New Moon Fan Event Berlin (New Moon Release Party Germany April 10th)

Here are two awesome videos thanks to Bianca from DisorderedKitten! She was able to attend the event and get the red carpet footage, the Eclipse preview and more. Videos #3 & #4 will be up soon so subscribe to disorderedkittencom to see them first!

♥Thank you so much for posting this in the group Bianca!



Bronson Pelletier (who plays Jared) signs autpgraphs for fans in Berlin

Bronson Pelletier stopped and signed autographs for New Moon fans in Berlin, Germany. Bronson Pelletier, Bryce Dallas & Chaske Spencer are in Berlin, Germany today (April 10th) for the New Moon fan event, celebrating the release of the New Moon DVD on April 15.

[Thanks todotwilightsaga]