Outtakes Of Nikki Reed From NYLON Magazine!

NYLON Magazine has a feature called ‘Got Nikki?’ where they asked Breaking Dawn‘s Nikki Reed a quick five questions! They also posted some great new outtakes of Nikki (below):

You’re wearing like four Swatches all together!  You look like Molly Ringwald in an ’80s movie! I know, aren’t they cool?  I like how simple they are.  I think I learned how to tell time on one of these.

Besides Twilight, you’re in a new movie, Catch 44, with Deborah Ann Woll, right? She’s so amazing.

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New NYLON Outtakes of Jackson Rathbone!

Here are some new outtakes of Jackson Rathbone from his NYLON Magazine shoot! Ninja Rathbone…  :)

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More new NYLON pics of Ashley Greene!

Check out these gorgeous new outtakes of Ashley Greene for NYLON Magazine! See below for some of Ashley’s interview with the mag:

Ashley Greene, on Paparazzi: “Yeah, I know their cars. Bit there’s always people sitting outside my house. I put my own security system in my apartment because you have to worry about people getting a little too obsessed.”

Ashley Greene, on the new Young Hollywood: “We’re not all crazy! … I feel like that whole generation, that’s dying down now, thinks they’re higher than God and can do whatever they want. [Young Hollywood] now are people who really love the business.”

Thank you soo much to TheMerazEffect for sending me the link to these!!

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