t the type of “peer” I wanted to see. It was as if he saw something I didn’t wish his eyes saw.

It was my father, uncle Emmet, and uncle Jasper that emerged from the sopping wet forest. They were rushing, obviously eager to get to Jake as soon as possible.

“Jacob. Something very important has come up. We need to talk with you privately,” my father said,  eying me on the last part. That was my cue to leave, and I did so hesitantly. My curiosity would mob my sanity if I didn’t listen.

“Ness….you should go,” Jake announced, still keeping an attentive gaze on my father.

There were four things I pondered as I drudged my way upstairs.

1. First and foremost, what was this “secret business” they were keeping from me?

2. Should I be alarmed?

3. Will everyone but me know of this?

4. And four, I am horrified. Yes flat-out terrified. No, I didn’t inherit Alice’s premonitions . . . but I had somewhat of a vision you could say.  It was something evil…lurking around close by. My safety was in danger and everyone but me officially knew it.

To ease the panging pain of anxiety, I slipped on my knee-high socks. I couldn’t help but bitterly laugh at the design; smiley faces. What I wouldn’t give to feel that . . . happy and safe.

As much as the measures I knew Jacob and Edward- even Leah Clearwater herself – would go to protect me…I still felt unsafe. Like I was open for any attack that would come my way…..whether it be involving me or not in the fight.

Frustrated as I was, I shut my eyes and dreamt a beautiful dream. The dream consisted of a resolution that would never resolve my angst, confusion, or alarmed feeling. Images of half-naked Jacob didn’t heal much….just stitched up the matter for a few moments. That’s the part where I doze off thinking everything was alright.


Then she got to me. At four AM, like hushed whispers, haunting you from a regrettable experience. A glimpse of her pulverizing crimson shade and I was already eligible to be dead.

It wasn’t a red head, but a blondie. She was pursuing me, not stopping until she reached my lively blood vessels. Her curled ringlets were as strikingly beautiful as mine, along with the rest of her immortal aura.

Of all noticeable features, it was the eerie smirk she played on her face. It was more of a “you better watch out” than an “I’m going to kill you” expression. The difference was that blondie wanted to play games instead of just instantly killing me. She desired for me to feel excruciating pain from her venom.

But every time I asked for her name, she just smirked. Each time I questioned like a helpless, feeble, and desperate human I was gambling with my life. Only this time, the gamble wasn’t going my way.

She began singing the most beautiful melody I’d ever heard before. It was something everyone admired; even more so because she was immortal, luring me in to every note.

It was then I realized her singing voice was mine… voice was in the predator’s body. Still, it was obvious I was not her.

Had she stolen my voice? If so, how? What did this vision symbolize? Why did she want to kill me? Why did she rob my voice?

More importantly: Should I worry?

There was no way my guitar would soothe me, especially when I had much more on my mind like filing a lawsuit for the theft of my larynx.

Time to sleep (or try not to panic),

-Renesmee, A.K.A “Victim”





Renesmee’s Diary – Paradise

Dear Diary,

A vacation of a lifetime is all I’m asking for. Just one getaway with Jacob and no interruptions or distractions. That’s it.

My mom wants to have pure family time the entire vacation with activities like scuba diving, fishing, rock climbing, and various other sports. (Although some others, like Rosalie, don’t appreciate my mom calling the pack and their imprints family).

According to my dad, Melody Key was more than double the size of Isle Esme and much more suited for a family vacation with high cliffs and a soaring array of mountains. But if you ask me, I’d tell you that one island would not suffice for an entire wolf pack. I mean, palm trees aren’t as sturdy as the mighty evergreens back at home. And if you rouse Paul near the sprouting coconut tree, forget it. Jacob boasts that he can shred a vampire  within seconds, so why would a coconut tree– a germinating coconut tree to be exact– survive the bashing of a firebrand werewolf? But my father insisted the wolves would keep it under control, especially whilst on vacation. I just can’t help that I have an undying love for everything, even coconut trees.

“Nessie, hop on, I think some people are eager to arrive,” my mom called, invading my vast thoughts and imagination.

