Lykke Li’s ‘New Moon’ Song Mixes Love, Death And Robert Pattinson!

As most of us know by now, Lykke Li is contributing her song “Possibility” to the New Moon Movie soundtrack. I, for one, am excited. The 20 second snippet of the song I heard was great! I can’t wait to hear the rest.
Lucky for MTV, they had the chance to interview Lykke, where she gave us some info on her contribution to the soundtrack. Here are some highlights:

“Everyone kept asking me if I wanted to do it, how [the song] was going, when would I have it finished, and I was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know, maybe I’ll do it, maybe I won’t,’ ” she laughed. “I mean, I had heard of the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon, but I didn’t read the books or watch the first movie or anything. I mean, I’m Swedish.”

She’s not trying to sound glib. That’s just how the 23-year-old Li works. She found fame and acclaim (more so back home than abroad, but who’s counting?) with her 2008 album Youth Novels, a simmering, sexy disc that built indelibly unique pop music out of sources both organic (handclaps, foot stomps, etc) and mechanical (808s, theremins, etc.). She has since toured the world and spent much of her time trying to figure out what to do next. Writing a song for a very major Hollywood picture just didn’t seem to be in the cards.

Until she saw “New Moon,” that is. Then, suddenly, she was hooked.

“I stayed [in Los Angeles] and watched the movie, when it only had green screen on it. I had this hook in my mind, even before I saw the movie, and then I was watching it, and I was like, ‘That’s the hook!’ ” she said. “So it was very much like a discovery, inside myself and musically. I had this song growing inside of me that I had to get out, and [the film] was the trigger. Because I really connected with Bella and Edward’s tortured love story.”

You can read the entire interview here!

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Anya Marina “Satellite Heart” Fan Video!

Anya Marina, who is featured on the “New Moon” Movie Soundtrack released her song ‘Satellite Heart’ via her MySpace Page as we announced in the previous post (below). I for one absolutely ADORE this song. Her voice is perfect and the feel of the song matches the movie great! And now, today, care of Anya’s record label, Chop Shop records, she has blogged about seeing an early screening of New Moon (ahem… LUCKY?):

“A few months ago, I was asked by Chris Weitz (the director of the new Twilight movie (New Moon) to come in to his office to screen the latest Twilight movie, New Moon. I guess he’d heard my cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” and really liked it. Naturally, I was thrilled. I heard all sorts of my favorite bands were being considered for the soundtrack (Thom Yorke, Death Cab, Grizzly Bear, etc). In fact, on the day of my own private screening, as I walked in, The Killers were making their way out.




Suffice it to say, the movie was great and I got really inspired to adapt a new song I’d been working on to suit Bella and Edward and their whole drama. I got together with my friend, producer [and mixer on Slow & Steady...] Ken Andrews, and we recorded a pretty mean version of a new song called “Satellite Heart.”

When I heard that Chris decided not only to include Satellite Heart in my favorite scene in New Moon, but also in the soundtrack, I was–pardon the pun–over the moon. I can’t wait to see it in the movie or for you to hear some of the straight-up sick remixes that’ll be coming out soon, too. For now, stream the song (and check out the lyrics) on MySpace, and then pre-order the soundtrack through iTunes to be able to download ‘Satellite Heart’ instantly.

Enjoy. See you in November!”



Also, here is a Fan Made video that goes with Anya’s “Satellite Heart” – with lyrics! Enjoy! Tell me what you think via My Twitter HERE!!

All this New Moon Soundtrack news is soooo exciting!!!

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MTV’s guide to the lesser known New Moon Soundtrack artists!

If anyone is going to know music, it’s MTV. Lucky for us New Moon Movie fans, they’ve given us the rundown of the lesser known artists who will be featured on the New Moon soundtrack. The official list was released earlier today, and surely has some people wondering “who the…?” So, here you go:

Band of Skulls (“Friends”): This White Stripes-by-way-of-Radiohead English trio formed in 2008 and released the blues-rocking Baby Darling Doll Face Honey in March. They played at this summer’s Lollapalooza festival and feature the alternating vocals of bassist Emma Richardson and guitarist Russell Mardsen.

Lykke Li (“Possibility”): Another veteran of Lollapalooza 2009, the Swedish answer to Lady Gaga has gained a legion of fans (among them MTV’s own Kurt Loder) for the intensely rhythmic and hypnotic dance music on her debut, Youth Novels.

Anya Marina (“Satellite Heart”): The San Diego-based singer/songwriter, sometime actress (“100 Girls”) and radio DJ released her second album of playfully sexy pop tunes, Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II in January. Her songs have been featured “The Real World,” “Gossip Girl,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

Bon Iver & St. Vincent (“Rosyln”): He’s sensitive folkie Justin Vernon, whose For Emma, Forever Ago was recorded under the name Bon Iver in a remote cabin in Wisconsin in 2007 and became a blog sensation in 2008. She’s Annie Clark, a member of the Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ touring band who performs as the St. Vincent. Her second album, Actor, was released in May and featured orchestrated pop songs she said were potential fodder for film scores.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (“Done All Wrong”): This L.A.-based psychedelic garage rock act — named after Marlon Brando’s motorcycle gang in 1953′s “The Wild One” — have been thrashing around since 1998 and have released five albums of twisty, heady rock.

Read up on the rest at MTV Here!



New Moon Clip to preview of ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’

Enjoy the preview of New Moon’s ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ by Death Cab For Cutie put to clips of New Moon. We showed you the audio if this song earlier, but it’s so much better paired with clips form the New Moon Movie!




Pre-Order New Moon Soundtrack and get fun bonus stuff!

If you pre-order the New Moon Soundtrack now, which is available October 20th, you will get a MP3 Download of Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ which would be delivered September 13th (before it’s available digitally!). There are other packages too. The deluxe package, which I’ve posted a pic of (below) will get you:

New Moon Movie soundtrack

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Death Cab For Cutie Possibly On New Moon Soundtrack!?

Looks like there’s a possibility that Death Cab For Cutie could be on the New moon Soundtrack. FMQB reports the following:

Death Cab For Cutie will contribute a brand new song to the soundtrack to the upcoming film Twilight: New Moon. The track will arrive in August, while the soundtrack itself will be out later this year. Twilight: New Moon will land in theaters on November 20.”

Please remember that this not confirmed, and until the official soundtrack artist list is released, we cannot 100% confirm anything.