New photos: Nikki Reed shops in Vancouver while Jack Huston leaves VanCity!

"Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis" "Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis" "Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis" "Jack Huston" "Jack Huston form Eclipse Movie"

Nikki Reed and her boyfriend, Paris Latsis, spent some time out in Vancouver shopping Saturday. Looks like Paris got a haircut. Nice. You will also see photos of Jack Huston (above), who plays Royce King II in Eclipse, leaving Vancouver.

See more pics at Lainey Gossip!



Nikki Reed & Paris Latsis at ‘The Invention Of Lying’ premiere!

Nikki Reed Nikki Reed at the invention of lying premiere Paris Latsis

Nikki Reed was spotted at the premiere for “The Invention Of Lying” with boyfriend Paris Latsis!


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Eclipse cast out shopping…

Kristen Stewart and Paris Latsis

Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser & Paris Latsis were out in Vancouver shopping, and grabbed some pizza also! Kristen bought something from the store ‘SPANK’ …. you can check out their website here! After inspecting the site, I think I found those red shoes Kristen Stewart is wearing. (I love them, so check the site to see if they were from there or not).

Think they’re the same shoe? She probably bought them inside the store and just wore them out.

See more pics of them out getting pizza and shopping HERE!



Pics of Christian, Kristen, Nikki, Elizabeth & Paris Latsis!

Angela Webber Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Paris Latsis, Elizabeth Reaser, Christian Serratoes

Lainey Gossip is the place to be today! She has pics of Christian Serratos (Angela Weber) shopping in Vancouver yesterday here and photos of Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Paris Latsis & Elizabeth Reaser all out in Vancouver shopping here!




It’s OFFICIAL Twi-Fans: Cast heading to Vancouver to film Eclipse!

♥Kellan Lutz heading to Vancouver!

♥Ashley Greene Headed To Vancouver♥

Nikki Reed & Boyfriend Paris Latsis Headed To Vancouver

… and Nikki’s Buttcrack twi-crack!

♥Elizabeth Reaser Heads To Vancouver♥

Xavier Samuel AKA Riley heads to Vancouver

There you have it… it’s official. Eclipse is beginning! I think this is going to be a FUN adventure Twi-Hards. Can’t wait… this is sooo exciting to see them all at the airport and getting ready to film some more of this Saga we all love so much!

Thanks to TwiFans!




Nikki Reed & Paris Latsis Dating!

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca is reporting that Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis (Greek shipping heir and Paris Holton’s ex) are a couple.

They met about six months ago and have been together since. The reason she traveled over to Greece was to be with [Paris], spills a supertight bud to Nik. And we mean supertight.

Remember when we told you why N.R. was skipping out on Italy back in May? Well, she wasn’t only spending time with her family, but it seems that she was introducing them to Mr. and Mrs. Latsis, too!

Both families have met, and really like each other. That’s how serious it’s getting between [Nikki and Paris], ‘fesses a good friend of the couple. Robert Pattinson is nowhere on the radar. She’s upgraded, in her mind.

Well, as long as Nikki is happy! I was wondering why she was keeping such a low profile – and she’s smart for doing so. The media has a way with tearing apart celeb’ relationships.




FOUND: Nikki Reed! Miss Reed Spotted With Paris Latsis In Greece!

We haven’t seen very much of New Moon’s Rosalie, Nikki Reed, in the longest time. Finally a pic has surfaced of her and Paris Latsis (Paris Hilton’s ex fiance in case you’re wondering who on earth he is). Looks like Nikki will be in Greece until the end of July – then is reportedly going back to LA!