Jacob swiftly ushered me into the Cullen’s yacht that would ship us to Melody Key. “Hurry Ness, I think Paul and Jared are becoming restless and impatient. We haven’t eaten since the plane ride and I think I’m going to blow too if we don’t get to this freakin’ island soon.”

By now I was immune to the Cullen’s luxury lifestyle, but it appeared the pack wasn’t. They even stole a few extra crackers from the airplane, exclusive to first class passengers. I would have found this humorous if not for the angst caused by their hunger. I just hoped the crackers would tide them over until we reached paradise.

Got to go now; I’ll write about the island when we arrive.



Dear Diary,

So we’ve arrived and the pack is not only suffering from starvation, but exhaustion. It’s funny how they can be so drowsy after sleeping for half of a ten hour flight.

But enough about the pack and on to my plans for Jacob and I. I would do everything with him, even rock climbing – which my aunt Alice wasn’t fond of. She claims it will ruin all of the coordinated outfits she planned for me to wear, basically “destroying all the love and effort she put into designing the attire.” Hmmph, “designing?” She means driving Uncle Jasper’s Audi R8 to the nearest shopping mall and purchasing overpriced apparel at ridiculous boutiques.

At least my mom has the keen sense to only allow me to shop designer items when there is a sale. I was more worried of what Alice packed me; I mean I was too busy absorbing my energy and time into my “Jacob plans” that I surpassed Alice’s bubbly pleas to pack my luggage for me. Either I was that desperate for Jacob or it was all out of pure stupidity and insanity.

Of course my father was chuckling at my panic as he hauled my suitcase atop my bed. Apparently I was in Aunt Rosalie’s room, but there was no purpose in her quarters, or any of the other Cullen’s chambers if they did not sleep. So, it was enlisted to me because I was the only Cullen that slept.

The pack and their imprints were escorted to their guest home, about the same size as my home in New Hampshire. The Melody Key mansion was twice the size of our New Hampshire home and was modeled after a castle. Grandpa Carlisle thought I’d get a kick out of my room because it resembled Rapunzels’s room, really. The basic essentials of a bedroom were furnished on the main floor, making it seem like your average sleeping quarter. But hidden behind a walk-in closet remained a spiral staircase that led to a heaping tower that overlooked the heavenly sea. It was the most extraordinary room in the entire castle and I had the honor to sleep in it.

The rest of the chamber consisted of many walk-in closets each with different designer brands, alphabetically fashioned. How much time did Alice spend in here? I’m actually writing in you from a marvelous hand crafted cherry wood desk, constructed from the 1700′s. My father says this desk is perfect for someone who anticipates spending some of the vacation with penmanship – and by ‘someone’ he’s referring to me.

The desk is wide enough for my list of activities with Jake that include a lot of “mouth to mouth” if you know what I mean *wink wink* There is even a vintage typewriter that inherits a bubblegum pink color; neat huh? Although why or how Alice found the typewriter is beyond me.

I really wanted to explore the island before unpacking, but it was sunset and the twilight sky would soon exchange the orange and crimson melted backdrop. My parents wouldn’t ever permit me to travel at night by myself so I erased the idea. Judging from the pack’s previous behavior I assumed they were already resting having undergone such a tiring journey here. I wasn’t that weary, yet.

“Hey dad, could you join me for a few minutes?” I asked, not even bothering to raise my voice. That was one of the perks of having a vampire father. Although it was kind of creepy when we went into public together and people suspected us as fraternal twin models. I mean, did I really look that much like my father? And did I really look model-like? I guess it didn’t help that over the past few months I’ve aged to look another year older. It’s too bad that I’m not actually sixteen, because I wouldn’t mind a sweet sixteen celebration right now….

“Yes, Nessie?” my father asked, creeping in through the door crack.

“Do you think you could teach me more songs?” I questioned, eyeing my guitar.

And as a vampire would, he took no hesitance to grasp the instrument and began the musical lesson to end a splendid evening.

* * *

My mom hoisted the SCUBA onto my back. “Ready to go swimming?”

“Actually, Mom, I think I’ll just hang out here. You guys have fun,” I answered, then removed the SCUBA without ease, struggling until my dad did it for me.

