Renesmee’s Diary – Gamble

Dear Diary,

As promised, I helped Emily Young with the pack’s “game night.” It took all three of  us; Emily, Kim, and I to convince our men not to gamble with real money. Of course, with Sam’s strict orders to not actually gamble, they wouldn’t. That’s one of the perks of being an imprint; your imprinter must follow any reasonable request you may have.

“Ness, could you just serve the potatoes? I’ll guard the chili,” Emily begged, drowning in her own perspiration.

“Definitely,” I answered, swapping the wooden spoon for the platter of loaded potatoes. Tonight was the entire pack’s night off from patrolling. My father and uncles had kindly offered to scour the territory for the night.

“Here they are, loaded bacon potatoes,” I mounted the heaping platter on the table bestowing the goods.

Instantly hands struck for a piece at once. I couldn’t help but giggle at how swiftly each werewolf had made their claim of four potatoes each. I guess it’s too late to remind them a main entrée is still to come?

Over the course of the evening I served the ravenous beasts and checked to make sure they weren’t ignoring my wishes to not actually gamble.

While the boys played, Emily and I occupied our time discussing Emily’s weddings plans. Yes, Emily’s wedding plans….I was just as shocked to hear this myself. Can you believe it? Her and Sam are finally ready to tie the knot and make the ultimate commitment of life.

“I really want it to be perfect. It will be in the backyard and I’ll make sure to invite the entire family, including yours.” Though the weather here was not appropriate for outdoor events, Alice could make it work. I was sure of that. (Though I wasn’t sure if Emily would want a indiscriminate pixie to help with their wedding….it’s either Alice’s way or “the insensible way” – as Alice continuously declares).

“Nessie, would you care to perform at our wedding? You’ve become quite the singer.” And so the once in a  lifetime offer came. Emily and Sam wanted me to perform at their wedding, me.

True, stage fright isn’t an issue for me. In fact, I love crowds and attention. Aunt Alice believes that I “glow” when I perform, the complete opposite of my mom.

“Sure, Emily, it would be an honor to perform at your wedding. I’ll even write a song just for the two of you.” All the angst on Emily Young’s face formed into that bright grin of hers. A belle dame like her deserved much better than some cheesy love song, so I’d have to work hard.

I dragged Jacob home for the night, a rash decision, I know. But I desired inspiration for my song. What would one say to another when they loved them so immensely? I would only know when I felt it. That’s where Jakie came in to my delight.

It started out with a perfect kiss

then we doved into bliss

I didn’t think a person like you could exist

so special, tender, you melt my heart

Will you hold me forever love and never part

I love you forever with that perfect kiss

Those beautiful eyes and flattering smile

How long has it been since I’ve known your face

The way you caress my cheeks and put me into place

I feel the world shall not end because of you

I love each and every single thing you do

I love you for that perfect kiss”

Alright, it was a start. It was all that came to my mind in spite of the fact that Jacob and I were, well making out. My mind is pretty fuzzy during this, but inspiration filled.

I joined my lips with his to endow the wretched part of the night; the goodbye.

“Wait, Jake before you go!” I rushed to his side, clasping his cheeks. I was projecting images of us cuddling under the moonlight. He was holding me tightly, whispering jokes and things I wanted to hear.

“Ok, tomorrow night. You and me by the creek.” Jacob was peering in the distance. Of course when I cringed my eyes, all I saw were evergreens quivering in the chilly air. It wasn’t the type of “peer” I wanted to see. It was as if he saw something I didn’t wish his eyes saw.

It was my father, uncle Emmet, and uncle Jasper that emerged from the sopping wet forest. They were rushing, obviously eager to get to Jake as soon as possible.

“Jacob. Something very important has come up. We need to talk with you privately,” my father said,  eying me on the last part. That was my cue to leave, and I did so hesitantly. My curiosity would mob my sanity if I didn’t listen.

“Ness….you should go,” Jake announced, still keeping an attentive gaze on my father.

There were four things I pondered as I drudged my way upstairs.

1. First and foremost, what was this “secret business” they were keeping from me?

2. Should I be alarmed?

3. Will everyone but me know of this?

4. And four, I am horrified. Yes flat-out terrified. No, I didn’t inherit Alice’s premonitions . . . but I had somewhat of a vision you could say.  It was something evil…lurking around close by. My safety was in danger and everyone but me officially knew it.

To ease the panging pain of anxiety, I slipped on my knee-high socks. I couldn’t help but bitterly laugh at the design; smiley faces. What I wouldn’t give to feel that . . . happy and safe.

As much as the measures I knew Jacob and Edward- even Leah Clearwater herself – would go to protect me…I still felt unsafe. Like I was open for any attack that would come my way…..whether it be involving me or not in the fight.

Frustrated as I was, I shut my eyes and dreamt a beautiful dream. The dream consisted of a resolution that would never resolve my angst, confusion, or alarmed feeling. Images of half-naked Jacob didn’t heal much….just stitched up the matter for a few moments. That’s the part where I doze off thinking everything was alright.


Then she got to me. At four AM, like hushed whispers, haunting you from a regrettable experience. A glimpse of her pulverizing crimson shade and I was already eligible to be dead.

It wasn’t a red head, but a blondie. She was pursuing me, not stopping until she reached my lively blood vessels. Her curled ringlets were as strikingly beautiful as mine, along with the rest of her immortal aura.

Of all noticeable features, it was the eerie smirk she played on her face. It was more of a “you better watch out” than an “I’m going to kill you” expression. The difference was that blondie wanted to play games instead of just instantly killing me. She desired for me to feel excruciating pain from her venom.

But every time I asked for her name, she just smirked. Each time I questioned like a helpless, feeble, and desperate human I was gambling with my life. Only this time, the gamble wasn’t going my way.

She began singing the most beautiful melody I’d ever heard before. It was something everyone admired; even more so because she was immortal, luring me in to every note.

It was then I realized her singing voice was mine… voice was in the predator’s body. Still, it was obvious I was not her.

Had she stolen my voice? If so, how? What did this vision symbolize? Why did she want to kill me? Why did she rob my voice?

More importantly: Should I worry?

There was no way my guitar would soothe me, especially when I had much more on my mind like filing a lawsuit for the theft of my larynx.

Time to sleep (or try not to panic),

-Renesmee, A.K.A “Victim”