NEW ‘New Moon’ Toys: Get a look at Edward Sparkling, Jacob Shirtless and a Jasper!

Hollywoodcrush reports the following info regarding the NECA Twilight toys:

Toymaker NECA has unveiled a new slate of characters from the “Twilight” sequel that finally brings home a shirtless Jacob Black, Jasper Cullen and even a specially-treated Edward figure that sparkles in the sunlight, in addition to their previous Bella release. The company gave MTV News a special preview of their new products and a taste of what (and who’s) in store, so be sure to watch the video below for the sneak peek of your next Christmas list. Here are some photos of “New Moon” merchandise line!



Borders New Moon Line: Merchandise Galore!

As you can see in the above video, Borders has TONS of New Moon merch’! I love love the bracelet with green/turquoise in it! Soooo pretty. I did some screen captions of some of the merch:

"New Moon Merchanside" "New Moon Merchanside" "New Moon Merchanside" "New Moon Merchanside"

Is that the sound of thousands of Twi-Fans running to Borders to get their Twi-Hands on this Merch? :)


source: TwilightLexicon



Check out the *new* Nordstrom New Moon line…

"New Moon Merchandise"

"New Moon Merchandise"

The brand new Nordstrom New Moon line is chalk full of cute New Moon inspired tees, bracelets makeup and more! Above are just a few of the items they have available. Click here to see everything!



FIRST LOOK: New Moon Merchandise!

This is sooo exciting. HotTopic has just released their *new* New Moon Movie merchandise. There is soooo much fun stuff to choose from. I love the umbrella! Go check it everything out – just click the banner below:


P.S. Team Jacob Fans. THIS (below) is featured on one of their Tees:



More sneak peeks at the New Moon clothing from Nordstrom!

New Moon Merchandise, Nordstrom New Moon Clothing

New Moon V-neck tee

Nordstrom New Moon clothing

Here is another sneak peek inside the upcoming New Moon Movie merchandise line from Nordstrom! Above you will see 3 tees and one tank. All the tops I’ve seen so far from this new line are very wearable and fashionable. I love any shirt  related to the saga, but these actually look like something you could pair with some nice jeans, flats and a cute (twilight related?) necklace. Loving the deep necks in them!


(Thanks Tara-Lynn)