Video: 3 Reasons Mackenzie Foy Fits the Role of Renesmee

Here is a great new video that put together with three reasons why Mackenzie Foy (who was just cast as Renesmee in Breaking Dawn) is perfect for the role! I love this casting choice, personally!



Fan Made Breaking Dawn Video! So good!

I don’t know what rock I’ve been hiding under, but a reader sent in this fan made Breaking Dawn video and it is simply amazing. Looks like it’s been posted for a couple of months now, but for some reason I’ve never seen it. Thanks so much for sending this in!




Fan Made Breaking Dawn Poster! How cool is this…!?!

This is definitely a neat looking Breaking Dawn poster! I actually cannot wait to see the official posters for Breaking Dawn. I know it’s FAR away, but I can’t wait to see pregnant Bella & scared Edward. LOL. The artist of this beaut’ of a poster is ~krisi932. & I found this at Twilight Guide!





Dear Diary (Clumsy)

I really thought my clumsiness would have disappeared along with the blood in my veins, and my beating heart. But it didn’t–not completely. I still stumble and trip, and I run into things a lot, too. I’m not perfect like him. Edward carries himself with the grace of an angel, while I am constantly on the verge of tripping over my own feet or smashing my stone-like body into a glass door. Yes, I did that.

Then there’s Alice. She carries herself with so much poise and grace that I often wonder if she’s floating. She’s so tiny, and her movements seem almost motionless. Alice, too, is very shocked that I haven’t become more breezy and poised since being turned. Poise and grace normally come with the change.

I have improved a great deal from my time as a human, of course, but I’m not as effortlessly graceful as the others. It’s all vague to me, but Edward tells me that as a human, I was so clumsy that he genuinely feared for my fragile life.

My outer appearance would suggest that I’m at least slightly graceful, but looks can be deceiving. In comparison to Alice’s elegant, harmonious movements, I’m pretty much a walking immortal accident waiting to happen–which is why Alice decided to devote the entire day to giving me a lesson–or ten–on how to be more ‘chic’, as she likes to call it.

In order to be the part, I had to dress the part. Alice’s words, not mine. For the lesson, Alice made me wear a silk, cream colored, floor-length, empire-waist gown with black lace trim. I didn’t like the dress, but I loved Edward’s reaction when he walked into the room. His sculpted jaw dropped slightly and his butterscotch eyes grew along with his bewildered expression.

Alice cleared up the confusion in a hurry, though. “No Edward, we’re not planning another wedding for you and Bella. You just had your first one not too long ago. I’ll wait a little longer before I start bugging for another wedding.”


Alice is unstoppable. I’m not fond of large celebrations, but having a second wedding with Edward doesn’t seem like the worst thing that could happen. Maybe one day. Probably soon, if Alice has any say.

Edward’s face retracted back to its perfect normal set, almost. His eyes remained larger than normal, and appeared to be glued to me. I thought he was trying to tell me he wanted to talk to me in private, but he assured me otherwise. “You’re beautiful, Bella. Perfect. And, for the record, I would marry you a hundred times. Alice, don’t change my perfect angel too much, please. I love her the way she is. Clumsiness and all.” He grinned then disappeared into the room with the white piano and started playing a beautiful melody.

Alice yelled after him. “Oh Edward, if immortality wasn’t enough to nix Bella’s clumsiness I’m sure I don’t stand a chance. It’s still fun trying, though.”

I suddenly felt like one of those dolls that comes with a number of different outfits. The ones that come with accessories like fancy pearls and numerous pairs of shoes. I need to make a mental note to pick a few of those dolls up for Alice. Maybe she will lay off me if she has a bunch of dress-up dolls to poke and prod at instead.

First lesson: Graceful Walking.

I have to admit, after a few pointers from Alice, I am actually lighter on my feet. It’s definitely been hard adjusting to my rock-like body. It feels harder and heavier than ever, plus my strength naturally makes me thud when I walk. Alice taught me to be more aware of each movement, to think of each step as walking on delicate, breakable ground. So far, it seems to be working. Emmett hasn’t been calling me “The Vampire Hulk” much lately.

