Renesmee’s Diary~War on Two Fronts

Jacob’s POV 

Dear Diary,

I was being dragged down a dark hall. We had gone on a plane then had a very long car ride, and when we arrived at wherever the hell we were, they had tossed me into a dark room and left me there for what felt like hours. I had no doubt in my mind that we were in Volterra, the place Bella had left me to go save Edward so many years ago. They had finally came and dragged me from the darkness and were now hauling me farther down this hallow hall. My mind was reeling with worry and despair. I didn’t know where Renesmee was. She could be anywhere. Why were we separated? I couldn’t breathe without her. The hooded figures stopped just in front of a another dark door. It creaked open and they threw me inside. I got to my feet and rushed the door but they slammed it in my face and locked it with some sort of steel girders. I couldn’t take the darkness much longer. I heard a whimper from the darkness and spun around soundlessly. There, nestled into the darkness, was my beloved Renesmee, curled up and shaking furiously.

“Renesmee!” I yelled and threw myself down on the floor next to her, pulling her into my lap. She grabbed for my shirt and pulled herself up to nuzzle into my neck.

“Jake! I’m so cold. They t-took me and they tried to . . . they tried to . . . break my bonds with Mom and Dad and all of them! Even you. They couldn’t. I love them all too much. Especially you, Jacob,” she whispered, shivering into my chest. I growled threateningly. They would pay for what they’ve done to her. I stroked her hair, trying to calm her down.

“It’s okay, my beloved. We’re going to be fine. I promise,” I mumbled into her ear. She shook her head and an image of me lying crumpled on the floor of a great room with red eyes staring at me flashed through my mind. It was my turn to shiver. My teeth gritted together.

You can’t promise that.

“Renesmee . . . listen to me. Don’t you dare waste time worrying about me. Do you hear me?!” I spoke strongly, tilting her chin up so she had to look at me. There were tears streaming down her cheeks, leaving tracks through the grimy dirt covering her face. Her beautiful brown eyes were full of love, worry, and . . . fright.

“If you die, I’m as good as dead. I will die the most gruesome death anyone on earth could ever suffer. Go through much more pain than any of these red-eyed leeches could EVER  make me endure. If you die, I die by default,” I said, stroking her face with my thumb. I kissed her cheek and pulled her head down into the hollow of my neck. She cried until she couldn’t cry anymore and my heart broke anew with every sob that clawed itself out of her. She clung to me like I was her only life source. I clung to her just as tightly. We eventually slept.

Renesmee was awake before I was. She was crying and whimpering in the opposite corner. Something was terribly wrong. I crawled over to her but she crawled away just as quickly.

“Jake . . . stay away from me,” she whispered so softly I thought I’d misunderstood her. My heart broke at the desolate tone of her voice and her words cut into me like a thousand knives.

“Renesmee? Nessie, what’s wrong? It’s going to be okay,” I mumbled, easing toward her. She held up her hand and growled at me. I gasped softly and stopped moving. What the hell?

“Jake, I’m thirsty. I . . . I won’t hurt you, stay away from me,” she spoke, hostility evident in her voice. But I could still hear her love somewhere hidden beneath the predator I knew could soon be unleashed. I scoffed and launched myself at her and bound her tightly in my arms, cradling her but still holding her back, just in case.


“No, Nessie. We  might not have much time left and I’m not going to spend the last few days, hours, or minutes being afraid of you when I could hold you just as easy. You’re still part human, I can hold you back. Shhh, shhh—I’ve got you, my love. Sleep.” I whispered the words in her ear and my soothing voice soon put her to sleep.

For days we woke, spoke soft words of reassurance and love for each other and slept again.


I snapped awake with a jolt and jumped up, bringing Renesmee with me and pushing her behind me defensively. She stepped out from behind me and took my hand, crouching into a defensive pose.


I growled as the light flooding in from the now open door was shrouded with darkness. Then, they tore us apart and pushed us out into the light and began totting us even farther down the hall. We burst through a double set of doors and were pushed roughly to our feet.

“Ahh! Renesmee. Have you reconsidered?” a shrill voice with a deep, ancient accent asked. I stared at the beautiful menacing creature with red eyes and gritted my teeth.


I remember him from the clearing. Beside him on their throwns were his two brothers: Caius and Marcus. Caius was scowling and sticking his noise up in distaste. That’s right, take a good long whiff—you ain’t getting this smell out of your castle for a while, leech. He pulled back his teeth as he realized I was staring at him. I sneered back. I turned my attention on Marcus, who was . . . smiling? He was staring between Renesmee and I like he had just seen the sun. Creepy vampires.

“No, I haven’t,” she spat, venom laced in her voice. I was so proud of her. She looked sideways at me.

“I’m very sorry to hear that. Brothers?” Aro said sadly, holding out his hand for his brothers to take. They each placed their hands in his. Aro immediately snapped his head to Marcus and back to us. He gasped so loudly some of the guards actually moved into position next to him, but he waved them off.

“Magnifo!” he said simply, amazement evident now in his too-wide eyes. He rushed to us and came toward me. If his personnel guard was staggered before, it was nothing compared to how they looked now. Three members followed quickly behind him as he reached me. The smell of him, so much more potent now that he was closer, stung my nose. It was worse than the vampires I now called family. Sweeter and more bleach scented. It was probably due to their diet. An icy shiver trickled down my spine.

“What is this connection you have to her?” he questioned, surprised. I looked at her and back at him.

Tell him.

“She is my everything. My soul mate. My imprint,” I said, looking back at her, smiling. She smiled at me but then looked quickly at Aro. I did the same. He was holding out his hand to me.

Remember what I told you? He’s asking permission to use his gift on you. My new status as a more powerful vampire will be his knowledge now. There’s no getting out of it. You might as well give him your hand, Jacob.

Her thoughts were sad and it hurt my heart. I bowed my head and instead of placing my hand in his I raised it and offered it to him. He quickly took it in his and gasped. I knew what he was seeing. Everything. The pack, our brotherhood, the Cullens, my connection with Renesmee and how it dominated everything. It took him a few minutes, but when he was finished he took a step back.

“Wow. That was extraordinary. You love her . . . more than anyone has ever loved before. So much history behind it. That you would mate . . . with your ancient enemy. Spirits work in mysterious ways. So much history,” he exclaimed, his voice almost giddy. He closed his eyes to the mass of my knowledge that was now his. Thank God that was the first thing to capture his attention. It wouldn’t be long before he looked at everything else.


