Renesmee’s Diary – A Retreat

Dear Diary,

“Wait—she let you hug her?!” Jacob blurted vehemently, practically spraying milk all over the kitchen counter. I had just told him everything that happened the night before regarding the Nadia incident. Apparently telling him at breakfast wasn’t the best time as he was overcome with pure shock at Leah’s defeat.

“Well . . . yeah,” I answered. Jacob just shook his head in astonishment as if seeing God for the first time.

“Listen, honey, there’s nothing Nadia, or anyone can do to woo me,” he said, clasping my hand to his heart.

“See that, my heart only beats for you. I only live because of you, I live for you, babe.”

I shuddered at his words. But it wasn’t because of fear, it was from the warmth of his warm body, his muscleMy mind went blank as his vivid eyes took place, searching deep into mine. His lips smothered mine with his familiar inviting and sweet taste. His lips soon moved, now grazing my neck. Hmmm, maybe having Nadia here last night wasn’t so bad after all, I mean it brought me and Jake closer, literally.

I now wrapped my legs around his waist as his lips found their way back to mine. I still wasn’t used to the romantic aspect of my relationship with Jake. Sure, we’d been a sealed deal for over a month now, but I usually tended to get carried away when I was with him. I was like a different person than I was before I knew I was his imprint. I was his best friend, and had been since after birth.

Instead of a smile, it was now a kiss. It wasn’t a bear hug, it was a cuddle. I even noticed that the occasion dinner I cooked for Jake transitioned into almost everyday. I was truly taking on my role as his imprintee, his soul mate. I loved him very much, and I was ready to take our relationship to the next level.

Pulling his shirt off wasn’t the issue; getting him to agree to cooperate was the problem.

“Ness, we can’t. You know that,” he added with a genuine, but serious smile.

“Why not? We both want to, and there’s no laws against it—”

“Except God’s law,” he interrupted, blowing my bluff.

“Aw, come on Jakey. Please. It’s all I want. You don’t have to give me a birthday or a Christmas present! I promise,” I said softly, tracing my fingers over the planes of his chest. I had to give in because my frustration was bombing the perfect moment we had.

He just sighed and began wiping down the milk infested table with Windex.

“I promise, after marriage,” he answered as though he were in pain. This time I was the one to sigh. Marriage wouldn’t be until at least another year, which basically spells out “forever.”

Then it hit me: Isle Esme. It was still summer and my family didn’t take a vacation yet. It was perfect. I’d just invite Jake to tag along. Even better I’d invite my extended family. Isle Esme was a titanic island that could accommodate many visitors and knowing my father, he could have an extra house arranged if necessary. Now all I needed to do was inquire my parents and convince the Cullens to allow the wolf pack and their imprints to come along. Although as usual, Claire is the only one to miss out.

It was such a shame Claire was an average human. Right now Claire was eleven and ready to begin sixth grade. It was a beautiful thing to see Quil’s face light up and his spirit and faith risen each year as Claire became one year older. And with each year Claire matured mentally and physically. I had hoped Claire would soon be my friend, given that she is the imprint that is within my age group.

“I have to go patrol, Ness,” Jacob uttered, obviously irritated as he always was to leave me. He did his ritual kiss on the forehead and then departed.

I sighed at his absence. It seems I never see him these days with the extra patrolling he’s been doing. Jacob mentioned something about a nomad passing through and he needed to protect me. As was with the case of the rest of the pack and their imprints. Sam and Jared were just as concerned about Emily and Kim as Jacob was about me. And Quil was always worried for Claire with her being all the way across the country. It wouldn’t be long before Paul, Embry, Seth, and Leah found their soul mates.

I soaked in the alluring scent of my mother’s Dolce and Gabbana perfume, courtesy of Alice. I missed and loved everything about her. I couldn’t ask for a better mother. She was as gorgeous as any model, but with a warm heart.

She loved me more than her own life, and I loved her just as much. She proved that with my birth. I never meant to kill my mother while in the womb, and I expressed that through my thoughts. Of course I loved her for giving me life, giving me something no one else could. Sure I already owned three cars; a Volvo, BMW, and my father’s ex-Aston Martin Vanquish (all of which I still cannot drive). I possessed all of the latest fashion designs of various popular designers. Alice made sure I didn’t wear one item of clothing more than once. And when I called for motherly assistance when my mother was not present, I had Aunt Rosalie to comfort me. I had everything. But the highlight gift if my entire lifetime would always be the gift of life my mother gave to me.

“Hey, Mom . . . don’t you think a vacation would sound nice? It’s still summer.” My mom developed a perplexed expression. I just presented my crooked smile, a sly trick to convince her. I figured out that if I played that smile, she usually gave in. 

“Vacation where?” She pursed her lips, trying to conceal her strength. Of course she wanted to give in, especially to that smile. How could she say no? My mom just didn’t fathom the idea of spending money on something that she considered not essential. It was “extraneous.”

