New Pic of Daniel Radcliffe & Kristen Stewart Rehearsing for The Oscars!

Kristen Stewart and Daniel Radcliffe at rehearsals for the 2013 Oscars!

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Taylor Lautner at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter

Taylor Lautner attends the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar party at Sunset Tower on February 24, 2013 in West Hollywood.






Hairstylist Danilo Talks About Kristen Stewart’s Hair for Oscars

Hair Stylist Danilo will be working with Kristen Stewart for the Oscars on February 24th! Below he discusses what hairstyle he’d like to see on her:

[...] What Danilo wants to see at the Oscars on Sunday:

“I’d like to see an individual. I’m looking for that. Because you see so much of the same, blah. I work with Jessica Chastain sometimes, so I’m excited to see what she’s wearing. I worked with her the other day, and I was just like, ‘With that face and that hair, who cares! Just channel your YSL ad.’ With Kristen [Stewart], I think I’ll probably end up giving her glam hair. I mean, she’s wearing a gown—shocker, I know—and since she’s young, she can get away with a really serious gown if she wants. But, you know, even if she just washed her hair, dried it, and diffused it and went with a big-deal beautiful gown, she’d look great and young and fashion and chic… We’re not going to make her look like an old lady, that’s for sure. I just want to give her hair that she can touch, move in, and feel glamorous about… Why wouldn’t a movie star want to look like a movie star? Also, I’ll just say that I already asked her stylist to bring accessories for the hair—with these side-swept looks, jewelry in the hair can be so amazing. When I did Cate Blanchett for the Oscars [in 2000], her team had this Maharajah necklace, and I was like, ‘Come on, you’ve got the real shit! Let’s put it on!’”

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