The whole place was shaking. All of the vampires scattered except three who pulled us up and started pushing us down the hall. They threw us back into the dark room and left quickly. There was a lot of yelling and banging and shaking. Once we even heard the distant faint scrapping of metal. Then, a putrid smell penetrated the door. It was horrible; it smelled like something was . . . burning. I held onto Renesmee with an iron grip as the yelling got louder and louder until we caught snippets of conversation.

“Where are they?”

“Somewhere down this hall!”

“That’s what that leech said!”

I knew those voices. Holy shit! I looked at Renesmee with wide eyes.

“We’re in here!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I lunged at the door and began banging on it. I heard more yelling and then the door was thrown open.





Renesmee’s Diary~ Breakfast with Jake

Hello, my diary readers! I just wanted to apologize for the late entry and to apologize for this short one. I promise the next one will be longer! Thank you for reading! Love-Sabrina

Dear Diary,

The next day I got up with a weird sense of foreboding. I told myself that everything was fine. I leapt out of bed, careful not to jostle Jacob, who was still sleeping soundly. I walked into the living room and was greeted with everyone already alert for the day ahead. Mom filled me in on last night’s events slowly while Gran got me some food.

We had the head of the Brotherhood, Marshall, hidden in an underground bunker near Mom and Dad’s cottage. It was also part of the cottage’s main structure, as the basement, but when the rest of the family re-made it, they cut it out. While we had Amelia, Aunt Alice and Rose had been refurnishing it as a sort of prison. That’s where Marshall and my uncle’s were now. We couldn’t really let him go, but Grandpa had made it abundantly clear that killing him wasn’t an option.

We weren’t killers.

He had already informed us everything we needed to know. They had called Maggie, our friend from the Irish coven, who had a rare gift. She could tell if someone was lying. We really needed to know if this was the last of the Brotherhood. So they had gotten her on the phone and put her on speaker after asking her permission, and Grandpa put her in his pocket while he, Dad, and my uncles interrogated him late last night. They asked him if he and his band of misfits were the last of the Brotherhood and he told us that they weren’t a very big organization but that they had a lot of pull with the Volturi because of Amelia and Alec. He also explained that I was probably gong to be on the Voturi’s shit list for killing her, but they had no way of knowing that we were the ones who had killed off the Brotherhood, or that I had killed Amelia.

They had kept their attack secret because the Volturi wanted them to wait for the right time to demolish us. Marshall was the only one left and we had him so there was no way the Volturi would know anything. They would suspect, but that’s all they could do. They were bound by vampire law to let us be unless a major crime was committed, and the Brotherhood attacked us. We had every right—even if they found out it was us. Maggie informed us later that everything he had told us was true. We didn’t know what we were going to do with him. For now, we would just keep him captive. In the meantime, I was going to spend the whole day with Jacob. Gran laid two plates of food in front of me, stuffed with eggs, bacon, biscuits, and everything a good breakfast should be. She smiled kindly at me, holding a glass of elk blood.

“Come on, Nessie. Let’s go check on Jacob,” she said, sweetly. We slipped quietly down the hall and into Jacob’s room. He was still asleep. I sighed, gazing at him for a moment before carrying our food into the room and setting it on the bedside table. Gran handed me the glass and I gulped it down. It slid down my throat with ease and the slight burning decreased. I smiled at her and she left. I sat down and snagged a piece of bacon off my plate. I waved it in front of Jacob’s face. He blinked rapidly and took a swipe for the bacon. I inched it back out of the reach of his snapping jaws and giggled.

“Woman after my own heart. Give me the bacon,” he said, still half asleep, but a smile splayed across his face. I shoved the bacon into his waiting mouth and grabbed another. I nibbled on it and he grabbed my other hand and kissed it before sitting up and grabbing one of the plates. He greedily started digging in. He must have been starving. I started eating mine a little slower, a light smile playing at the corners of my mouth. I was halfway done with my food when he burped and set his plate down. He sat back and patted his stomach appreciatively. 

“Always the best food. I swear. Thank you, Esme!” he called a little louder. A little bell from the kitchen sounded as Esme’s way of saying You’re Welcome. We both smiled and laughed a little. I placed my half-eaten plate of food on the table next to Jake’s and sat still.

“What?” he said, looking at me. I shook my head. I linked my hands together and looked at my feet. He grabbed my chin and tilted it up to look at him.

“Renesmee, tell me what’s wrong. Please, sweetheart,” he asked softly. I looked into his eyes and smiled meaningfully. I was just remembering when you told me I was your imprint. I was so happy. That’s all I’ve been thinking about since you got hurt. It’s kept me going. I sent him a piece of the memory. He smiled. He then leaned forward and kissed me hard.

“Nessie, do you think you could take me back? I want to remember the look on your face exactly. I want to remember how happy I felt to finally have you as mine,” he begged, absently tucking a stray piece of my hair behind my ear. My smile faltered but I quickly regained my composure. I didn’t know if I could do that specifically. I grabbed his hand and closed my eyes. He gasped just as the memory sparked to life . . . 

Until next time,



Renesmee’s Diary~My Jacob

Dear Diary,

Jacob got out of surgery early afternoon. No one has been allowed to see him, though. He is still unconscious. Grandpa went in and patched everything up as best as he could but he said he did encounter some problems. He said the next few hours would tell us if Jake would . . . well if he would make it.

The wolves were outside in the woods waiting for news but also keeping an ear out for any more unexpected visitors. Some of them had gone back to La Push, not wanting to leave their village completely unprotected. Sam, Seth, Leah, and Embry had all stayed. Jared and Quill had led the others back. I had been curled up in a ball on one of the untouched sofas, rejecting food—which I was still able to eat, sleep, and anything that Jake couldn’t have or do since he got out of surgery. His pain was my pain and I would suffer through it as he was. If he didn’t make it . . . well I would deal with that when and if  I had to.

I didn’t think about it much because my father was always hovering close by, just in case I had some bad thoughts that would make my family even more tense than they already were around me. Everyone was being very fragile with me. Uncle Jasper kept trying to get me to feel anything but complete and utter depression and desolation, but after his 30th try, I let him know in a monotone that it was no use. I just kept listening to Jacob’s low, skipping heart in the next room, and his steady breathing. 

“Renesmee, you really should try and eat something. Jacob wouldn’t want to see you like this and you know it, sweetheart,” Mom said, sitting down next to me and stroking my hair tenderly. I raised my tear-streaked face to look at her. My bottom lip stuck out involuntary and I probably looked like a child. I shook some of the hair out of my face and sat up a bit. Mom put her hand on my arm. I blew out the gush of air I had been holding.

