New Moon Trailer 1+2+3+ Exclusive Scenes!

This is brilliant. Someone thought to stitch together all the released New Moon footage so far and it’s 7 minutes worth! This was edited beautifully! I really hope they edit it and add the newest fight scene clip that was released! If they do I will post it :)

Thank you for the link Tanjida!!!





Anna Kendrick saw New Moon trailer!

MTV had the chance to catch up with Anna Kendrick at the Toronto International Film Festival. where she is promoting “Up In The Air” and asked her if she had a chance to see the leaked New moon Trailer:
“I did,” she exclaimed, “[but] it was a very, very small video and it was very blurry, so I’m looking forward to seeing it in a big theater.” Well, that makes two of us, Anna, but if you want to see the expanded trailer with even more never-before-seen footage, you’ll have to tune into the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT where we’re airing the exclusive full-length trailer for “New Moon” for the first time.”



Some Screenshots from the HQ trailer! (about 80)

CLICK HERE to see a TON more! I’ll add these to the gallery when I get some time, too!This took me forever to do – and I tried not to get any of the characters blinking or anything weird, lol! Enjoy.



New Moon VMA trailer Sneak Peek

new moon trailer

MTV shares a sneak peek of the New Moon trailer that is set to air at the VMAs Sunday September 13th! (this isn’t available in my region for some reason – so I can’t really elaborate on it, lol). However, the photo above is a still from the sneak peek that I don’t believe was in the leaked version we all saw yesterday! Enjoy.



New Moon Trailer Screen Captions!!!!!

Don’t mean to be a ‘credit’ hound – but if you use on your website credit (as in LINK) please. It took me a while to make these. Thank you :)

I’ll make new ones when it comes out in HQ! I ♥ the Charlie one ;)

CLICK HERE to see about 55 in total!!



New Moon trailer… (and more Volvo mystery)


Okay. More on this Volvo Mystery. A reader, Kim, sent me an email and made a great point. Notice the color of the Volvo in the trailer above? NOT SILVER! And, earlier I posted THIS statement from Summit.

They said it’s the same color as the Volvo in NEW MOON. So it’s not silver then, ’cause clearly that Volvo in the above trailer is not silver. Summit didn’t lie, because the Eclipse Volvo and the New Moon Volvo are the same – but not silver. Why though? I don’t understand why it’s a different color. Maybe it has some sort of significance to the story. We’ll see.



Watch this widget transform into the *NEW* New Moon Trailer!!

When the clock strikes 9pm on Sunday night(the night of the VMAs) , it will auto-magically transform into a new banner, one urging you to turn on your TV and check out the awards show. BUT WAIT! There’s more! At the appointed hour — ie after the new “New Moon” trailer debuts — the widget will transform again, into a video player containing… wait for it… THE TRAILER!!! So in case you for some reason miss the trailer on TV, come back here to see it in the widget!

I will be re-posting this Sunday because it will get pushed down probably!



New Expanded Trailer to shown by Rob, Tay’ & Kris’ at Video Music Awards… *screams*

Robert, Taylor & Kristen are set to debut a brand new extended trailer of New Moon at the Video Music Awards that will be aired on September 13th at 9pm.

Also exciting is that on the same day we’ll hear, for the first time, Death Can For Cutie’s single which will be on the New Moon soundtrack called “Meet  Me On The Equinox.” MTV reports:

“Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will appear on the show to debut an exclusive expanded trailer for “New Moon,” the second film in Summit Entertainment’s vampire saga.

We’ll repeat that slowly for you: Fresh “New Moon” footage. Pattinson. Stewart. Lautner. Boom!

The film’s first trailer premiered during this year’s MTV Movie Awards, and now the 26th annual VMAs are shaping up to be another bonanza for devoted Twilighters. On the day of the show, will debut the first single off the “New Moon” soundtrack, the Death Cab for Cutie tune “Meet Me on the Equinox.” Based the second book in Stephenie Meyer’s supernatural series, “New Moon” is set for release on November 20, while the soundtrack drops on October 20″

*Screams Louder*… this is almost too much Twilight: New Moon goodness to take in! Cannot wait!!!!!




New Moon Trailer Stills…

Jacob & Bella almost Kiss (above)

Jane From the Volturi (above)

Bella In The Water After Jumping (above)

So, as you all probably know by now – the French version of the official New Moon trailer that will be released before the movie Bandslam was all over the internet. However, out of respect for Summit Entertainment (who brings us these movies that we love so much), I wont be posting it here. To be honest, it was blurry and hard to see anyway – not to mention in French so a lot of people wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway. You’re really better off not spoiling it for yourself, and seeing it in the theater before Bandslam!

Link: Buy tickets to Bandslam and get a sneak peek of an exclusive new trailer for New Moon, which can only be seen in theaters.

However, what I will post are two pretty cool stills (above) taken from the blurry trailer – just to whet your appetite! Enjoy!


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