Shhh… Don’t Tell Edward!

Here are the guys from The Vampire Diaries on their Hot Topic tour holding a ‘Team Damon’ sign which I thought was so cute because of the ‘Shh, don’t tell Edward.’ Cats out of the bag now… ;)

P.S. I kinda just wanted an excuse to post a picture of Ian Somerhalder’s dreamy face!

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Kellan Lutz at 2010 Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males Of 2010

Kellan Lutz was in attendance at the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males of 2010 event at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel on March 1, 2010 in New York City! There are many more photos, so check them all out here!



Kellan Lutz & Paul Wesley: Why Vampires Turn Us On!

Cosmopolitan just released a new video that shows more of New Moon‘s Kellan Lutz & Vampire Diaries  Paul Wesley’s interview (above) from their ‘Fun & Fearless Male’ photoshoot for the February issue! Below is an untagged photo of Kellan from the shooot. Enjoy :)

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Kellan Lutz & Paul Wesley for Cosmopolitan “Fun Fearless Males” Issue!

Here is an ET video that I haven’t seen yet from the Cosmopolitan “Fun Fearless Males” issue. I posted the scans the other day here. Kellan and Paul look sooo cute :)



Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley talks to Teen Vogue about TWILIGHT cast!

Just got my new November issue of Teen Vogue – and inside there is a small interview with The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley where he talks about hanging out with the Twilight cast in Vancouver. Here is some of what Paul had to say:

On The Twilight Cast:

“The cast was staying at our hotel-we saw them everywhere and hung out all the time. They’re actually really nice people.”

On Twilight & Vampire Diaries Comparisons:

“They have vampires and high school romance in common, but that’s about it.”

On Making Sure Twilight Didn’t Influence His Character:

“The minute I was cast, I plowed through all the books.” And he made a point of not reading or watching Twilight. “I didn’t want to be influenced by it at all.”

It’s cool to hear that they’ve actually hung out and get along.




Vampire Diaries Star Paul Wesley Doesn’t Know Anything About Edward Cullen…

Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley spoke with MTV about Twilight & Robert Pattinson comparisons recently. Here is some of what Paul had to say:

“It’s sort of inevitable, because the characters are so similar. But I guess I haven’t been getting it that bad, because I’ve been stuck here in my own little world shooting, and I’m not exposed to it a ton,” he told MTV News about the comparisons. “I don’t really have any defense, because I don’t know anything about Edward Cullen.”

“I don’t really have a series of things that make me different from Edward Cullen, but it’s just sort of inevitable. [Robert Pattinson is] playing a vampire, I’m playing a vampire. We’re both in love with a girl who’s a human, and ['Twilight'] takes place in high school [too], and it’s like, ‘OK, I totally get it,’ ” he said. “I just think there’s going to be obvious differences and obvious similarities, and it’s all good.”

I actually like Paul. Robert Pattinson is number one, of course, but at the end of the day, Paul is doing his job – acting. The stories do have their differences, and definitely have their similarities, but it can’t all fall back onto Paul’s shoulders. He shows up to work to do his job… he doesn’t write the scripts. However, he does handle the comparisons in interviews very well!
Thank you MTV!

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