“I’m not eating until I get to see him, Momma,” I whispered, lying my head back down on the arm chair. Mom sighed and got up to go stand with my dad behind the sofa, both hovering over me protectively. Grandpa had gone to go check on Jacob a minute ago. I could now hear him talking. Jacob was awake! I sat up abruptly and listened.

“Hey, Doc,” Jacob mumbled.

“Jacob, how are you feeling?” Grandpa said.

“Truthfully? Like shit. But I actually think I’m fine. Where’s Nessie?” Jacob asked, stronger and more urgent.

I growled low in my throat. There he goes again, worrying about me when he could be dead in an hour. My father and I both flinched at that last thought. I heard Jacob try to sit up but then slump back down.

She’s fine, Jacob. Severely shaken but fine. She won’t eat, sleep, or move until she’s seen you,” Grandpa admitted reluctantly. Now it was Jacob’s turn to growl and then he whimpered in pain a little.

Carlisle, could you please get my  incompetent imprint in here, please,” Jacob mumbled, anger lacing his tone. A frown settled on my lips and I stood slowly. I walked stiffly down the short hallway and stopped at Jake’s door.

Grandpa was in the doorway, blocking Jacob from my vision. “He’ll be fine. It looks like he made a full recovery,” he told me, smiling and stepping past me, patting my arm and kissing my cheek as he did so. I watched him go, clearly not looking at the object my mind was most focused on. I stepped inside and closed the door. Turning slowly, I caught Jacob’s scent.  Musky and manly, now mixed with harsh chemicals. He smelled all wrong. I wrinkled my nose, and continued to look at anything but him. I leaned against the doorjamb. 

“Renesmee,” he said, low and scolding. I continued to avert my eyes, looking pointedly at my shoes.

“Jake,” I whispered.

“Look at me, sweetheart,” he said, begging. His tone threw a knife at my heart. I looked up slowly and our brown eyes met. He looked so fragile. He was connected to an IV, which was dripping yucky looking fluid into his arm. He was also hooked up to a heart monitor; it started beeping faster when I looked at him. I smiled involuntarily.

“Oh, Nessie. Come here,” he urged, holding out his hand. I took a shy step forward, my heart constricting painfully. I walked with caution to his side and took his hand.

“Jake . . . I—”

He cut me off with a look. “I don’t want to hear it. You need to eat, you need to sleep, and you need to stop worrying about me so much. I’ll be fine, you heard the doctor,” he assured me, reaching up and stroking my cheek. I leaned my head into his hand.

“I love you,” I said, kissing the tip of his index finger. 

“I love you more, Nessie.”

I shook my head. He nodded and I smiled.

“I’m fine, now go eat something and then get some rest,” he said, a command evident in his voice. I kissed his forehead, pressing one hand against his cheek. I flashed a quick image of us kissing and tinged the image with an unspoken promise. I would never leave him long, I would always be near, and I would love him forever. He sighed and his head fell back against the pillows. A minute later he was snoring softly. I walked out of the room, smiling softly to myself. Mom was waiting with a plate of my favorite eggs. I had no idea why I loved eggs so much; Mom would never tell me. I scarfed them down along with a glass of elk blood. I felt full as a stuffed turkey.

“You can go sleep in Jacob’s room if you like, Nessie.” Dad gestured to the hall after he caught me trying to hide a yawn. I scowled playfully at him and leaped up off the couch. Stretching, I danced slowly through the house and into Jacob’s room. He was still snoring softly.

The afternoon sun still hung high in the sky. I drew the curtains and turned off the light, then I uncovered Jacob and very carefully edged my way into the crook of his arm. He stretched in his sleep, almost upsetting the IV and constricted his arm tighter around me, sighing contently. I stifled a giggle and snuggled deeper into him. Then I was drifting off into a deep sleep filled with forests and oceans and the open night sky. And a hooded man with glowing red eyes.




Renesmee’s Diary~What now?

Dear Diary,

My elbow connected with her jaw just as her arm smashed into my abdomen. I flipped around just as I landed on a tree, the air knocked straight out of my lungs. I stood up quickly, holding my side, and saw Amelia a little ways away on the ground. I took a sly step forward and looked closer. She wasn’t moving. I walked swiftly towards her and nudged her with my foot. She jumped up and spun, landing about twenty feet away. Her balance was greatly lessened by her missing arm but she was managing. I stood my ground in a fighting stance, waiting for her next move. She knelt into a crouch and growled. I snarled back. Did that menacing, skin crawling sound come from me? It took us both by surprise but I quickly regained my composure. 

“We can keep this up all night, Renesmee, but we both know who will win. I will fulfill my masters wishes of your death, and my brethren will take your retched family with you,” she said, smiling and gesturing towards the house. I glanced in that direction and my jaw dropped in horror. A part of the house was in flames and hooded figures were fighting my family. I saw my father trying to fight two of them off Mom. Emmett and Rose were holding their own against three of them. Alice and Jasper were tag teaming about four or five of them. Grandpa and Gran were themselves fighting a ton. Then I saw Jacob. He was battling the man from before. The man was holding him back, trying not to hurt him. No, he was playing with him. The man looked bored and tired. Jacob reared back and growled, launching himself at the man again. Right before Jacob’s jaw smashed down on the man’s head, his arm snapped out and grabbed Jacob around the throat. Jacob made a choking sound and wiggled helplessly. The man tightened his grip. Just one flex of his hand and—  

“Jacob!” I screamed, running to help him but I was thrown back onto the ground. Then Amelia picked me up by my throat and lifted me clear off the ground. She laughed darkly as she squeezed her fingers over my windpipe. No air was getting into my lungs. She thought she had won but with my new vampire abilities, I didn’t need as much oxygen as I used to. I plastered a fake horrified expression on my face and struggled against her fingers. I forced what I hoped was a convincing painful sound out of my mouth. She laughed again. That’s when I kicked her as hard as I could in her chest. She released me and stumbled backwards. I landed and spun around, roundhouse kicking her again in the chest. She was launched into a tree and her head snapped back against the wood. I ran to her and wrapped one hand around her throat, the other I placed on the top of her head. She grabbed uselessly at my arms but I pulled and dislocated her head from her shoulders. I yelled in triumph and threw the tangle of brunette hair into the forest. Breathing heavily, I turned to find Jacob a few yards from me. He wasn’t moving. The man was now fighting Dad and Grandpa. I couldn’t think straight. Was he dead? Oh, god no. I ran to him and threw myself down on the ground next to him. He was still in wolf form. I placed my hand over his heart and waited. His chest rose and fell and I could feel a faint heartbeat. I breathed in a sigh of relief and tears ran down my face.