The pack and the imprints were relaxing on the beach today, soaking up the sun’s rays. It was more appropriate for the Cullens to be spending their time buried from the casts of the sun. Technically this means that if they wish to keep their immortality a secret from humans, with the exception of the imprints of course, they must be indoors or underwater most of the time. Even though the purpose in owning private islands is so the Cullens can roam freely in a tropical climate, there are too many of them to risk the chance of exposure from their sparkly skin.

I was all right though because I just glowed—very brightly. And with my glow alone on the beach I would be fine. No human eye could spot even an extra glow from Melody Key a mile off. Plus, I was going to sport one of my father’s bulky T-shirts over a pretty revealing Juicy Couture bikini.

I really wanted to blame Alice, but it was my fault. I let her pack for me; although she probably would have just reorganized my suitcase, anyway, stashing in what she believed I should wear. But I let the blame fall in my position because of the permission I granted her. And for this reason, I advised my dad to not scold Alice. Alice was Alice.

I wasn’t the only one flaunting a bikini; Emily and Kim seemed to want to show off to their men. But they were grown women and their bikinis were not…well, like mine. I wouldn’t be shocked to discover that Alice spotted my bikini in the adult section. And I was wearing the bikini with the most coverage—I won’t even mention the Victoria Secret selections.

I know I wanted to romance Jake, but this wasn’t how I pictured it. A simple bikini or tankini from Target would have reached my expectations for sexy swimwear. But no, Alice had to go all out with adult-like designer swimwear. I’m starting to question the everyday clothes  Alice packed for me. She wouldn’t have packed lingerie would she have ? Because I’m not sure my parents would approve, but maybe Jacob will?

“Enjoying the sun?” I gathered myself next to Leah, Kim, and Emily who were spread out amongst the grainy sand.

“Yes, it’s actually quite nice for a change,” Emily responded with a nod from Kim. Leah as usual ignored me, despite our past bond. I think that hug that we shared a few weeks ago was a “one day only thing” because she went back to herself after that . . . to my disappointment.

The boys were playing a vigorous game of football. You’ve never seen a game of football until you’ve seen shirtless hunks play as if they were professionals. The girls and I had to retreat a few yards away from the playing field twice because of how robust they play.

I figured the boys were getting thirsty and would fancy a cool drink, so I dashed for the castle, eager for air conditioning. I dismissed the loose t-shirt by disposing on the love seat, hoping to feel the chill from the air conditioning.

If I wasn’t in a rush I would have prepared fresh lemonade, but seeing from yesterday how easy it is for the pack to become impatient I opted for the powdered lemonade.

It was so simple to prepare, but Jacob’s presence made it difficult. He must have followed me to the kitchen. He was shirtless and sweating. This made my concentration disappear all together. I might have concluded that it was Jell-O, not bones that structured my legs because that’s what it felt like. At least that’s what it felt like when he walked in.

His lips ventured from my neck to my cheekbones. I had to halt my attention on the lemonade because I couldn’t remember why I was making it. I gave in to my less noble side and glued myself to Jacob so that our lips met. He propped me onto the counter as I folded my legs around his waist. As our tongues danced, I stroked every bit of his muscle to my delight. And in the end I was glad Alice bought me this bikini. It was only in this moment that I truly felt that, because Jake never touched me anywhere that didn’t make me comfortable – given that I was 90% skin.

“I love you,” I whispered as he bit into my neck. Wait, he was biting into my neck? And I thought I was the half-vampire here? Then it occurred to me that Jacob was giving me a hickey. Well this was different. It didn’t hurt so much because I was blinded from the pain with his love.

“Ness, I’m so sor—”

But I cut his unnecessary apology off with a minor make-out session. So I had my first hickey, and I liked it. I liked it. I couldn’t find reason as to why I found pleasure in that hickey. It wasn’t even that large really, and Jake stopped shortly after he began.

It was just my father who would protest and condemn my hickey. How am I ever going to cover it up? Well Alice brought R-rated clothes, so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I “borrowed” some foundation from her limited edition Lancôme make-up kit….

Sorry but I’m off, I have to serve the pack some lemonade.

-Renesmee <3