Nikki Reed Surprises After-School Program Kids!

Aw, this was sooo sweet of Nikki Reed! I love seeing celebrities using their names/popularity to make others happy :) I wish we saw more of Nikki. I really want to see her play guitar and sing.

♥Thank you Emma



Nikki Reed Dishes On The Twilight Guys!

Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale, talked to J-14 and spilled some deets on the Twi-Hunks:

J-14: When fans tell you they want to marry Rob, do you pass along the proposals?

Nikki: Rob’s got a list of a million 12-year-olds waiting to marry him! If all else fails, he has a lot of options!

J-14: Did you guys expect that the fans would be this crazy?

Nikki: No! And it’s not just Rob — that’s the amazing thing. All the boys in this movie — the fans just go crazy for all of them. Sometimes Kristen and I just want to be like, “we’re so sorry we’re not the boys!”

J-14: If you had to come up with one word to describe each of the vampire guys in your movie fam, what would it be for Kellan?

Nikki: Teddy-bear.

J-14: Jackson?

Nikki: Artsy.

J-14: Peter Facinelli?

Nikki: Dad!

J-14: Rob?

Nikki:: Hmm, yeah, Rob’s complicated!

J-14: Is there a story behind that?

Nikki: One that I shall not speak of!

Don’t miss a day of J-14′s New Moon Countdown: CLICK HERE (and scroll below the interview) to read all the juicy interviews they have done with the Twilight cast!



New ‘New Moon’ Movie Stills!

Now that the movie release is getting closer, we’re seeing more and more stills popping up!!!

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New Birthday Party Scene Screep Captions!

Here are some screen captions form the new Birthday party scene! Love the ones of Emmett teasing Edward.

Thanks so much to PattinsonLife for these!



New Moon Promo Shots of Alice & Rosalie!

Here are two new promo shots of Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale! Love their golden eyes. They’re so much richer in New Moon than they were in Twilight.




Nikki Reed takes over Peter Facinelli’s Twitter to tell us something…

Anyone who follows  Peter Facinelli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) on Twitter knows that he has been trying to get the message out that there are loads of fake Twitter accounts. He tries to protect his co-stars by sending out the message via his own twitter that anyone saying they are Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz etc are not real. Some of these fakers start bad rumors, so it’s important to never listen to the Tweets of fakes.

To help Peter out, Nikki Reed took over his Twitter to tell everyone that SHE IS NOT ON TWITTER! All the Nikki Reed’s on Twitter are fakes! So form Nikki herself, “Don’t follow then.”



Nikki Reed & Elizabeth Reaser Together In Vancouver

Nikki Reed and co-star Elizabeth Reaser were spotted laughing as they walked in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon (August 15). Nikki and Elizabeth met at a hair salon and after went to the Tom Lee Music store to pick up Nikki’s guitar.

See more pics at JustJaredJr.



Has Eclipse found their Royce King II?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eclipse the movie has found their Royce King II. Apparently Jack Huston will be portraying the role! THR has this to say:

“Jack Huston has fanged his way on to Summit Entertainment’s threequel “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

The actor joins Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Bryce Dallas Howard in the third installment of the vampire series derived from Stephenie Meyer’s novels. Huston will play Royce King II, a human that lived during the Great Depression.

Production begins shortly in Vancouver under the direction of David Slade (“30 Days of Night”). Its scheduled for a June 30 release.”

NOTE: Here at we don’t consider anything confirmed news until it comes directly from Summit. However, the Hollywood Reporter is known for being quite reliable.




TwilightBeauty.Com Is Almost Ready!

Great news Twi-Girls! TwilightBeauty.Com is now online – and although they haven’t completely launched, they do have a slide show up of some of their upcoming products (I’ve posted a couple examples above, too)! Check them out at TwilightBeauty.Com! They have a ‘Luna’ and ‘Volturi’ line!

Also, for anyone wondering, I have personally used lip venom, and it definitely plumps up the lips! This makeup looks incredible – especially the Bella & Alice shades!



Nikki Reed & Paris Latsis Dating!

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca is reporting that Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis (Greek shipping heir and Paris Holton’s ex) are a couple.

They met about six months ago and have been together since. The reason she traveled over to Greece was to be with [Paris], spills a supertight bud to Nik. And we mean supertight.

Remember when we told you why N.R. was skipping out on Italy back in May? Well, she wasn’t only spending time with her family, but it seems that she was introducing them to Mr. and Mrs. Latsis, too!

Both families have met, and really like each other. That’s how serious it’s getting between [Nikki and Paris], ‘fesses a good friend of the couple. Robert Pattinson is nowhere on the radar. She’s upgraded, in her mind.

Well, as long as Nikki is happy! I was wondering why she was keeping such a low profile – and she’s smart for doing so. The media has a way with tearing apart celeb’ relationships.


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