“Jacob. Jacob, shift back. We have to figure out what’s wrong with you. Please. Please Jacob,” I whispered, afraid to nudge him. He grunted in pain and nodded his head a fraction. A minute later Jacob was lying on his back, human. His breathing was shallow and ragged. He didn’t open his eyes. I took off my jacket and my T-shirt, leaving me in only a tank top. I tossed my jacket over the lower half of his body and began checking for injuries. He had a ton of bruises and cuts, the worst of which were on his upper chest and arms. I pushed gently on his chest and he cried out in pain. Broken ribs. Just how many, I had no idea. He had a huge gash on his shoulder that I tied over with my shirt. I wasn’t a doctor so I really couldn’t tell if any of the bruises were for internal bleeding. We needed Grandpa but he was busy. I got up and gently pulled Jacob to the nearest tree and laid him next it, out of the way of the fight. I needed to help my family but I couldn’t leave Jacob. I snapped my head up as a chorus of howling came from the east. I stood just as they burst through the trees. All of them launched themselves onto the nearest hooded figures and began ripping them to pieces. A black wolf and a tan wolf came rushing towards me and Jacob. Sam and Leah. 

 ”He’s hurt. I think he might have some internal bleeding, definitely a few broken ribs. I don’t know what to do,” I whimpered, gesturing towards Jacob. His eyes were scrunched up in pain. I turned back to them. They were in human form now, pulling on some clothes. Leah came beside me and placed her hand on my shoulder. Sam began inspecting Jacob.

The fight continued behind us as I stared at the only man I would ever love. He was in so much pain, I couldn’t stand it. I began to sob quietly into my hand. Then, I felt another hand on my shoulder replace Leah’s and I turned around to find my mother, dirt-splattered and mud-stained, but otherwise unharmed. Tears streaming down my face, I stepped into her arms and let her rock me. A few minutes later, I stepped away and she kissed my forehead. I’m sure if she could cry she would have been.

The fight was over.

I looked around to see two fires with purple-black smoke emitting from them. The only hooded figure that was left was the man from before; Emmett, Jasper, and Dad were steadily holding him down. Grandpa had taken up post with Jacob and was fixing him up as best as he could with what medical supplies he had. Rosalie and Alice were putting out the house fire with water from the kitchen. It looked like Alice and Jasper’s room and the living room were the rooms gone now. Alice wasn’t happy. None of us were, but all of Alice’s clothes had been destroyed. She was pissed, to say the least.

About five minutes later the fire was out and you could see that about a quarter of the kitchen had been demolished, too. My family was all tattered and covered in soot and dirt. They were perfectly fine; the fire had only singed them a bit thanks to their vampire skin, but their clothes were ruined and their hair was a mess.

I focused on Jacob when I heard him cry out in pain as six of the Quiloute’s, including Embry and Sam, picked him up to carry him into a safe part of the house. The rest of us followed, some of us breaking off when we entered the foyer to start cleaning up the wreck of the living room. I continued to follow Jacob into his room, which had been constructed about 4 years ago when it seemed that Jacob might want to spend nights here to be closer to me. It said a lot about his love for me that he would rather smell vampires 24/7 than be away from me for too long. I smiled internally but my face just wouldn’t cooperate. I was still in a state of despair. They laid him down gently on his bed and Carlisle wheeled in a cart of more medical supplies and began administering doses of morphine into Jacob’s arm. The smell of it filled my nostrils. Would he be all right? God, this was all my fault. I held back another sob but some of it spilled from in between my lips. Sam looked over at me. He motioned for the other wolves to leave the room and then he addressed me. 

 ”He’s in a lot of pain, Nessie. There’s some internal bleeding, as you said their might be, and he may need surgery. No wolf has ever had to have surgery before and we don’t know how this will effect him. He survived about half of all the bones in his body being broken a while back, though. He is strong. Go to him, let him know you’re here. You’re the only thing keeping him tied to this world. Trust me, I know,” Sam said, tapping his head.

I nodded. I stepped passed him and walked to the opposite side of the bed, keeping out of Grandpa’s way. I took Jacob’s hand and squeezed gently, kneeling down onto my knees. His eye’s fluttered open a fraction. He smiled at me. 

 ”Renesmee . . . I’m so . . . happy you’re safe,” he whispered. I gasped softly. He was worried about me. God, this was so wrong. He’s in so much pain and I’m the cause of it and he still is worried about me. I pushed some if his hair out of his face.

 ”Shh, I’m fine. Jacob . . . I’m so . . . sorry. This is all my fault. I’m so sorry,” I choked out through sobs. I laid my head down on the bed. He lifted his hand and my face with it and made me look at him.

“Renesmee, I told you that I would keep you safe. I have succeeded. I’ll . . . be fine. I love you with all my heart, my love. Always have, always will,” he said, and then he closed his eyes. Tears spilled down my face, soundlessly.

“The morphine’s kicked in. He’s unconscious now. Renesmee, I know you want to stay with him, but I need to perform the surgery. I will try my best,” Grandpa told me, putting his hand on my arm from across the table. I looked at him, and back at Jacob. I softly kissed him on the cheek and stood up. As I walked out of the room, I stopped and took one last look at Jacob. I walked into the living room and began picking up things and tossing them into a trash bin.

“Nessie, stop. Go outside, we’ve got this,” Gran said, gesturing outside. I ran outside into the dawn and watched the sunrise. A new day. Would it be the last I could stand living? Their was no world without Jacob. . . . I couldn’t do it. I sighed. I sat down on the porch swing and waited.



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Renesmee’s Diary~And So it Begins

Dear Diary,

I think I was the first one to act. I raced through the house but Dad and Grandpa quickly overtook me. They knew where to go and we raced up another flight of stairs and into Jasper and Alice’s room.

Glass was all over the floor and Emmett was nowhere in sight. We all paused and listened. With my new vampire hearing, I heard three sets of feet running through the woods just north of the house. Without hesitating we all catapulted ourselves one by one out of the broken window and landed on the ground. Jacob shifted and I stayed by him as we ran to catch up.

We were virtually silent.

We heard one of them turn around and start running back towards us. It was Emmett.

“He took her!” Emmett yelled as we continued running.

“Who, Emmett?” Grandpa asked, confused.

“Alec! I don’t think he’s alone either,” he answered.

We slowed down. We weren’t ready for a fight—not with the Brotherhood or the Volturi. Grandpa turned around and we followed him back to the house. We didn’t know what to do. We all found something to do in the living room. Aunt Rose and Alice sat down together on the couch. Gran and Grandpa stood near the door with Mom and Dad. Uncle Emmett sat on the arm of the chair next to Rose and watched the game on TV and Jasper was hovered close to Alice, just watching her.

