Sneak Peek at two new tees from Nordstrom’s new line of “New Moon” merchandise!

Cam Gigandet, Nordstrom New Moon Merchandise

Team Wolfpack Tee

One of MTV’s brand new interns, Liliana, was nice enough to blog about the cute New Moon tees she had a chance to see so far from the Nordstrom “New Moon” Merchandise collection due out next month! Bonus that she got to meet Twilight hottie Cam Gigandet! Here’s is how Liliana described the tees:

“Both tees are slim fitting and sheer; one could honestly wear them whenever they wanted to look cute, but casual. My favorite of the two is a green and blue, sheer shirt. It has quarter-length sleeves, and is flattering to any body type.

Personally, what I love about these shirts is that they let “Twilight” fans wear the logos and symbols of the movies they love, while still being able to look cute and fashionable too. Which, in my humble opinion, has been long overdue for fan apparel.”

I cannot wait to see this line of “New Moon” Merch’! I know you’re all excited, too!


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