After completing a number of lessons, we were finally on our last: How To Dress Elegantly For Your Body Type.

I didn’t know cold-hard-stone was a body type, but in the end I learned how to pair the right shoes with the proper jeans. Though I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the heels Alice tried to convince me to wear, I now know that they supposedly elongate your legs, thinning them and adding height and grace to your appearance. Thanks, Alice.

After Alice was done with me, she thought she should get a head start on Renesmee. She’s terrified of Nessie becoming a ‘clumsy fashion faux pas’ once she’s fully grown. Again, her words, not mine. I felt bad for my little Nudger, but she loves being with Aunt Alice. Besides, once I get Alice those dress up dolls, Nessie will be saved. Hopefully.

Edward was back at the cabin by the time Alice finished with me, so I went back to be with him, still in my silk gown. By this time, Alice had put soft ringlets in my hair and a white flower in the crown she braided around my head.

Edward was more than pleased . . . .

Will write again soon.





Dear Diary (My First Entry)

And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.


Romeo & Juliet.

I had written this quote down in an old diary that I brought with me to Forks. I scribbled hearts around it while thinking of his pale, porcelain face. I knew nothing of him then; nothing of his immortality, strength, speed, or how dangerous he was. All I knew then was that he was the most beautiful being I’d even seen in my life. But ‘beautiful’ is too feeble a word to describe Edward. 



1. Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.
2. Excellent; wonderful.

Edward was far more than this.

To this day, I’ve never been able to think of a great enough word to articulate how perfect he is. Edward has pulled at my now lifeless heart strings since the first time I laid eyes on him. I see some of those indescribable qualities in myself now, and in our daughter, Renesmee. The family calls her Nessie for short. I’m getting used to it now.

To say that my life has changed drastically since moving to Forks would be the understatement of a lifetime. However, my life – in all its immortal glory – isn’t the only thing that has changed.

My appearance has also become undeniably distinct.

When I used to look in the mirror I’d see a soft, plain, pale-skinned, brown-eyed girl looking back at me.  Now I see a porcelain-skinned, red-eyed, strong . . . vampire. I’m still not used to saying that word. Vampire. I doubt I’ll ever get used to it, but I have an eternity to try.
One thing I’m happy I won’t have to get used to are my eerily crimson eyes. They are slowly changing, falling into a golden-brown color with small tinges of red that drown out more with the passing of each day. I’ve stopped wearing my contacts around Charlie and Charlie’s partner, Sue.  Alice sees great things happening between those two. It makes me happy to know Charlie isn’t as lonely. I still worry about him, though. I just want him to be happy.

They still don’t ask questions, and I still don’t offer any information. After watching Jacob transform into a wolf, Charlie has become aware of the fact that there’s something very strange happening. That there’s more to this world than he could have ever imagined. However, he also knows that no one would ever hurt him. I promised him that much.

Sometimes I go back to Charlie’s house in the middle of the night to check on him. I crawl through my old window and silently glide into his room to usually find him dreaming, mumbling, of something either fishing, sports or work related. 
I miss him.
I miss a lot of things. I’ll never have to miss Edward, though. Never again.

Jacob comes to visit Renesmee often. A little too often, but I’m understanding his situation more and more. Renesmee is growing so very fast, and Jake wants to be there to see everything, and to keep her safe, protected. She often shows Edward and I that she loves Jacob. She looks at him with awe in her eyes. She looks at him like a best friend. For now.
I’ll always be incredibly grateful for Jacob and his bravery when the Volturi came. I was thankful to have him there, to run with Renesmee in case the Volturi decided to fight. I’ve always been so grateful for Jacob, for being there, for being my sun. Always.

I’m going to sign off now. Edward and I are going to go sing Renesmee to sleep. Well, Edward is going to. I can’t sing. But I watch. I love watching my two angels. The two loves of my life.