I sat on the loveseat with Jacob after he got dressed. I snuggled close to him and kissed his chest. I loved the new smell of my Jacob; it calmed me down a bit. He rubbed his cheek against my head. We were all tensed and ready for anything. I don’t know how long we all stayed like that. The light of day left and the calm of night took over. Night sounds came in through the open back doorway. Owls hooted and wild wolves howled. Jacob perked up a bit at that but stayed seated and wrapped his arms around me tightly. Alice gasped and we all snapped to attention. Her eyes were glossed over and she was staring, open mouthed. Jasper bent down next to her.

“Alice, what is it?” He said, worry embedded in his voice.

Alice’s Point of View:

Everything was foggy but I could discern a bridge and a sign. It was dark; nighttime in the middle of the woods. No sound. I saw Renesmee and Jacob kissing. A flash of light and Renesmee was on her back in pain. Jacob yelled and he was on the ground too. Then, I saw Amelia and a man I didn’t know off on the side. Jacob was still human for some reason. Then the vision was gone. I snapped back to relativity and looked over at Renesmee and Jacob.

“Damn. I lost it,” I said, closing my eyes and concentrating. I lost myself in my mind, trying to get the vision back.

Back to my point of view:

I looked at Jacob and disentangled myself from him. I walked to the door and smiled at my parents as I passed them. I stepped outside and relished the soft night air against my skin. I heard my mother from inside whisper not to go far. I nodded and walked to the tree line.

It was quiet, I would be able to hear anyone coming. I breathed in and out slowly. This was all my fault. If I had never been born none of this would be happening. I heard someone behind me and turned quickly to Jacob coming towards me with his hands in his pockets. I smiled. He didn’t look convinced. He walked towards me and pulled me into his chest. I wrapped my arms around him and sighed. He pulled back and held my head.

“What’s wrong, Nessie?” he whispered, making me look at him.

I shook my head. “All of this is my fault. Why should you all of you risk yourselves for me? I don’t want any of you to get hurt! Especially you, Jacob. I-I . . . ” I stopped, looking away. I focused on him and tried out my new ability. I would die if anything happened to you, my love.

He gasped. And then he kissed me roughly, pushing me back against a tree. I pulled him closer and kissed him back with everything I had. He tangled his fingers in my hair and I sighed into him. He pulled away, laying his forehead against mine. As our breathe calmed, he began stroking my cheek affectionately.

“I love you with all my being, Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I won’t let anything happen to you. And nothing is going to happen to me, either. We are going to stay together. You’re my everything. If you live a century, I hope I live to be a century minus one day, so I never have to live without you. I just couldn’t do any of this without you. That’s why I will fight for you,” he told me, staring into my eyes. I let the tears fall then. I kissed him again. That’s when we heard laughing.

“Isn’t this sweet?” a familiar voice said.

A flash of light and we were knocked back, a good thirty yards apart and I heard Jacob yell in pain. I was on the ground for less than a millisecond and then I was up and looking around. Jacob was getting up, holding his arm. I looked at him in concern but he nodded as if to say he was okay. I nodded back and continued looking around. Amelia and a man were farther in the woods watching. The bitch was smiling. I started towards her as she took a running start at me. 

“This ends now,” I growled and lunged for her throat.


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Renesmee’s Diary~The Awakening

Dear Diary,

It was my 6th day of pain so far and the pain was finally dissipating.  It was odd, I didn’t feel any different. But…I kind of felt stronger somehow. More vampire. Jacob returned not long after he had left, and he hasn’t left again, save to use the bathroom.

Grandpa was talking to Dad earlier this morning, saying how my heart was slowing down and I wasn’t screaming as much, which meant it must be close to over. Amelia was getting antsy, too. She hadn’t expected me to survive this. Ha, if she thought I was going down without a fight, she had another thing coming!

AGHHHHH! Oh, God. The pain just got a thousand times worse. Jacob sat up quickly and called for the others. I heard everyone come and a dragging noise too. They were bringing Amelia in here. I wonder why.

“Jacob, what’s going on?” Grandpa said, hurrying over. Jacob stepped aside.

“I think its almost over. She hasn’t screamed like this yet,” Jacob choked out. He was right, it was ending. All the painful fire licking at my insides rushed toward my heart. I could feel my fingers again but I was focused on the growing heat in my chest. I shrieked again. Jacobs blood was holding back the venom and I knew my heart could only last a few more minutes of this before it gave up.

My heart was beating slower and slower, and—————


Jacob’s POV:

“What the hell?! Noooo!” I screamed pushing Carlisle aside. Her heart had stopped. I laid my head on her chest and listened for it. Nothing; I yelled out in pain. She was cold…dead. Oh, God no. I laid my head on her chest and sobbed.

Amelia began laughing hysterically. I slowly raised my head and glared at her. She realized I was looking at her and she smiled mockingly at me. I stood and walked slowly to her.

“This is your fault, you loathsome, lifeless bit of existence,” I growled. Then, I slapped her. Her head whipped back and popped right back up.

“This was supposed to happen. She doesn’t deserve to live. Neither do you, you mangy mutt. My work here is done.” She grunted, smiling. Her face was so smug I nearly slapped her again.

Glugh-Glugh. Glugh-Glugh.

I froze.

Amelia’s face got this dumbstruck look on it and she snapped her head in Renesmee’s direction. She snarled. Bella gasped. I turned around and Renesmee was sitting up, glaring at Amelia.

“He’s not a mutt, you bitch,” she said, snarling, then she jumped down and was next to Amelia in two seconds, ripping her arm off. Amelia screamed, staring at her arm on the floor.

“Get her out of here!” Carlisle screamed. Alice and Emmett pulled Amelia from the room. I turned toward Renesmee and sighed in relief. She didn’t look any different. I crushed her to my chest. She was a regular temperature now. Warm but not as warm as she was before.

“Oh, Nessie. I thought I’d lost you” I whispered, as I kissed her head.

All right, back to my POV:

“I’m fine. I feel a little funny but I’m…OOPH.” I grunted as Mom, Dad, Gran, and the rest of them crushed me in a giant hug. In that tight hug, I could smell something I never had before. A musky, woodsy scent. It was delicious. Not in a ‘I want to eat you’ way, but in a candle or a walk in the woods kind of way. My nose was crushed to Jacob’s chest so I guessed it was him. Grandpa stood off to the side just smiling.

“Nessie, my sweet granddaughter, we have to examine you,” he said, gesturing towards the bed I had been lying on. I disentangled myself from everyone, giving Jacob and my mom a kiss on the cheek before sitting back on the bed.

