New Interview with Alex Meraz done by Saturday Night Magazine!

New Moon star Alex Meraz, who plays Paul, was interviewed by Saturday Night Magazine! Here is an excerpt of his interview:

There must have been some fierce competition for those four new werewolf roles. What was the audition process like and how did you finally land the role of Paul?
It was an intense process. When I received the call for submissions, I had already started working out because I knew it would be physically demanding. After a couple rounds of callbacks, I was lucky enough to land a role.  

What can you tell us about Paul?
Paul is the “bad boy” of the wolf pack. He comes across as volatile, but I think he’s misunderstood. He is just very proud of being Quilleute and is unapologetic about being a protector for his people.

Did you and Taylor get at all competitive in terms of shirtless attributes?
First day I met Taylor I overheard him ask Edi Gathegi [who plays Laurent] if I was bigger than him. Edi answered, “He’s just wider”. I teased him about overhearing it and from there we became gym buddies and shared workout tips with each other.

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Alex Meraz shirtless for Tyler Shields photoshoot!

Here you go wolf pack fans! Enjoy this shirtless video & picture of Alex Meraz (Paul) at a Tyler Shields photoshoot! Now pick your jaw back up, wipe the drool off your lips…

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