“Well, I had this . . . idea that we enjoy the rest of summer vacation on Isle Esme.” Okay, now thinking about it, my mom probably wouldn’t want to revisit Isle Esme. Not after—well where she conceived me.

“Hmmm, that’s a great idea,” she said with unexpected enthusiasm. Great? I mean it was, but why is my mom agreeing to this? This is the exact opposite response I thought I’d get from her. I have to admit my curiosity for Isle Esme has something to do with it.

“We can spend more family time together. Let me just ask your father and Esme.” She made it sound so simple. The Cullens rarely took vacations, let alone at Isle Esme.

As I waited patiently on the couch, Rosalie popped in the living room. She was styling the latest pink Juicy Couture tracksuit. How did she look so elegant in everything?

“So you want a vacation….to Isle Esme?” She questioned, keeping her pupils frozen to the flatscreen TV, highly aware of her surroundings.

“Yes, I think it’s a marvelous idea. It serves the perfect opportunity to spend time with family,” I responded. Rosalie now relaxed into the sofa with everything seeming at ease except for scent. I knew what unpleasant aroma she smelt when she wrinkled her nose in disgust. It was Jacob’s scent she picked up, or the “mutt’s reek” as she called it.

“Why Isle Esme, if you don’t mind me asking?” Rosalie pondered, now focusing her attention on me.

“Well I’ve always wanted to venture out somewhere where it’s not a frigid climate,” I answered confidently. Of course the climate around Rio de Janeiro wouldn’t be freezing. It would be the complete opposite with sunny, blue skies and fresh yellow sand on the beaches. The water would be a clear blue, that any eye would adore. And maybe this would be the suitable place to see Jacob shed more clothes and reveal more skin?

“Ahem,” my father croaked in reaction to my impure thought.

Sorry, Dad.” I apologized mindful of his ability to read one’s thoughts. I always forget and I do wish I could blame it on him for snooping through my thoughts, but he can’t help it. I know my father tries to ignore everyone’s thoughts to respect their privacy, but that doesn’t change the fact that he reads them.

Wait my dad was here? Didn’t he leave just yesterday to go hunting with Uncle Jasper and Emmett and Grandpa Carlisle?

“It was merely a brief hunt,” he answered my question, feeding my curiosity.

I nodded in contentment as my mom stormed through the living room definitly out of chracter. She was bubbly. What had gotten int0 her?

She notably kissed my father.

“Edward you’re back so soon,” mom said, her golden eyes lighting up, making her face somehow more beautiful. And she retreated to kissing him. I really did believe that at that particular moment I was going to die of nausea along with Rosalie’s chuckles to my repulsion if my parents kept it up. Just because I didn’t appear as an infant didn’t mean I should be shown my parents….er..display of love.

“Sorry, Nessie,” my mom said, pulling away sheepishly, scratching the contours of her neck.

“All right now everyone gather around the living room, please.” It only took a swift three seconds for the entire Cullen family to make their appearance.

“Esme, would you like to do the honors?” Mom offered. After all, it was Esme’s island that we’d be vacationing at.

I could barely stay stable as I brewed with sheer excitement and joy at the imminent future retreat to Isle Esme.

“Sure, dear. Well with Renesmee’s input Bella and I decided it was important that we spend time together as a family. We have a new family joining us, the wolf pack and their mates. I think it’s only fair we get to know each other through a relaxing week long adventure at Melody Key.” No one but me seemed to have been surprised at the invitation. Melody Key? Where was that? What was that? Was that another private island the Cullens owned?

My father chuckled at my confusion as he always does. But who could blame me? How many residences did the Cullens own, exactly?

“Melody Key is a private island Carlisle purchased a long time ago. It’s much grander and more gigantic in size compared to Isle Esme. It’s a remote island off the coast of the British Virgin Islands.”

As I drained the spaghetti for the pack’s  ”meatball marinara supper” I abided my regards to the spectacular smell of the red roses on the dining table. Emily was showering now, but she mentioned Sam buying her flowers a day ago.

I had this physco notion that the roses were from Nadia to Jacob, though I only knew that was my vast and silly imagination. Nadia was to never be heard of again. Not out loud, nor in my thoughts.

“Smells yummy, Nessie.”

“Yeah, spectacular.”

“Score one for ‘The Ness,” piped various pack members as they strolled through the living room to the kitchen, lured in with meatball bait.

I half grinned, serving the pack with what I anticipated was enough food. I had been preparing the dinner since noon and made sure to shape the meatballs the size of tennis balls.

“Thanks, babe, it’s delectable, and so are you.” Jacob nibbled my ear before even reaching his dinner plate. I still couldn’t get over the name “babe.” He’d always called me “honey” before. Maybe he was just cheering me up for Nadia’s doing?

As everyone began chowing down on their pasta, I felt it was time to invite them to no other than an island called Melody Key.

Sorry but I’ll have to tell you about this later because Paul and Jacob are already fighting over meatballs…ugh…men.

Yours Truly,

-Nessie Cullen