Grandpa started with my chest and used a stethoscope to hear my heart. It was beating normally, just a lot slower. While he finished examining the rest of me, I started thinking about Jacob and how much I missed him. I wanted to just get up and go hug him.

All of a sudden, Jacob gasped. Grandpa stepped back. I looked at Jacob to find he was staring at me with his mouth agape. He walked over to me and pulled me into his arms again. 

“Did you do that?” he said.

Dad walked over to us, his brows pulled together in thought.

“Do what?” I said, confused.

“Nessie, I think you have a new ability. You just showed Jacob all the times that you’ve hugged him. And how happy you were when you woke up and saw him,” Dad explained.

I looked from him to Jacob and back again.

“I did what? I can only do that through touch!” I said.

“Apparently, a lot of your senses have been heightened. It only took you two seconds to get to Amelia from all the way on the bed. You ripped her arm off, much as I’m sure Jacob wanted to. Jacob was just thinking a minute ago about how much sweeter you smell, but in a good way. And you’re showing images to people from all the way across the room. You still have a heartbeat, sweetheart, but you have vampire abilities now. It’s very strange,” Dad explained, a puzzled expression on his face.

I didn’t know if I was supposed to be happy about this or not. It didn’t look like a bad thing. I guess we would find out eventually. If there was a problem it would make itself known sooner or later.

Then, I heard a rustling of leaves outside the window and I paused. I walked to the window. Nothing there.

“Just a rabbit or something, Renesmee. Everything is fine,” Rosalie laughed.

A crash of glass and Emmett yelled from somewhere in the house.

Someone was in the house…


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Renesmee’s Dairy~The Pain

Dear Diary,

My eyes were closed. I could not open them. The pain was excruciating. I don’t know how long I’ve been in this black void of anguish. I can still hear things—people talking or the TV—from time to time. This must be because of my half-vampire hearing, but I don’t think any of my family was able to hear anything until they were almost completely transformed, especially not this clearly. This is odd, and it’s horrible; almost as horrible as the pain itself. At first all I heard was muffled voices, and then I heard Jacob and my dad talking a little. They were trying to be quiet but I could still hear them.

“It’s only been four days. Amelia told us last night that the hybrids usually die on the second or third day. She’s still with us. She’s going to be fine.” Dad was reassuring Jacob unsuccessfully.

Jacob grunted in response. Then he sniffled. Another hot flash of pain went up my arm towards my heart and I couldn’t help the gut-wrenching scream that escaped my lips. Jacob was immediately by my side squeezing my hand through the worst of it, whispering words of comfort into my ear, his breathe hot against the side of my face. The pain subsided, but not nearly enough for the yelling to stop.

“Oh, my sweet Renesmee. It’s going to be fine. Shhh. Shhh. Oh, God,” Jacob mumbled, tears lacing his voice. He laid his searing forehead on my arm and hey lay there for a few minutes. The next few hours were the worst of it. Every ten minutes or so my screams would commence again and I’d writhe in agony. I was surprised that Jacob and Dad stayed through it all.

Then, something happened. All at once, blood laced with the poison of Amelia’s venom all charged towards my heart and I shrieked in absolute agony. Something was holding the venom near my heart. This was the worst pain I had felt yet. Everyone in the house knew something was very wrong and they rushed for Rose’s room where Rose and Mom had moved me when all this pain had started. From the footsteps I could discern Rosalie, Jasper, Mom, Gran, and Grandpa in the room now. Alice and Emmett must had stayed with Amelia.

“Oh my god. What’s happening? I’ve never heard that sound come from anything before. Vampire, human, or animal,” Grandpa said, horrified. He came up to the bed and laid his hand on my chest, right above my heart. 

“We have to find a way to stop this. Edward can you read her?” Jacob said, pain evident in his strangled voice. I stopped screaming, and began to whimper. Then, I fell silent. There was a pulling sensation in my chest that I couldn’t find the cause for but the pain was manageable again.

“Something’s wrong with her . . . her heart. There’s something pulling at it. This isn’t normal,” Dad explained, puzzled.

“Nothing about this was normal. Hybrids were never meant to turn into vampires! This is bullsh*t! I’m going to kill that witch!” Jacob suddenly yelled out, and I heard him charge from the room.

“No, Jacob!” Jasper and Dad yelled simultaneously. They pulled him back into the room. He struggled a bit but then he calmed and he was next to me again.

“Maybe she needs blood. I can’t remember the last time she fed,” Jacob whispered.

“We have no more elk or human blood to feed her, Jacob. And we can’t feed her human food in her state. We can’t leave, either. If the Brotherhood comes for Amelia, we have to have everyone here. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what we can do. She could die if she doesn’t feed soon,” Grandpa said, sadly. He sighed.

Jacob’s hand became stiff on my upper arm. He took a deep breath and spoke slowly and purposefully. “Give her mine,” he said, determination in his voice. Everyone gasped.

“No, Jacob. We don’t know what your blood will do to her,” Grandpa told him calmly.

“I don’t care. Give her a transfusion, try to suck the venom out or. . . or separate it from her normal blood or something! We can’t just sit here and wait for her to die! I can’t sit here and watch my imprint go through this! We have to do something. . . ” He had begun to whisper by the end. A pause. His footsteps side-swiped everyone’s before anyone could stop him and he launched himself out of the open two-story window. By the sound of clothes ripping, I’d say he had morphed. I then heard a wolf howl and my Jacob was gone.

Then, Mom spoke up. “Just leave him. He will come back; he can’t stay away from Nessie long. What’s wrong with her, Carlisle?” she whispered, and my dad moved to her side.

“I don’t know. She shouldn’t be screaming this much. Something’s wrong. Very wrong. It’s as if there is a nuclear war going on between Bella and Edward’s blood that made her and Amelia’s venom but . . . wait. Rose, didn’t Nessie used to bite Jacob when she was little?” Grandpa inquired.

“Yes, that’s how we found out she wasn’t venomous. She would have killed him if she were,” Rose said, confused.

Then, realization dawned on me just as I’m sure it dawned on Grandpa. My heart picked up its pace. I sucked in a sharp breathe.

Jacob’s blood.

That’s what was happening. I was different from the other hybrids in that I had Jacob’s blood in me from when I bit him as a child. I had vampire, human, and wolf blood inside me. And Jacob’s blood was holding back and fighting the venom just like Jacob would fight a vampire in the real world. But my body couldn’t stand much more of this and it showed no signs of stopping. I did not see any way of getting out of this.

All there was left to do was wait.


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Please Welcome Our NEW Renesmee’s Diary Writer Sabrina to the Bella’s Diary Family!

