Noot Seear: Stunning in the February 2010 issue of Elle Italien Magazine.

Noot Seear, who plays Heidi – the bait in New Moon went topless for the 2010 issue of Italien Elle Magazine. I posted the non-topless ones (above), but to view them all click here. (NSFW – you were warned!)



Heidi & Gianna Screen Captions

They didn’t exactly get a lot of screen time, so in case you blinked and missed it, here are some stills of Giana (played by Justine Wachsberger) and Heidi (played by Noot Seear ). I think Heidi looked  great as the human bait :)



Noot Seear (who plays Heidi ‘the bait’) In Vanity Fair Italy!

Noot Seear, who plays Heidi – the bait, in New Moon, looks fabulous in Vanity Fair Italy! I want to see how she looks in the movie sooooo badly, but we haven’t seen one shot with her. At the same time, it will be a nice surprise!




Noot Seear in the November Harper’s Bizaar!

New Moon’s Heidi (The Bait), Noot Seear, is in the November issue of Harper’s Bizaar! For her shoot, they did a Law And Order: Crimes Of Fashion theme! Noot looks great and I’m still soo curious about how she will look as Heidi. Check out more photos from this shoot at Harper’s here!



Ashley Greene, Rachelle LeFevre, Nikki Reed and Noot Seear: Twilight Beauty

Glamour Magazine features Some of the New Moon girls in their newest issue. Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Rachelle LeFevre and Noot Seear all posed for this new photo which is featured in an article called “Twilight Beauty.”





New Moon’s Heidi, Noot Seear Talks About The Saga & Difference Between Acting & Modeling!

New Moon’s Heidi, played by Model Noot Seear was interviewed by WWDLifeStyle and this is some of what she had to say:

On what “New Moon” director Chris Weitz was looking for when choosing Heidi:

“We wanted someone who had an unearthly and unlikely beauty, but could also convey humor and menace,” explains Weitz, who reportedly also considered AnnaLynne McCord of “90210” before eventually settling on Seear. “It’s rare to find a stunningly attractive person who also happens to have the ability to act.”

On Modeling VS. Acting:

But when the opportunity to be part of the “Twilight” juggernaut came about, she knew it was her time. “I started reading the books, and I couldn’t put them down,” she says.

She admits she was worried her modeling years would hinder her acting chops. “I was really scared because you’re not allowed to look in the camera [when filming a movie], but in the modeling world, you’re supposed to,” recalls Seear, whose problem was solved by the heavy-duty violet contacts she had to wear on-screen. “I literally couldn’t see 2 feet in front of me. They would tell me, ‘Look at Kristen [Stewart],’ and I was like, ‘OK. Where is she?’”

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