Bookaholic Babe’s Review Of My Novella, ‘My Darrling’ @Ninnie_89

I’m so excited about receiving my very first at-length book review for my (slightly twisted, slightly controversial love story) novella from Bookaholic Babe! 

Check it out here!

Huge thank you to Janine for taking the time to read the boundary-pushing novella that I purged from my mind. Means the world (especially because I know you book reviewers have a lot on your plates and books coming at you in every direction)!

The Bookaholic Babe has great taste in books (she’s a true die-hard Twi hard, too) so I’ll link to her new reviews when I see she has one up! Now that our beloved Twilight Saga is wrapped up we need to help each other out with new reading material!




6th Review + ‘Team Charlie’ Shirt Giveaway!

Hey hey friends! Here’s my shirt review for! See below for how to enter to win the ‘Team Charlie’ shirt! I’ll ship it worldwide, so everyone feel free to enter! I’m really bad on video and don’t usually do video reviews (I wanted to challenge myself to do it) lol…. so hang in there through my awkwardness!

How to enter the ‘Team Charlie’ T-shirt giveaway:
Simply copy & paste the purple blurb at the bottom of the arrow and Tweet it to me to be automatically entered!

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Contest closes August 13th and winner will be announced on August 14th via Twitter!
Note: The shirt is a Size (small). The shirts are true to size and 100% cotton. They are very soft and fit nicely! I’m sorry it’s a small, I only decided to do a giveaway with it AFTER the people from asked for sizing. Next time I will have a medium, or all 3 sizes! XO

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