I wan’t looking for any new writer’s when Sabrina popped up in my email asking if she could take over one of the abandoned diaries. But once I saw a sample of her writing and heard some of her brilliant ideas, I thought, “Yeah, the readers will love her!” So of course, I happily welcome her on board!

Sabrina, an avid writer,  is currently working on her own novel and going to school. You can read the first entry written by Sabrina here. (Note: it picks up where the previous writer left off. So if you haven’t read the past entries, you might want to.)

Sabrina is in the process of creating a new Renesmee’s Diary fan page so she can interact with her readers, and once it’s done the link will be added to the bottom of her entries!


Welcome to the family (errr, sisterhood?), Sabrina! There are some great girls writing alongside you, and I think we’re all pumped to make a new friend! 





Renesmee’s Diary~The Visitor

Hey people! My name is Sabrina and I’m the new writer for Renesmee’s Diary! I’m really excited and I hope you all enjoy my writing about Nessie’s experiences! :) Enjoy!


Dear Diary,

Grandpa still hasn’t come out of his study.  After he told us what he believed was wrong with me, he threw himself into research. I’m not worried about me, though. Mom and Dad still haven’t come back. Emmett and Jasper continued their search of the area, and Rosalie went with them. Jacob stayed behind with me and held my hand. Alice put my new wardrobe in my closet and was bringing me some more elk blood since I had already drained four cups. Jacob’s heartbeat, doggish as it smelled, was appetizing to say the least. But I was controlling it. My shock at finding out my parents had gone missing had apparently stunned me into silence and incoherency because I was no longer focused on the burning in my throat.  My parents had never just up and disappeared without a trace. No one in our family had. 

I began to silently cry.

“Oh, Nessie. Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’ll find them. And we’ll get you better,” Jacob said, soothingly. He would have hugged me, but Grandpa told him to keep his distance. I wanted him to keep his distance. The last thing I need is to hurt my Jacob. I was a monster now.

I heard them coming a mile away, which was extremely odd but then, all of a sudden, the house was an uproar of noise. Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett ran in the house carrying an unconscious figure.
“Renesmee!” a familiar voice called right before she entered the room. My mom, with dad close behind her. They ran to me and hugged me.
I cried out in joy. “I was so worried! Where were you guys? Who is that?” I mumbled, looking at the figure on the floor that Emmett was holding down.

“Hold on and everything will be explained. Carlisle, Esme, Alice!” Dad called. They materialized in front of us. Esme looked startled but Alice didn’t look surprised, nor did Carlisle. Alice must have seen something. 

The figure on the floor began to move. With a screech like a banshee, the figure, which I could now discern was a woman, threw Emmett off her and turned for the door. Rosalie punched her in the face and she went down again. Both Jasper and Emmett jumped on her, holding her down.

“Let me go! You vile, traitorous scum!” she screamed, thrashing.
“Stop fighting or we will kill you, young one,” Carlisle said. He was right about the young part; only a newborn could throw Emmett like that. She slowly began to relax, a murderous gleam in her eye.
“Bella, Edward. If you would, please explain,” Carlisle said calmly. 

Dad stepped forward. “We were on the Quiloutte border when we finally caught up to her. The wolves would have stopped her but their were only two patrolling today and they were on the South and Western Borders. We think she has a gift, something that can mask scents, which is why Emmett and Jasper couldn’t track us. We followed her tracks; she’s a newborn so she left very messy ones. She is the only vampire in the area that we know of. She must be the one who attacked Renesmee. Why, however, we have no idea. We don’t know how but we were able to knock her out with a boulder. Then, we started carrying her and we found Jasper and the others on the way back here,” Dad explained. 

Grandpa nodded and stepped toward the woman kneeling on the ground between Emmett and Jasper. She snarled as he came closer but he didn’t flinch as he knelt down to her level.
“We are going to ask you a few questions and you are going to answer if you know anything. You would live longer if you told the truth. You’ve hurt and possibly infected one of our own. You aren’t really in a prime position to lie to us about anything,” he said with a voice like steel. It scared me to hear Grandpa like that, but I knew it was necessary. 

She growled in response, which we took as a manner of acknowledgment. “What’s your name? Who made you?” Jasper inquired.
The woman took a deep breath and wrinkled her nose, glaring at Jacob but then she looked pointedly at the wall opposite me and began to speak. “My name is Amelia. And the ones who turned me are the Brotherhood. They made me two months ago and sent me here,” she whispered, defeated. She closed her eyes and ducted her head. We all stared at her. 

“The brotherhood? Who are they? What were you sent here for?” Rosalie questioned sharply. 
Amelia raised her head and looked directly at me. “The Brotherhood are the destroyers of all things against vampire existence. I was sent here to kill her. She is an abomination to us and she must be-”

But she was cut-off because my mother had stepped forward and slapped her across the face. 

Jacob had stood up as well. She swished her hair out of her face and glared at my mom. Dad stepped forward and put his hand on mom’s back. This sounded like the Volturi. 

My dad nodded at me and whispered in Grandpa’s ear. Grandpa turned toward her again. “You will not kill her, nor will anyone else. Do you know of the Volturi? Aro, Caius, or Marcus? Jane or Alec, perhaps?” 

Amelia’s eyes sparked with recognition of some sort. She gulped, which was unorthodox for a vampire.  “Alec . . . Alec is my father,” she whispered. 

Esme gasped and the rest of us watched her in shock. 

“He mated with my human mother over a thousand years ago,” Amelia continued,  “and left her with the Brotherhood a couple of years before he became part of the Volturi. The Brotherhood turned my mother after she gave birth to me. She almost didn’t survive.” 

We all were very still, waiting for more information. She continued. “The Brotherhood believe that human-vampire hybrids are abominations, as do their followers such as I. We turn those abominations who are willing and those who fight. I have already bitten her. She will begin the one-week process of hybrids becoming vampires soon. Only 7 have survived the process out of the 30 hybrids they have found in the last 2000 or so years. I am one of the 7. If she survives, she will make 8,” she said, dark laughter in her voice.

All the feeling rushed out of my body in one burst. Jacob was staring at me in shock and pain. So was everyone else. I plastered on a fake smile and cleared my throat, which set it on fire again.
“I’m fine. I’m strong, I come from a strong family. I will survive this,” I said, my voice cracking. Jacob, ignoring Grandpa’s advice, threw himself on me and crushed me to his chest.
“No, God no. Not her, please not her,” he sobbed. My Jacob was crying for me.

