Vote For ‘Eclipse’ In The Moviefone End Of Summer Movie Poll!

Moviefone has started up their annual ‘End of Summer Movies Poll’ and Eclipse and its stars are in several categories including: “Movie Most Worth Your Cash,” “Sexiest Woman”, “Hottest Leading Man,” “Best Couple,”"Best Sequel” and more!  Check out the Poll HERE and vote to get Eclipse & the Eclipse stars #1! We’re pretty good at that, so lets show ‘em what Twi-Hards are made of and vote vote vote!



The Twilight Saga Makes The List of the “100 Coolest Things On The Planet!”

The Twilight Saga made #82 on this list of the ’100 Coolest Things On The Planet’ which was decided by a study of 3,000 Brits. Do you agree with most of this list? Let me know which #’s you’d replace on the list, and what you’d stick in that slot via my Twitter here!

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Random Poll: Are you more pumped to see Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?

Hey everyone! I’m just curious about which movie you Twi-Hards are the most excited for. There are parts in both movies that I cannot wait to see… but at the end of the day, I’m personally most excited for Breaking Dawn. What about you? Vote:

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