I could hear my mom gasping for air, a vampire’s version of crying. Then, I heard Uncle Emmett and Jasper taking Amelia upstairs while Rosalie followed. My parents came to us and put their arms around me. Alice, Gran and Grandpa stood over us. Gran was holding onto Grandpa for support and Aunt Alice was holding her head between her hands, staring at me. She would do all she could to see my future. I didn’t want to know. I pulled away from Jacob and made a move to lift my hand but then realized it was still strapped down. I looked at it then at Jacob. He didn’t hesitate and undid my wrist. I was in complete control. I lifted my unrestrained hand to his face and showed him the last few years I had had with him. All the kisses, the late nights talks, and so many other wonderful memories. . . . I let him see it all through my eyes, and showed him the amount of love I had for him in all the images I showed. I took my hand from his face and he was crying even more now, but silently. He stroked my face with his hand and kissed me with as much enthusiasm as he had the first time but with more desperation. And I was afraid. . . . How could I let him go? My family? I had to be strong for them, but all I wanted to do was break. Then, everything went black.


The pain had begun.




Renesmee’s Dairy – A Host

Dear Diary,

It had appeared as a dream. I awoke after what seemed like months of rest, but in reality it had only been an hour.

Jacob glided across the field, almost like my father would. I crouched with an unrecognizable thirst.

“You’re eyes . . . they’re red,” Jacob boomed as he cautiously came near.

The glow, so bright, the illuminations reflected upon my almost perfectly eggshell-white complexion. Like a cheetah, I aimed then darted for my prey. The deer wasn’t as satisfying as I’d presumed, but curbed my insanity enough to keep me in one place. Jacob soared toward me in werewolf form, but kept some space between us.

This couldn’t be a dream if I had just woke up from one, could it? I couldn’t control my senses or sanity. I preyed upon two more deers before surrendering under Jacob’s care. We dashed to the house as a wave of brown and bronze hair disappeared past us. I’d hardly noticed it because I was more worried about getting home.

Sure enough, the Cullens were there, waiting as me and Jacob emerged from the frothy forest. Uncle Jasper and Emmet immediately grasped my arms and led me down to Grandpa Carlisle’s office. I was strapped and weighed down by my tempered Uncles. Grandma Esme, Aunt Alice and Rosalie wore expressions tinted with shock, unusual from their normal porcelain-perfect faces.

The people I loved the most, however, were absent.

“All right, Renesmee, let’s get a closer view of you,” Carlisle announced, inching toward me in a calm and collected manner.

“How is this possible? There’s no way she can be . . . “

Carlisle cut Jasper off with a wave of his hand.

“Where are my parents?” I demanded as Carlisle started his examination.

“I will notify you about that if you answer some of my questions first. Nessie, I don’t mean to irritate you, but we must know first what is wrong before I can answer any questions,” Carlisle responded, checking my pulse. “What happened before you woke up?”

I pondered awhile. After all, I know my grandpa had the best intentions for me and he only wished to diagnose me so that I could be cured or treated properly.

All I remember was a quiet walk through the woods and the crackling of the leaves behind me. I knew I shouldn’t have walked by myself, but Jacob and his pack were constantly patrolling the area and it didn’t seem that dangerous on a crisp, cool Autumn afternoon. As soon as I shared this information with the family, Carlisle’s eyes lit up (and not in a positive sense).

“Excuse me, Renesmee, but I must examine your waist.” Carlisle peeked around my waist to reveal a deep bite. He suddenly jumped into action, attempting to clean the cut.

Moments later, however, Carlisle faltered in his attempts. “She is already infected by the venom, but her heart still beats safe and sound. I will continue with my research later. In all these hundreds of years I have never witnessed such an event. Then again, most vampires have never met a half-vampire, half-human. Esme, I recommend you suit her to a warm bath and some rest.”

“Wait! I’m thirsty! And where are my parents?” I commanded.

“We will provide you with elk blood in the time being, and then perhaps you can take a hot bath.” Carlisle finished, and Esme whisked me to the kitchen.


I awoke with the same thirst. However, this time Jasper and Emmet were there to capture me before I escaped out the door. I resisted their grip and was strapped down to a recliner. Esme fed me more elk blood and I was eventually feeling myself again.

I browsed the TV channels for some mere entertainment: a salesmen was pitching cookware on one channel, and on another channel they were hyping a new exercise machine. I finally settled on watching the daily news before eyeing Stephenie Meyer’s newly published book. But books didn’t interest me at the moment like my usual favorite –– playing the guitar. As folly as it sounds, all I really wanted was my parents.

“Hey, Nessie.” Jacob eased toward me on the loveseat. He was still my boyfriend and best friend, even though I was in this dark, hazy state.

“Hey, Jacob,” I greeted with a peck on the lips. This action threw him back a bit and a pang of caution faintly spread over his face, but swiftly faded and was replaced with warmth. I was a bit disappointed that even Jacob presented caution like that, but I couldn’t blame him, I was even frightened of myself.

“What’s wrong with me?” I asked helplessly. 

“I don’t know. Carlisle should tell us soon. Nessie, just never walk in the woods by yourself again.” Jacob tried to manage his piquing anger, but it didn’t bother me. For once I was the monster.

“I’m sorry . . . I should have been more careful,” I apologized ruefully.

“Your parents fled to hunt after the immortal that bit you. Edward believes he heard the hunter. Bella agreed to follow and Jasper and Emmet left this morning to meet them.”

“What about you? Are you leaving?” I needed Jacob here. He was the one person that tied me to this Earth, the one person that made me feel normal despite my horrendous condition.

“I’m staying here, don’t you worry. I offered to stay here to guard you along with the rest of the family while Carlisle treats you. I also sent Leah and Seth out on double patrol. You’re safe here with me, always.” He kissed my forehead and held me tenderly.

“I’m back!!” It was Alice, along with at least ten shopping bags in her hands.

“Nessie, I spotted the perfect––”

Carlisle silenced her. He only did such a thing when he had something significant to say. Normally he had boundless patience. “I believe I have a theory of your condition, Renesmee. I do not know exactly what it is, but something is definitely there.”

Rosalie and Esme gathered around him, their golden eyes wide.

“From both blood sample A and B, I noticed something in particular. It’s strange, because your heart is still beating well, which means you are alive. Nonetheless, you possess qualities of a newborn vampire. I believe you have been infected by another vampire’s venom, yet somehow you’re immune to it in the sense that you are still alive. Your body is reacting to the venom like it would to any human, however. I’m concluding that you have a virus.”

“We can’t find them! They disappeared!” Emmett shouted as he whisked in through the door.

My parents were missing, and I was diseased.

This is a virus.

Renesmee Cullen

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